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Calcarea Carbonica Constitution
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Homeopathy for Women

Calcarea Carbonica Constitution

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  • APPEARANCE: Overweight or gain weight easily. Sluggish, bloated and tired in appearance.

  • MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ASPECTS: Impressionable, sensitive and quiet. May become withdrawn due to fear of failure. Can dwell too much on a particular problem. May be greatly upset by cruelty to children and animals. Needs motivation to succeed in tasks. Can be prone to mild depression when unwell. Reassurance helps to improve condition.

  • PHYSICAL WEAKNESSES: Ears, nose and throat. Skeletal system, may manifest as back ache. Digestive system, may be prone to irritable bowel syndrome and feeling bloated. Skin. Teeth. Exhaustion, prone to chronic fatigue syndrome. Prone to depression.

  • DIETARY FACTORS: Likes dairy products, eggs, candy, salt, desserts, chocolate, carbohydrates, iced drinks and ice cream. Dislikes fatty meats, boiled food and boiled milk.

  • THE CALC. CARB CHILD: Plump and overweight. Placid and calm. Slow to walk and talk and teeth are slow to develop. Can fall over easily. Scared of the dark and can be prone to waking up due to bad dreams. Often lazy and may need encouragement with homework because may give up easily.

  • GENERALITIES: Ears, nose and throat are weak areas of the Calc. Carb. Type.

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