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 Strep Throat and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help a person with symptoms with strep throat infections.
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What is Strep Throat?
Where Does Strep Occur Besides the Throat?
Contacting a Strep Throat
Incubation Period For Strep
Concerns About Strep Throat
Lab Testing For Strep Throat
Strep Carrie
Types of Strep That Show in a Stool Test
Why Use Homeopathy for Strep Throat?
Homeopathy for Strep Throat

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What is Strep Throat?
Strep throat is caused by a highly contagious Streptococcus bacteria, the Group A streptococcus bacterium. The throat becomes inflamed and irritated, resulting in a sore throat, with a sudden onset.  About 15% - 40% of sore throats in children are related to strep. Scarlet fever may occur and this is a strep throat accompanied by a rash. Treatment of scarlet fever is no different from that of simple strep throat. 

Where Does Strep Occur Besides the Throat?
Strep bacteria can also occur in the sinus, ears, nose, lung, stomach, bladder, large intestine (gut) as well as the throat/tonsils.

Contacting a Strep Throat
Hand to hand contact such as sharing personal items and touching objects such as doorknobs, telephone receivers or pens can also transmit infection. The infection is most contagious during the initial 24 to 48 hour period.

Incubation Period For Strep

The incubation period of an illness varies depending on the infection and can be anywhere from a few hours to weeks, months or years. The typical incubation period for strep throat is 2 to 5 days, with the average being 3 days.

Concerns About Strep Throat
The main reason for the concern about strep throats is that they can lead to a more serious illnesses, including kidney inflammation and rheumatic fever. The person with a kidney disease from a prior strep infection becomes quite ill, but usually recovers without any permanent ill effects. On the other hand, rheumatic fever can lead to permanent heart damage to one or more of the valves of the heart. Rheumatic fever has become quite rare, but it is still important to take it seriously. Rheumatic fever can be prevented if all the strep germs are killed within the first ten to twelve days of the infection
Various studies have shown that even the proper use of orally administered penicillin fails to eradicate strep bacteria in up to 30% of those treated.

Other significant concerns are the onset of PANDAS after a strep infection.

Lab Testing For Strep Throat

Watch a video about getting a strep throat culture (About 2:26 min. - 2nd half is about strep in wounds)

The diagnosis of strep throat is based on the symptoms, physical examination and laboratory tests. Your doctor will do a thorough examination of your throat and tonsils by checking for redness, swelling, white streaks or pus. Tests that will determine the presence of streptococcal bacteria include:

  • Throat culture
    A sterile swab is rubbed over the back of the throat and tonsils to obtain a sample of the secretions. The sample is cultured (grown) in a laboratory with a waiting period of 24-48 hours before streptococcal bacteria may be detected.

  • Rapid antigen test
    A swab is used to take a sample of the foreign substances (antigens) from the back of the throat. This test will be able to detect strep bacteria in 15 minutes. If the result is positive for streptococcal bacteria, treatment may begin immediately. Not all rapid antigen tests are accurate and many doctors may use throat cultures if the results of the rapid tests were negative.

  • Blood Test - ASO Titer Test for Strep - read more about this test on on PANDAS page
    When you are exposed to harmful bacteria, your body produces antibodies.  These antibodies help protect your body against future infections from the same bacteria. They are specific to the bacteria they were produced against.  These antibodies can be detected using blood tests. One such blood test is an antistreptolysin O titer (ASO) test. The ASO test measures antibodies against streptolysin O. These antibodies are made when you are exposed to group A Streptococcus (GAS). Many people don’t have symptoms. Therefore, their infections may not be detected. Complications—referred to as post-streptococcal complications—can arise if GAS remains in your body.   The ASO titer test is essential in detecting GAS.

Strep Carriers

  • Mothers who test positive for strep in pregnancy are strep carriers and often given antibiotics for Strep.  This impacts the unborn child.

  • Mothers treated for strep at birth are strep carriers and often given antibiotics for Strep. This impacts the newborn.

  • A child who gets repeated strep infections such as ear infections, sinus infections, swollen tonsils, sore throats, conjunctivitis (pink eye), and/or test positive for strep six or more times in one year may have become a strep carrier.

  • Repeated strep infections can happen even after antibiotic treatment.  This indicates that antibiotics were suppressive to the immune system and the body was not able to eradicate the bacteria completely from the system.

  • We recommend homeopathy as a 100% safe alternative to antibiotics  for all strep infections!

About the Types of Strep That Show in a Stool Test:

  • Alpha and Beta strep are hemolytic, meaning they cause the rupture of red blood cells.

  • Alpha causes partial hemolysis, and Beta causes complete hemolysis making Beta more pathogenic than Alpha. 

  • Gamma hemolytic strep does not cause hemolysis but can cause a lot of trouble anyway. 

  • The bacteria associated with Alpha hemolysis are: S. pneumonia (streptococcinum) and S. viridans (non-pathogenic, non-pus forming). 

  • The bacteria associated with Beta hemolysis are:  S. pyogenes (group A, strep throat); S. agalactiae (Group B, pus forming, pneumonia, meningitis, systemic bacterimia); and Dysgalactiae (Group D, systemic bacteremia). 

