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What is a Homeopathic Constitution?
We each have a set of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that are unique to us. These characteristics are fall into basic homeopathic constitutional types.

Homeopathic Constitutional Treatment in Classical Homeopathy
Homeopathy is based on the philosophy that the body, mind and emotions are not separate and distinct, but are fully integrated. Based on this perspective, a Classical Homeopath uses a constitutional remedy that fits best with all of the person's mental, emotional, physical and psychological symptoms. Each person's symptoms are complex, but a well-trained Classical Homeopath will know which symptoms should be noted and they will then choose an effective, individualized remedy.

Learn About The Main Homeopathic Constitutions

Argentum Nitricum Type
Pale complexion, looking older than actual age due to worry and tension. Cheerful and impressionable. Often anxious and worried. Always in a hurry and can be impulsive. Finds it difficult to control emotions. Readily laughs, cries and loses temper. Quick thinking and adept at solving problems. Tends to be extroverted to hide true feelings. Read more.

Arsenicum Type
Usually thin or slim. Often well groomed and stylish. Fine facial features with fine, delicate skin. Frown lines can appear on the forehead. Restless person. Perfectionist at work and at home. Can be critical and intolerant. Strong opinions. Can have a deep fear of being alone. Obsessive and compulsive behavior, especially concerning cleanliness and tidying-up; this can hide a hoarding mentality.  Read more.

Calcarea Carbonicum Type
Overweight or gain weight easily. Sluggish, bloated and tired in appearance.  Impressionable, sensitive and quiet. May become withdrawn due to fear of failure. Can dwell too much on a particular problem. May be greatly upset by cruelty to children and animals. Needs motivation to succeed in tasks. Read more.

Graphites Type
Prone to being overweight and has a large appetite. Blushes easily. Can have a rugged, windswept appearance. May have rough, dry skin that can crack easily. Dry hair, usually dark. Flaky scalp. Takes time to work things out and solve problems. Deep concentration on a task can create irritability. Read more.

Ignatia Type
Slim build. Prone to dark circles under eyes. Expression may be tired and drawn and may also suffer from involuntary twitches of mouth or eyes. Dry lips. Dark to mid range color hair. Sighs a lot.  Read more.

Lachesis Type
Loquacious.  Easily become jealous.  Highly creative.
Lachesis may appear bloated or lean. Strong, fixed expression. Usually has pale complexion with occasional freckles. Strong, staring eyes. May lick lips a lot. Read more.

Lycopodium Type
Tall and lean with worry and frown lines on head. Often look older than their years. Facial twitching. Thinning hair in men. Dislikes wearing tight clothing. Can be dramatic, creating mountains out of molehills. Insecure and hates change. Fear of failure. Avoids commitment. Anxious over important events. Read more.

Mercurius Solubilis Type
Medium build. Skin on face may appear shiny due to moisture from perspiration, with grey translucent look. Hair may be fair to medium color. May struggle internally with emotions. Resentment and lack of trust in others may cause insecurity. Dislikes criticism directed and self and taking orders. May explode with rage and anger. Read more.

Natrum Muriaticum Type
Will suppress emotions such as, fear, anger, guilt and loneliness, which can lead to depression. May suppress feelings over lost loved ones. May become very depressed after relationship break-up. Will possibly wish to cry but find self unable. Read more.

Nat Mur, Natrum Muraticum, Homeopathy, remedy

Nux Vomica Type
Slim, especially when young. Smart appearance. May look stressed and tense. Ages prematurely. May have dark circles under eyes. Face becomes flushed when angry or excited. Can suffer from addictions and overindulgence. May have cravings for alcohol, coffee, cigarettes. Can be addicted to sex. Finds it difficult to  relax. Read more.

Phosphorus Type
Tall and slim with long limbs. Likes to be stylish. Artistic and creative in appearance. Fine skin. Can have fair to dark hair. Needs a lot of love and attention. Good fun to be around but can become demanding. Likes to be the centre of attention and like being cared for when upset or unwell. Expressive, affectionate and not afraid to show emotions. Read more.

Pulsatilla Type
Can be slightly overweight. Gentle and kind appearance. Can look younger than actual age. Hair is fair and skin has a rosy complexion. Blushes easily. Often rests with hands behind head. Shy and easily embarrassed. Kind and gentle and makes friends easily. Likes to be supported by others. Not assertive and can be indecisive. Cries easily, in particular over cruelty to children and animals, tragic news or weepy movies. Read more.

Sepia Type
Slim and tall. Often sits with legs crossed. Likes to look attractive and elegant. Medium to dark hair, often with brown eyes.  Can be irritable and easily offended. Tendency to be aggressive to loved ones. Cannot handle too much stress and tries to avoid pressure and deadlines. Can feel better after weeping, but does not like it when others are fussing around. Read more.

Silicea Type
Often thin or slim, with a large forehead. The head can appear too large for the body. Delicate, fine features; almost doll-like in appearance. The skin of the lips goes grey and can be cracked. The palms of the hands feel sweaty to the tough and nails can be brittle. Appears to have low confidence from a young age. Prone to mental exhaustion. Read more.

Sulphur Type
May be slim with poor posture. May look untidy. Hair may be course, dry. Skin and lips can be prone to redness. Mind can be cluttered. Can be critical. Likes to argue. May lack willpower and self-esteem. Might not complete ideas and projects. Prone to skin and circulation problems; hemorrhoids and constipation; hot, burning feet; body odor. Read more.

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