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Healing From Stress
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Homeopathy for Women

Healing From Stress With Homeopathy

Homeopathic medicine can help a person with stress symptoms from various causes to heal, naturally.
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"There is no other path to healing except what God has ordained through the natural healing of the immune system, in a fully natural way. Anything else is just temporary and artificial.  This includes all drugs or all types."

Here is my view as a professional homeopath and the holistic view of healing through God's magnificent design of our bodies, via the immune system:

  • When you have an issue or a diagnosis, your entire body is in that state, every cell.

  • This is the state of overcompensation, a state of confusion, a state of hyperactivity of the immune system. From stress.

  • IF medications could reverse that state, then everyone who got INTO THAT STATE would be cured - of autism, cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease, Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, you get my point. And they would be cured in a duplicatable way, that was consistent from person-to-person, every time. 

  • But we know that doesn't happen. Not everyone with a diagnosis would be cured in a matter of weeks or months. 

  • Sadly there is no medication that can resolve the lack of energy one’s immune system has.

  • If you had more energy, YOUR immune system will be resolving your ailments. 

  • The lack of cellular energy is the source of the problem.... the source of every single problem related to health and wellness.

Where does lack of energy come from? 

  • First STRESS is a source of all disease. If you have any diagnosis, any health issues, it is from stress.

  • All the greatest minds in medicine agree on this!

  • But, let's divide stress into the two groups that it represents: External stress and internal stress. 

External stress - What Does This Mean?
It means things like:

  • Environmental toxins

  • Past antibiotic use

  • Vaccinations

  • Heavy metals

  • Toxic fluoride

  • Chemical exposures

  • Pesticide and herbicides

  • Airborne toxins

  •  Drug imprints

PLUS the things we can control more easily like:

  • I'm not eating the right diet

  • I take drugs

  • I drink too much

  • I don't sleep enough

  • I am caught in traffic all the time

  • My schedule is too exhausting

  • I don't get the support I need

  • I never take a vacation

  • I worry about things in the future

  • I worry about safety and security

  • I worry about money

  • I have no time for myself

  •  Etc.!

Internal Stresses - What Does This Mean?

  • The other stresses are the internal stress, and that is actually the more significant type of stress that everyone faces. 

  • The internal stress is a picture we store in our cellular memory and in ****every single cell of our body**** that has flawed data points.

  • The DNA we inherit has a picture that was given to us also by our ancestors including our parents.

  • But we make some of these other pictures ourselves of course - lots of them!

In Homeopathy we call this cellular memory the "core delusion".  

  • If the picture has flawed data, this means that the unconscious HOLDS onto that flawed picture, cell by cell.

  • That picture suppresses us from having a normal amount of energy.

  • That flawed picture, with a flawed bad data STEALS energy away from our body so that we can NOT possibly heal.

IF we had that energy, we would immediately heal of all diseases, in some cases instantly within a matter of moments! In others it would take a little while. 

  • What we try to do with every dose of every remedy we give everyone is to add more energy, the energy missing from these flawed cellular memories, many of which we've inherited, which we call the miasmatic history and homeopathy.

Consciousness and Healing

Our conscious mind, it represents only 10% of our consciousness. The unconscious mind is the other 90%! That means we actually aren't aware, and can't access that FLAWED data very easily, in order to correct it. So we keep suppressing it, and we're given drugs to suppress the symptoms due to the fact that we have an immune system that's weakened, ineffective, due to INTERNAL stress, which is from these false images in our unconscious, in our DNA.  So even if we actually could remove every single external stress that we ever had, and live perfectly, and live clean, we would STILL have to deal with these internal stresses and cellular memories and we could still be sick.

How Does This Make Us Lose Energy?

Flawed pictures cause us to loose energy because it reduces our immune system, that is called our internal stress. That's what makes you and everyone else including me, sick.

In a simple explanation, what our body does is look at that FLAWED picture and tries to hold and suppress that image in the body because of images related to....

  • anxiety

  • anger

  • disappointed love

  • denial

  • disappointed love

  •  fear

  • grief

  • guilt

  • humiliation

  • jealousy

  • self doubt

  • shame

  • violence done against us

  • violence done by us

  •  etc.

Can Allopathic Medications Help ?

  • For awhile, it will look like...yes. 

  • But all medications only suppress the symptoms – they never treat the root causes.

  • Then one medication will lead to another, including all the side effects from each.

  • All medications, regardless of what they are, are man-made and synthetic, and all are toxic to the body. There are no exceptions to this. 

  • When this happens that we medicate allopathically, overtime, our external stressors will increase because of the toxic medications, without any change in our internal stressors and we will actually get worse.

  • It never goes any other way, ever. 

How Do We Fix This?

  • We homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and diet to help the external stresses

  • But homeopathy is truly the most brilliant in that it also addresses the “core delusion”….the internal stress. 

  • the cored elusion is that internal unspoken dialogue, that captures our healing energy and takes it away from us.

  • Those could be messages of......

    • I might die

    • I can't do it

    • I'm not worthy

    • I've never been good enough

    • I'm not really loved

    • God has abandoned me

    • No one knows my pain

    • I am worthless - and whether conscious or unconscious, they're there. 

Talking about these issues in therapy sometimes actually can actually restimulate them and make them worse, not better. Why? Because if you can talk about them, then they're not unconscious.

Understanding Our Conscious Pictures with Flawed Data

  • What is very helpful me as the Homeopath is to have the client who is able to meditate on the strongest single piece of self talk that they have with a detailed paragraph of what that picture actually looks like.

  • To meditate on that and draw that picture very clearly into your consciousness and describe it to me.

  • If the Homeopathy can understand that picture and match a remedy to it, as I have tried to do, many times, changing many pictures, reducing them - then we will be successful and you will be healed.

  • It's that simple....and yet we can see how complicated it is at the same time.

Healing As A Spiritual Journey: One of the things that I'm certain of is that healing has to be spiritual.

  • That one's relationship with Spirit (God) has to be reinvented in this process, reconnected and reinterpreted.

  • Some people see God as punishing, others see a loving God, others see a judging God, others a benevolent God, others a healing God.  

  • We see God as a healing God - as the perfect Master Planner - who has designed my body to heal.

  • We need to stimulate that healing with God made substances, which for me is homeopathic medicine.

Suffering Draws Us Closer to Our Spiritual Selves

  • Suffering in the ones we love and ourselves always draws us closer to God, to me that's the nature of suffering.

    • Some people suffer because they think it's their duty.

    • Some people suffer because that’s what they were taught to do in their families

    • Some people suffer because they don't think they have a choice to do something else.

    • Some people suffer to control others in a passive aggressive way.

Homeopathy Works Best If....

  • Homeopathy is a natural extension of energy healing, in a system that heals through energy transfer that reduces deficits to the immune system from false internal pictures that we call “core delusions” in homeopathy.

  • The Homeopath can "get" the internal stress picture and help the person release it. 

  • To help heal others we coach them first on the controllable external stressors and coax out the internal stressors as best we can, trusting their unconscious to do the real deep healing work, with the impetus of the remedy as an energetic, stimulating tool.

  • Homeopathy is not the only way of course to heal, there are many others including prayer, Healing Code, EFT, acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, etc. 

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