  • Bacteria associated with Gamma hemolysis (no hemolysis) are the Entrococci (formerly known as Streptococcus) E. faecalis, E. faecium, S. durans, S. avium, S. equinus.

  • The most harmful are Beta hemolytic Group A and B, but any bacteria that is allowed to overgrow is potentially harmful.

Why Use Homeopathy for Strep Throat?

  • In most cases, antibiotics are not necessary to treat a strep throat or strep related illness.  Antibiotics will always kill beneficial bacteria along with the pathogens and disrupt the immune system!
  • Studies have shown that when antibiotics are given for strep throat, the infection tends to recur more often than when they are not prescribed.
  • Many antibiotics also tend to create resistant strains of bacteria and do not work effectively when they are really needed.
  • One of the most complicating issues is that strep bacteria typically do not disappear completely following a course of antibiotics. The bacteria will persist even after signs of the infection have disappeared. Some children will be always positive for the bacteria, which means they chronically “carry” a small amount of strep bacteria. Taking another antibiotic even though there is no active infection disrupts your immune function further.

Homeopathic Remedies For Strep Throat
Homeopathy is a successful, helpful way to treat strep throat in an effective, holistic way
without the use of suppressive antibiotics

  • Apis
    Stinging pains in the throat, with swelling. Throat feel constricted.
    Pharynx has a shiny appearance. Blisters in throat, with much swelling inside and outside.

  • Arsenicum
    Sore throat with chilliness, thirst, and restlessness.  Throat pain relieved by warm drinks. Throat pain is burning. Pain worse from swallowing in general, cold drinks or exposure to the cold.

  • Belladonna
    Great dryness and brightness of the throat
    . Worse on the right side. Glazed appearance, the fauces (
    the narrow passage from the mouth to the pharynx) are inflamed. Tonsils are swollen and enlarged. Constant desire to swallow. Constricted sensation in the throat. Worse from swallowing - sometimes liquids and even food are ejected through the nose. Great soreness from the swelling and of the throat. Aversion to drinking with the sore throat.

  • Hepar Sulphur
    Ulcers in throat, sensation of splinters or fish bone in throat. Pain extends to ear, worse on yawning and swallowing and turning the head. Better by warm drinks (like Lycopodium). Chillness especially in dry cold winds, or cold east winds. Fever with sweating and a desire to be covered up. Profuse perspiration, but  wants several blankets to cover. Worse from drafts, open doors and windows. Used for discharges of pus in throat, tonsillitis and an abscess

  • Lachesis
    Sore throat that is left-sided
    or left to right. Sensation of fullness of neck, difficult breathing, choking ongoing to sleep or swallowing. Throat symptoms worse from warm drinks. Unable to swallow. Pain worse empty swallowing. Purple throat. Sensation of a lump in the throat, which seems to go down when swallowing, but returns again. Constriction of throat and difficult breathing, worse waking from sleep or after sleep. The throat is sensitive externally. Throat is bluish-red and the pain is greater than the appearance of the parts would warrant. Irritable mood, and nervous sore throats. Deep-seated chronic inflammation of the glands of the pharynx.

  • Lycopodium
    Sore throat that is right-sided remedy of right to left. Relieved from swallowing warm drinks (opposite to
    Lachesis with no aggravation during sleep and no constriction of throat like Lachesis). Pain extends into ear like in Belladonna, Hepar Sulphur, Lachesis, Cantharis and Phytolacca.

  • Mercurius Solubilis
    Sore throat that is spongy, feels full and with stiffness of neck. Throat dry, swallowing is difficult.
    Bad odor, marked, tongue, thickly coated, takes imprint of teeth, glands enlarged, dark red throat. Prostration, weakness. Offensive sweat. Worse at night, trembling of limbs. Dryness and great soreness of the throat so that the person will feel like they need to swallow constantly,  Very sore with swelling of the glands. Throat is raw and burning, red and swollen. Sore throat change of the weather. An offensive breath is a guiding symptom.

  • Phytolacca
    More right sided sore throats with glands swollen, thick tenacious mucus. Worse at night.
    Worse from hot drinks. Aching in all bones, body feels bruised and sore, bed feels hard. Mouth is fetid, tongue coated. Pain better with cold drinks. Worse with warm drinks (like Lachesis). Pain and stiffness in the cervical region. Throat is dark in color, the tonsils are dark red, the parts feel sore. Pain on swallowing is at the root of the tongue. General aching in the back and limbs. Constant desire to clear the throat of phlegm or a sensation of a hot ball.

  • Rhus Toxicodendron
    Sore throat pain better by warm drinks and warmth in general. Restlessness, must move including in sleep.
    Symptoms begin after straining the voice or from cold, wet weather. Thirsty for sips of water.  Dry mouth, dry sore throat. Body aches and pains while lying still.  Worse when first starting to move, but get better with continued motion.

  • Sulphur
    Lingering sore throat.
    Discomfort from warmth; general lethargy. Sensation of a lump, splinter, or hair in the throat. Offensive breath, offensive perspiration and discharges.  Burning pain in throat pain with dryness of the mucous membranes. Better from drinking warm liquids. 

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