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Vaccine Detoxification and Homeopathy

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Vaccine Detoxification and Homeopathy

Homeopathy will help a person with vaccine injury, autism and damage remove the damage and regain optimal health and function.  Contact us to learn more!

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Using Homeopathy For Vaccine Clearing
The Vaccine Clearing Method Principals
Toxins in Vaccines Include
Homeopathic Remedies For Vaccine Clearing

Videos To Watch:
Video About Dr. Tinus Smits and CEASE Therapy
Video on Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT)

Using Homeopathy For Vaccine Clearing

In homeopathic practice, a practitioner trained in CEASE Therapy and Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) is able to successfully remove and restore health using Tautopathy.  "Tautopathy" is defined as "a method of curing or removing the bad effects of conventional drugs and environmental exposures by means of identical potentized homeopathic medicines."  This method requires the use of a homeopathic remedy made from the exact lot and manufacturer, by year of the vaccine(s) received.  Potencies of vaccine clearing remedies that are normally used in our practice begin with a 30C and continue to a 200C, 1M and 10M. Sometimes a 50M and even 100M to clear the bad effects of the vaccines and the toxic chemicals and excipients they contain are also used.  A person doing a vaccine clearing must be carefully monitored by the Homeopath usually on a weekly basis during a vaccine clearing.

The Vaccine Clearing Method Follows These Basic Principals

  • Only ONE (1) vaccine is normally cleared at a time.

  • Doses of the vaccine clearing remedy are typically dosed dry.

  • Adequate spacing between the doses is required in order to give the body time to detoxify.

  • Supervision by a a professional who is trained and experienced in vaccine clearing is required.

  • The processing of a vaccine clearing means the body will excrete various toxins and begin to rebalance and heal!

  • As the body heals during a vaccine clearing, improved function of the whole body, including both the body, mind and spirit as a whole is restored.  This means in children with autism, speech will improve, eye contact will improve. In ADHD children, compulsive behaviors will diminish, focus will improve, hyperactivity will reduce. Gut issues resolve and overall assimilation of nutrients in the gut will increase. Some children will experience growth spurts and developmental leaps. In children with PANDAS, OCD and anxiety will dramatically reduce.  Nearly all children we work  with on vaccine clearings will show positive signs of the method working. 

  • Nutritional supports and a constitutional remedy will also support a vaccine clearing.

  • Read testimonials on vaccine injury recovery here.

Toxins in Vaccines

Vaccine clearings are necessary to help the body rid itself of many toxins they contain. Download CDC list of vaccine excipients for all USA vaccinations

  • Aluminum Phosphate
    Vaccines containing high concentrations of neurotoxic aluminum were added to the child immunization schedule when several vaccines containing mercury were removed. Two-month old babies now receive 1,225 mcg of aluminum from their vaccines -- 50 times higher than safety levels!

    Symptoms of vaccine toxicity from homeopathic literature include:

    • Mind: Nerves, mucous membranes.  Alternating moods. Grief.
    • Mental prostration, extreme weariness, irritable. 
    • Suited to mental breakdown at the end of sustained effort or chronic effects of grief.
    • Strong desire for open air which ameliorates.  Sensitive to cold which aggravates.
    • Vertigo in the morning, on closing eyes.  Pains, bruised, burning, pressing, aggravated morning and night.  Electric shocks, aggravated after sleep.  Pain in sides of head.  East hot, red; sense of flapping in ears.
    • Face sickly, bluish red; sense of white of egg dried on it.  Mouth dry; breath offensive, even putrid.  Excoriation leucorrhea.  Boils on buttocks and thighs.  In growing toenails. Standing is extremely tiresome.  Extreme thirst, except during fever. 
    • Stool: green, hard, touch and greasy; knotty.
    • General lassitude.  Inclination to lie down especially after eating.
  • Sodium Borate - Borax
    Found in vaccines including the HPV - Gardasil vaccine. Download CDC list of vaccine excipients for all USA vaccinations.

    Symptoms of vaccine toxicity from homeopathic literature include:

    • Affinity: Occiput. NUTRITION. NERVES; MUCOUS MEMBRANES. MOUTH. Skin. Kidneys, Bladder Right Side.
    • Mind: Hypersensitivity to unexpected noise. STARTING from SLIGHT NOISES "unusual sharp sounds, a cough, sneeze, a cry, lighting a match, etc." - Mathur.  Starting from sleep, crying, terrified, clinging, withouth cause or SHRIEKING IN SLEEP. Clinging as if frightened.
    • Causes anxiety, vertigo, confusion, headache.
    • Nervous, anxious, fidgety.
  • Formaldehyde
    Found in vaccines - Download CDC list of vaccine excipients for all USA vaccinations.

    According to Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny’s Integrative Medical Center, by the time a child has reached 5 years of age, they ahve been injected with a total of 1,795 micrograms (mcg) of formaldehyde as follows:

    • Hepatitis b – 3 doses x 15 mcg each
    • DTaP – 5 doses x 100 mcg each
    • Polio (IPV) – 5 doses x 200 mcg each
    • Influenza – 6 doses x 25 mcg each
    • Hepatitis A – 1 dose x 100 mcg each

    Symptoms of vaccine toxicity from homeopathic literature include:

    • Mind: Forgetfulness.  Anxiety. Unconsciousness. Dullness of mind.
    • Lungs: Dyspnea. Laryngismus stridulous (sudden laryngeal spasm with crowing inhalations
    • Whooping cough.
    • Rectum: Intense urging to stool, water stools.
  • Mercury (Thimerosol)
    Found in vaccines - Download CDC list of vaccine excipients for all USA vaccinations.

