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PANDAS And Homeopathy

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PANDAS And Homeopathy
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Read More About the PANDAS Diagnosis, Tests and Onset
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PANDAS -  Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections.
also known as PANS: Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome)

What is PANDAS?
Homeopathy Can Recover A Child with PANDAS
Draw Backs of the Standard Allopathic Treatment

What Parents Should Look For In Their Child
Understanding PANDAS in Your Child's Case
Treating PANDAS with Homeopathy

What is PANDAS?
This medical diagnosis was first done in 1990's. The National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) Investigators discovered that the OCD, tics, and other symptoms usually occurred in the aftermath of a strong stimulant to the immune system, such as a viral infection or bacterial infection. There are a subset of children with rapid onset of these symptoms are caused by Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) infections. With PANDAS, children can have dramatic and sudden OCD exacerbations and tic disorders following streptococcus infections. The abnormal behaviors come on suddenly and are often overt and easily recognized. PANDAS has been associated with a wider range of related behaviors. Affected children can have any combination of the following symptoms:  ADHD type symptoms, anorexia, anxiety, bedwetting, depression, germ phobias, mood swings, OCD, tantrums, repetitive motions or noises, rage and sensory issues.

Homeopathy Can Help To Recover a Child from PANDAS:
A child PANDAS symptoms is recoverable, with homeopathic care.

Draw Backs of the Standard Allopathic Treatment for PANDAS:
Allopathic treatment of PANDAS using a standard Western medical (allopathic approach) is limited at this time to suppressive, long term use of antibiotics or in extreme cases, the use of expensive Intravenous Immuoglobulin (IVIG) procedures. The extended use of antibiotics in PANDAS children has not be thoroughly studied long term for safety. In homeopathic medicine and in my practice, the long term use of any antibiotics would not be considered a safe long term health option, because it is hugely suppressive to the immune system and gut health. This can lead to future complications for the individual and chronic disease down the road.

What Parents Should Look For in Their Child with Suspected PANDAS:

  • There will be a family medical history of what we call the syphilitic miasm, usually on both sides of the family.  
    This includes diagnosis among family and extended family members of any of the following: alcoholism, Autism, ADD/ADHD, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's, anorexia/bulimia, cancer of any type, Celiac disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn's disease, diabetes, dystonia, fibromyalgia, lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, OCD, tics, Tourette Syndrome, ulcerative colitis, vaccine reactions, etc.

  • There is often a Strep B infection of the mother while pregnant or at birth, where the mother and child were treated with antibiotics.

  • The mother, father or other family members may have a history of frequent strep infections, colds, tonsil stones, sore throats and/or they are known strep carriers.  Even pets can be carriers.

  • There will often be a history of either a single or repeat incidents of strep throat infection for the child or frequent sore throats that are not formally diagnosed as strep throat.

  • In addition to sore throats, frequent colds and flu's, there can be a history of frequent ear infections, conjunctivitis, bladder infections, bedwetting beyond normal age, history of bronchitis, pneumonia and scarlet fever, all of which may have been treated with antibiotics.

  • A history of childhood immunization and flu shots is almost always present in nearly all case histories.

  • There can also have been a vaccination reaction.

  • Parents should review the symptoms of PANDAS and look for a time period of the SUDDEN ONSET of symptoms.

  • Parents should go over the health history of the child and look for periods of symptoms flare up connected to a sore throat, cold, flu, return to school or other family members being sick.

  • Parents can download the Parent Scale for PANDAS and review it as related to their child.

  • Parents should ask their child's pediatrician to do a strep throat culture and ASO blood titer testing for PANDAS

  • The ASO and D-Nase blood titer tests will test for the level of strep antibodies. You will see at the time of testing if your child has high antibodies to strep in their blood. 

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: all cases of PANDAS or PANS will show high or elevated ASO titers OR will show a positive strep culture.

  • PANDAS is considered an autoimmune disease. ASO antibodies will make the mistake of attacking the basil ganglia or other parts of the brain, causing the symptoms in your children.  Depending on what part of the brain is being attacked will influence the type of symptoms you see in your child during an episode of increase antibodies, which happens after each new exposure to strep OR other infectious agent.

  • Having a blood test and diagnosis is helpful to a Homeopath, but not required in order to successfully treat PANDAS with homeopathy. 

  • Using homeopathy, I treat the symptoms of the person as a totality, we strengthen the immune system with homeopathic remedies. We do not have to have the "name" of a disease or diagnosis to successfully treat it!

  • Expect the child's global improvements with homeopathy to take at least 1 (one year).  It takes time and healing energy to rebalance the body, remove the suppressive effects of past antibiotics and vaccinations and other drugs, reduce the miasmatic tendency and reduce the antibody levels and strengthen the immune system. 

  • With the correct, holistic homeopathic care for PANDAS, you will begin to see a clear reduction of tics, anxiety and related PANDAS symptoms in your child. 

  • In my practice this occurs typically within in the first 30 - 60 days, depending on family stress and proper diet. 

  • Progress will continue slowly and steadily as the body heals. 

  • Often a fever will develop during treatment, a rash will exit on the skin or frightening dreams  will occur once treatment starts.  These are significant signs that the person's energy is lowering the level of antibodies by moving out the energetic disturbance from the strep infection and helping the body heal.

  • Overtime, your child's energy will increase and the frequency of acute illness will decrease as the child's immune system corrects the imbalance and reduces the strep antibodies.  Some children will experience a physical growth spurt as well during recovery. 

  • Many children will have improvement in their brain processing speed, including positive shifts in attention, handwriting, cognitive processing, focus, memory,  overall learning, as well as rapid improvements in reading and comprehension abilities.

  • Managing the child's diet, sleep, stress, physical demands, social activities and overall family stress during the healing phase is very important too success and speed of recovery.

  • Look at the history all incidents of strep exposure including the mother with Strep B during pregnancy, frequency of strep throats, frequent sore throats, recurrent ear infections, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and scarlet fever in your child.

  • Write down all the dates of each illness if you can remember.  Pay particular attention to those times when a course of antibiotics were given and include this in the list.  A Homeopath will want to review this information with the case history.

  • Write down a list of all the significant emotional traumas for your child or family stresses that surrounded them. The timeline should start for your child just before the mother becomes pregnant, include events during the whole pregnancy and from birth onward.

  • List all major traumas both physically, mentally and emotionally. such as loss or death of a loved one, friend or pet, moving, divorce of parents, accidents, surgeries, etc.  A Homeopath will want to review this information with the case history.

  • Review your child's vaccination record including any flu shots.  Vaccines are dangerous! All vaccine suppress the immune system and have many seriously harmful adjuvants, including heavy metals.  Many Homeopaths like the me, believe that vaccination plays a triggering role in PANDAS and all Autism and ASD spectrum diagnoses.

  • Do not continue to use suppressive antibiotics when there is a strep throat or related strep illness, use homeopathic medicine.

  • Read about the most common Strep Throat Remedies and use homeopathy for any future incident of strep throat or all acute illness that your child has! 

  • A single dose of antibiotics during effective, natural treatment with homeopathy may set the case back substantially.

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