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Sinus Infections and Homeopathy

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Sinus Infection and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies support a person with acute and chronic sinus infections to recover without antibiotics.
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Acute sinus infections are more common for those with an impaired immune system. During a sinus infection, the membranes swell and mucus is produced as a protective agent against pathogens. Pressure builds up and pain occurs when the airway is trapped between the nose and the sinuses.  A sinus infection occurs when bacteria get trapped in the mucus and pus is created, forming a yellow or greenish-colored discharge.

Sinuses In The Body

  • Ethmoidal Sinuses
    • located between the eyes.
    • When irritated these sinuses cause pain between and behind the eyes, with blockage of nose and sensitivity to light. Diving, swimming or riding in cold wind may provoke inflammation of these sinuses.
  • Frontal Sinuses
    • These sinuses are positioned in the forehead.
    • When inflamed they can get tender and trigger pain in the forehead with heaviness and puffiness above the eyes particularly in older people.
  • Maxillary Sinuses
    • the largest sinuses that are situated beneath the eyes.
    • Linked to the nasal passage in a particular position that can make drainage difficult.
    • Untreated cold and allergies easily distress these sinuses especially in children, causing pressure below the eyes, pain in the cheeks, gums, teeth and upper jaw.
  • Sphenoidal Sinuses
    • in the midline of the skull, behind the nose and on swelling can cause pain all over the head.

Homeopathic Remedies for Acute Sinus Infections

  • Pulsatilla
    • Used if discharge is yellow.
    • The pain in the sinuses is worse at nighttime, worse in a warm room or when the person stoops or raises the eyes upward.
    • There may be pain in the forehead, with a feeling of congestion and tightness.
    • Digestive symptoms may accompany the sinus infection and headache, such as nausea and a desire for cold, creamy foods like ice cream.
    • A person (child) may be moody and teary-eyed, wanting constant company.
  • Hepar sulphur
    • Right-sided frontal sinusitis causing sharp, splinter-like pain in the forehead and the root of the nose.
    • Pain gets worse from cold air or consuming cold foods or drinks
    • Person is chilly
    • Overly sensitive to the environment - noise, touch, light, etc.
  • Kali Bichromicum
    • Used if the discharge becomes dark greenish, thick, rubbery and stringy.
    • Helps when the sinus pain is felt above the root of the nose, or in the forehead over one eye.
    • Symptoms start in the morning, get worse in the middle of the day and then disappear by late afternoon.
    • Wandering pain in the forehead, in a spot that can be covered by the tip of the finger.
    • Pain is worse in the morning or worse from noise but diminishes by inhaling steam or lying down.
    • Headache in the forehead in small localized spots, as opposed to pain in the entire forehead.
    • Sinus pain made worse by exposure to cold weather.
    • Also sinusitis in hot weather.
  • Kali iodium
    • Chronic sinusitis
    • Throbbing pain and burning in the nose and the sinuses
    • Pain is worse at night or from steam-inhalation but diminishes on moving in open air
    • Profuse, water and hot discharge from the nose.
  • Mercurius Solubilus
    • Right-sided sinusitis
    • Associated with earache, toothache and vertigo which increases on lying on the back
    • Pain is not relieved by inhaling steam
    • Feels like a band around the head\
    • Acrid thick, greenish yellow, pus-like discharge from the nose, more at night.
    • Intense thirst for large amounts of cold water
    • Profuse offensive perspiration
  • Silica

    • Used in a sinus infection is chronic or has not responded to other remedies

    • The pains are distinctly improved with application of pressure to the forehead or face.

    • Pressing the fingertips firmly into the painful area makes it better.

    • Indicated when the pain is relieved by warm applications like a heating pad or hot rice pack.

    • Used if the person has an earache at the same time as the sinus infection, which primarily affects the right ear.

    • Helpful if the person is aggravated by noise, movement and talking.

  • Spigelia

    • Used for sinus pain if the onset of symptoms occurred after exposure to cold, wet weather.

    • Pains are made much worse from bending the head forward, warm applications, exposure to light, motion and noise.

    • Symptoms are felt more on the left side of the face, cheek and forehead.

    • Symptoms are relieved with cold applications like a washcloth or cold pack.

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