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Sensory Issues, OCD, PANDAS Recovery with Homeopathy

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Homeopathy for Women

Sensory Issues and OCD, PANDAS Recovery Story, Boy 10 With Homeopathy!

Testimonial written by his mother, Nebraska USA.
January 5, 2016

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"I love Kari J. Kindem, CCH and am forever grateful for her homeopathic expertise and big heart.
She has facilitated miracles in our family that have forever changed the course of our lives.
She has taught me so much about homeopathy and making healthy choices in my life.
She has empowered me as a mother and wife and is an amazing mentor.
She has always been honest and open with me and an excellent communicator.
We have been so blessed to have gotten to know her and experience her homeopathic care."

Here Is Our Story About Our Son Recovered With Homeopathy From Sensory Issues, OCD and PANDAS:

My unvaccinated son was always a sensitive baby. He would burst out crying if someone sneezed in the room. If a relative came to visit wearing cologne the smell was too much for him and he would cry and refuse to be close to that person. For his first birthday one relative wrapped his presents in fabric so the wrapping paper wouldn’t be so frightening for him. He was extremely bright, gentle and calm. He could sit for an hour or more easily and do a puzzle, count change, play with Legos or anything that interested him. He was very gentle.  He is very bright and began reading when he was 3.

He would catch colds easily and had a lot of sore throats. He began having motor and vocal tics at 4 1/2 shortly after a dentist visit. He became hyper and fidgety and couldn’t sit still.

He was having 9 or 10 tics a minute every minute all day long. He was showing signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD. He was deteriorating both mentally and emotionally. He stopped singing, stopped understanding humor and was afraid of everything. His sensory issues were all ramped up and he would wear every item of clothing inside out so that seams and tags would not bother him.  He could not handle simple tasks at home without falling to pieces emotionally.

He became demanding and angry and had a very difficult time socializing with other kids. We had to move his bed into our room because his fear of the dark was so extreme he was sleeping with the light on and calling us then clinging to us every night. Then we would have to say the bedtime “good nights”  perfectly or he would be a wreck. I could go on with many more examples, but the point is he was exhausted, we were exhausted and scared. I felt so depleted when I found Kari.

Then our lives began to change for the better. She doesn’t just have a big heart for kids, but for their moms too.

Homeopathy is so gentle and so natural and so effective that healing often seems like a coincidence or just growing out of something. If a person takes notes they can see the patterns of remedies and healing.

  • My son's tics have not completely gone away, but probably nobody but my husband and I would notice as they are so mild and infrequent.

  • Mentally and emotionally he is great and back to his calm, gentle, happy self!

  • He has no sensory issues anymore.
    Recently we went to a performance for kids at a theatre. There were some very loud parts. I noticed several kids in our row with their hands over their ears and pained looks on their faces.  I remember those days. Then I glanced at my son who was smiling and enjoying himself with no irritation from the noise. He sleeps in his own room and we rarely hear of any fears.

  • All signs of OCD have disappeared as well. 

  • He has an awesome sense of humor and wit.

  • He is extremely popular with friends and neighbors and has lots of friends.

  • We often hear his sweet voice singing along to music in the car.

  • My son is a typical happy 10 year old.

This year I had a conversation with another mom who has a child with a PANDAS diagnosis. Lots of flashbacks came to mind and I hurt for her as I heard all of the struggles she was having as they were going through the process of conventional options for PANDAS. I felt complete relief and gratitude that our path has been so different. When she looked at my son she saw no similarities with her child and doubted they have ever had anything in common.

My son is a typical happy 10 year old.  And as for his mom, I am feeling balanced again with lots of energy to handle a busy family. I feel resilient when life sends me some curve balls. I feel so passionate about homeopathy as a wonderful tool to help through life’s bumps. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with an issue and apprehensive about conventional methods to give homeopathy a chance and let Kari guide you through your journey. She is one amazing woman!"

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