    Symptoms of vaccine toxicity from homeopathic literature include:

    • Affinity: BLOOD. Mucous membranes. GLANDS - buccal; SALIVARY; TONSILS; THROAT: LYMPHATICS; MUCOUS; liver, kidneys. GENITALS. Cellular tissues. Joints. Bones. Skin. Left side.Right side.
    • Mind: SECLUSION. Nervous, timid, shy. Lack of SELF CONFIDENCE (trembling inside); easily embarrassed.
    • INSTABILITY on all levels. ALWAYS discontented, discontented wtih everything. All or nothing attitude, become revolutionary anarchists (from sheer necessity or impulsively). Very sensitive to criticism and contradiction. May be come violent.
    • RESTLESSNESS. Internal HURRIEDNESS with SLOWNESS in acting, as if everything is seriously considered, or the reverse - hurried and impulsive without thinking, without considering consequences or the effects on others.
  • Potassium Chloride
    Found in vaccines - Download CDC list of vaccine excipients for all USA vaccinations.

    Symptoms of vaccine toxicity from homeopathic literature include:

    • Affinity: Epithelium (throat, Eustachian tubes, middle ear.  Mucous glands. Occiput. Muscles. Joints. Shoulder (right.)
      Mind: Quarrelsome with members of family. "Dreams of dead bodies and murder committed by her relatives; followed by anxiety and insomnia."
    • Rage and fury at the slightest provocation.
    • Mind: Desire to remain silent, calm, quiet, idle and in lonely places.
    • Aversion to noise, to study, to talk to company, to friends, to be disturbed.
    • White, sticky thick discharges. Toughness
    • Glue ear. Deafness from Eustachian catarrh
    • Tonsillitis
  • Potassium Phosphate
    Found in vaccines. Download CDC list of vaccine excipients for all USA vaccinations.

    Symptoms of vaccine toxicity from homeopathic literature include:

    • Affinity: Nerves (brain, spinal cord). Excretions. Mucous membranes. Skin. One side.
    • Mind: Very nervous, starts at the slightest sound. Indisposition to meet people. Shyness and excessive BLUSHING.  Disinclined to talk. Stress of talking to people, especially to several at once.  Desire for solitude.

Homeopathic Remedies Used For Vaccine Clearings

In addition to vaccine clearing remedies made from the actual vaccine, lot and manufacturer, other homeopathic remedies are used clear vaccines including:

  • Antimonium Tart
    For the bad effects of vaccination when Thuja fails and Silicea is not indicated.  Great sleepiness or irresistible inclination to sleep with nearly all complaints.  Thickly coated tongue and desire for apples.  Child clings to those around. Child wants to be carried and doesn’t want to be touched.

  • Baptisia
    Used in vaccine clearing for ailments from the typhoid vaccine.

  • Carcinosin
    Used in vaccine clearing for ailments from combined vaccines.

  • Cicuta 
    Used in vaccine clearing for ailments from the tetanus vaccine.

  • Crotalus Horridus
    For bad effects of vaccination.  For diseases caused by a previous low state of the system. For dissecting wounds, insect stings. Malignant diphtheria or scaletina. Swelling (edema) or gangrene of throat or tonsils.

  • Gelsemium 
    Used in vaccine clearing for ailments from the flu vaccine.

  • Hypericum
    Indicated in injuries from needles, pins, splinters, from rat- bite. Prevents lock-jaw. Injury to the parts rich in sentient nerves, which are very painful. Nervous depression following wounds or surgical operations; removes bad effects of shock, of fright, of mesmerism.

  • Malandrinum
    Protects against small-pox and the bad effects of vaccination.  Dry scaly itching; fissures of hands and feet in cold weather and from washing.

  • Mercurius
    Used in vaccine clearing for ailments from the flu vaccine.

  • Silicea
    For the ill effects of vaccination. Used in thin, pale children. Large head, open fontanelles and sutures. Distended abdomen, slow in walking. For ill effects of vaccination. Symptoms of imperfect assimilation and consequent defective nutrition.

  • Stramonium 
    Used in vaccine clearing for ailments from chickenpox vaccine

  • Thuja Occidentalis:
    Thuja has powerful action after vaccine injury. For symptoms after vaccination including: anxiety, asthma, diarrhea, emaciation of upper limb and paralysis of lower limb, head pain, inflammation of eyes and conjunctiva, stomach pain,  suppuration of finger nails; infection of the nail border; swelling of shoulder and upper arm. Indicated for symptoms after smallpox vaccination. Used as a homeoprophylaxis and in convulsion after vaccination.

Video About Dr. Tinus Smits and CEASE Therapy (Dutch Homeopath)
Vaccination Damage Cured
(12:04 minutes)


Video on Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) with Ton Jansen (Dutch Homeopath)
(9:56 minutes)



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