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Vaccine Injury and Ezcema Recovery

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Vaccine Injury and Eczema Recovery in Toddler, Age 15 Months
Homeopathy will support person with vaccine injury from DTaP, Hep B, HIB, Flu, Gardasil, Military, MMR and other vaccines.  Contact us to learn more!

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Start of homeopathic care age 7 months.....end of homeopathic care age 14 months

"It took time and patience, but you really made a difference with our child.
It was tough and frustrating but ultimately you did beat the eczema."

"My 6 month old son suffered from chronic eczema, head to toe, since he was 3 weeks old and my gut told me it was the vaccines.  After desperately talking with some other moms, one of them led me to Homeopathy For Women, but little did I know, she would treat my whole family.

My daughter, 2 years old, has had minor eczema since she was an infant.  Kari encouraged me to review all of her medical files, so I found that the first report I made of her eczema was just after her 2 month vaccines, so my instinct was correct, but I didn’t connect the dots that both kids were vaccine injured.  My daughter was also a very timid and insecure child.  After doing a vaccine detox, which went very smooth, thanks to Kari's guidance, her eczema is gone.  She is still very shy, but she will speak to strangers when we give her assurance that it’s okay.

For me, Kari recognized that a lot of my issues – constipation, anxiety, ADHD, difficulty sleeping, and nutritionally deficient children were likely the result of my long-term use of birth control.  I completed a birth control detox, which brought back a lot of side effects that I had suppressed for years! The good news is, a couple weeks of just letting those things escape my body means they are GONE and no longer suppressed inside.

Finally, my son.  At 7 months old, we did a hair test on my strictly breast fed baby boy, and the amount of aluminum in his body was alarming.  The incredibly low level of zinc in his body was also concerning.  I took these test results to the many doctors we were seeing.  The pediatrician said she just didn’t understand the test results.  The dermatologist said “low zinc levels is a common condition in eczema patients.” The allergist said the results meant “nothing” but also stated that low zinc in common in kids with eczema and allergies and that aluminum comes from baby formula – except he missed the fact that my son didn’t get infant formula.  The gastroenterologist was fascinated that such a test existed that he didn’t even know about. Ultimately, NONE of them offered any in depth testing and NONE of them suggested a care plan.  

My son also had some severe developmental delays because of the pain and discomfort from the eczema.  At 8 months old, he was not crawling, barely babbled, and had food aversion that would require therapy.  That is when I realized I had met the right person to treat my son’s condition – Kari!  We have worked with her for 7 months, finding the right chronic remedy, and changing it when it was needed.  We had a few set backs because pediatric doctors can be bullies when it comes to forcing their damaging prescriptions, but Kari coached us through it and helped us detox it out.  She also led me to someone who could support our homeopathy work for the food allergies.  

I can happily say that my son’s skin is clear.  I can see his sweet little face without all the scabbing and bleeding. Once we found his remedy, the itching calmed and the development started booming.  He was babbling, he started crawling, he will be walking any day now, which will officially mean he’s NOT a “late walker” by medical definition. Feeding therapy has not started yet, but he has started accepting purees now that his face isn’t hurting.  We cannot thank her enough.  I cannot thank God enough for leading me to her.  I’m amazed that a person in California can so effectively treat a baby in Georgia.

Most importantly, that gastroenterologist who was so fascinated by the hair test makes a point to review the homeopathic journey with us every month when we see him, because he is admittedly ignorant to this type of care, but so genuinely and incredibly impressed with the progress my son has made under Kari’s supervision. That speaks volumes!"

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