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Vaccine Injury DTaP Recovery With Homeopathy in Girl, Age 7
Homeopathy will support a person with vaccine injury from DTaP, Hep B, HIB, Flu, Gardasil, Military, MMR and other vaccines. 
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Testimonial written by her mother, homeschooling mom of 3, USA.
June, 2015

"My daughter is no longer a "problem child". She's just a child, and a healthy one too!
I know that homeopathy, and
Kari's expert usage of it, is what has brought her to where she is today.

Most impressive, though, is her attitude and maturity. She is happy, socially successful, well directed, and a hard worker.

"My oldest daughter was 5 years old. She'd always been pudgy, one of those extremely healthy looking babies, but it seemed that the baby fat just kept on her. She also was rather inactive. She got tired playing, she would go on walks with me and come home tired, it seemed she didn't have much energy. She also was extremely fearful, and any episodes of fearfulness usually ended with her screaming, writhing on the floor, and peeing on the floor. For example, she could not be out of my sight. If I left the room to go into another room, she would insist on coming with me, including to the bathroom, and would start screaming if I left without her. If I asked her to go into her bedroom to get something, in the middle of the day, she would start screaming and crying with fear. If I pushed her at all, or said anything to the effect of "you need to get your shoes from your room so we can go walk", a screaming, writhing fit would ensue. If we continued with any level of pressure, she would pee on the floor.  She didn't sleep well. She had trouble getting to sleep at a normal hour, would lay awake until 11 pm or later, and then would sleep 6-7 hours and be awake again.

Fits were an ongoing thing, and we found ourselves changing our behavior towards her, accommodating her in many small ways all day, trying to keep a changeless household and changeless schedule so that nothing would set her off. These accommodations became debilitating.

In addition, I was noticing developmental issues. For one, she did not pattern-recognize her letters and numbers at all, despite all the time I'd spent reading to her, the copious developmental books and toys, and an iPad. In contrast, her 2 year old sister recognized all those patterns easily.

She had 2 younger sisters and was definitely showing signs of double-displacement. She would oscillate between angry and extremely needy. In general, she was the "problem person" in the family, and I knew that she would have to heal in order for this to change.

She was also what I called extremely "pokey". Everything was something to be poked at. A finger in your butt when you got out of the shower, over and over and over and over with hysterical laughter, unable to stop no matter how angry it made the other person. There was no response to this, it was continuously hysterically funny. She would get into these excessive hysterical states, with hysterical high-pitched laughing, with anything having to do with genitals and bathroom humor, and couldn't stop. Eventually this hysteria would degrade to screaming and crying. Probably because after 10-15 minutes we were at our wit's end and forced her to take a nap or something.

She had been almost fully vaccinated. I'd stopped before MMR as I started to learn and understand the risks, and problems, with vaccinating.

My feeling was, she could not succeed at school (any kind of schooling, even unschooling, or life), mainly due to the emotional and fit-throwing issues. I also didn't feel she was able to focus, do what she had to do, and complete any work. I feared she would be outcast and bullied by other children for eccentricities. I chose to home school her and work with Kari and homeopathy, giving her time.

Working with Kari was the best thing that ever happened for her. Much of her care plan was geared towards backing out vaccine damage, a high level of toxicity, and the resulting spectral-level tendencies. She was challenging to treat. Kari suspected that she also had PANDAS, but I never went ahead with any testing as she was continuously improving.

Initial improvements were physical. She suddenly had much more energy, energy that I expect in a child -- the ability to run around and play all day long. Instead of sitting on the couch, she was up and at it, all day. Also, her sleeping improved tremendously. Her hormonal cycles regulated and she started going to sleep at a reasonable time for children, 8:30 - 9:30 pm, and sleeping all night long.

Slowly, emotional issues started working out. I wouldn't necessarily notice until filling out my monthly report, when I'd realize -- wow, we really didn't experience any big writhing fits this month. The hysterical laughing, haven't heard that for a while.

Personality-wise, I would get frustrated with her as she insisted on the "way things had to be" and was extremely stubborn all the time. We both worked on this, with my own use and hers, and our relationship improved immensely.

At a certain point in the homeopathic care, probably a year in, one day I wrote Kari and said, "She's ready for school". We continued treating her and there were ups and downs, but she was ready, and to me, this was a huge indicator that she was healing nicely. Eventually, she entered a Montessori school at age 7, 2nd grade, and excelled. She still did not recognize letters at the beginning of the year, and received Title 1 assistance to catch her up. The start was slow, it took her over half a year to remember all the letters and sounds, and her teachers worked with her, with the different intelligence types. Her teacher told me that, in general, if a child misses a developmental milestone, they have to wait for a new "window" to catch up, and it requires more effort. But as the year progressed, she grew, and by the end of the year was reading at an early 2nd grade level, and now says that reading is her favorite activity. She would come home, have energy to run around, and then want to read more at night before going to sleep.

Most impressive, though, is her attitude and maturity. She is happy, socially successful, well directed, and a hard worker. At this school, the children are asked to complete a certain number of works in a week, and have the responsibility of managing that for themselves. She's excelled in this environment. She is also a truth teller; she knows what truth is and is not afraid to speak her mind. My daughter is no longer a "problem child". She's just a child, and a healthy one too! I know that homeopathy, and Kari's expert usage of it, is what has brought her to where she is today."

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