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Baryta carbonica

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Baryta Carbonica (Bar-c.)
(carbonate of baryta)

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Baryta carbonica is useful in Autism, ADHD, PANDAS and other neurological disorders, along with other important polychrests.


  • Arrested or delayed mental, physical or social development.

  • Delay in speech and communication; important remedy in autism.

  • Child who is sweet, timid and fearful.  They hide behind their parents.

  • Child make act like the class clown, acting goofy and acting out.

  • For children who are shy, self-conscious, with self-limitation, feeling defective.

  • Fear of looking bad, being laughed at and criticized; people who feel that they are being laughed at, mocked or criticized.

  • People who feel incompetent and incapable.

  • Timid due to fears, especially the fear of making a mistake.

  • Person feel that they are being watched; they dare not look up

  • For those who act childish and immature

  • Difficulty with schoolwork

  • Backward or behind; for those who are often the teacher's pet; and for those who tend to tics and glandular swellings.

  • Tonsils and glands around ears painful and swollen.

  • Easy taking of cold.

  • Abdomen hard and tense.

  • Palpitation when lying on left side.

  • Fetid foot sweat.

  • Specially indicated in infancy and old age.

  • This remedy helps those dwarfish or slow to grow and develop

  • Swollen abdomen

  • Person gets a cold easily, and then always have swollen tonsils.

  • Persons subject to quinsy which is prone to suppurate; gums bleed easily.

  • Diseases of old people when degenerative changes begin

  • Cardiac vascular and cerebral patients who have hypertrophied prostate or indurated testes

  • Person is very sensitive to cold

  • Offensive foot-sweats

  • Very weak and weary, must sit or lie down or lean on something.

  • Very averse to meeting strangers.

  • Catarrh of posterior nares, with frequent nose bleeds.

  • Often useful in the dyspepsias of the young who have masturbated and who suffer from seminal emissions, together with cardiac irritability and palpitation.

  • Affects glandular structures, and useful in general degenerative changes, especially in coats of arteries, aneurism and senility.

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