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Mercurius Solubilus (Merc.)
(quicksilver, cinnabar, the major mercury ore)

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Mercurius solubilis is useful in Autism, ADHD, PANDAS and other neurological disorders, along with other important polychrests.


Mercurius Solubilus is a homeopathic remedy originally proven by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. his is one of the biggest remedies represented in the Syphilitic miasm. It is well suited to those who are anxious and restless by nature. They have a need for stability and order, and this has them coming across as conservative. They tend to have a sense of urgency in nearly everything that they do and this can make them feel insecure and rather introverted at times. They tend to be rather suspicious in nature and keep their feelings bottled up for the most part. 

Mercury Toxicity (Read more here)
There is a strong connection to the use of mercury (amalgam) dental fillings and also ailments for vaccination (vaccines contain mercury, including Hep B until 2007, and also most flu shots).  Dental amalgams leech mercury from the mother who has them to the fetus as dose breast milk transfer in this manner.  Fish is high in mercury and mercury as in air, water, drugs and biological products that contain thimerosal, as well as cosmetics.  Read more here.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms of Mercury

  • At its most extreme the mental state deteriorates into paranoia with a feeling of being attacked from behind and that everyone is an enemy

  • There is an instability on all levels.

  • “Fluidity” is seen in patients who require Mercury as a homeopathic remedy. Fluidity is the state of being unsettled or unstable

  • Changeability, changeable mental symptoms

  • Mercury is one of the main remedies which is sensitive to both heat and cold.

  • A very narrow range of tolerance.

  • The beginning of the Mercury state of being extremely closed and ultimately paranoid.

  • Not very social – they are found it difficult to mix with people.

  • Introverted, avoids people.

  • Good at developing ideas and initiating things, but not keen on routine work .

  • "Always on the move” – both physically and mentally.

  • Restlessness which creates an internal hurriedness .

  • Sense of hurry.

  • Decreased cognitive functions.
  • Blushing very much when embarrassed .
  • Anxiety.

  • Emotional instability with irritability.

  • Excessive shyness .

  • Lack of confidence.

  • Nervous system symptoms include insomnia, loss of memory.

Fears Of Mercurius Solubilus

  • Fear of being alone.

  • Fear of dark.

  • Fear of disease.

  • Fear of dogs, fear of animals.

  • Fear of falling.

  • Fear of knives.

  • Fear at night; worse at night.

  • Fear of losing their minds, insanity.

  • Fear of people, in a crowd.

  • Fear of poverty; misery (super thrifty).

  • Fear of robbers

  • Fear of suffocating.

Physical Symptoms Of Mercurius Solubilus

  • A  "Living thermometer".

  • There is over-reactivity from or with weakness, and nearly everything aggravates them.

  • Suppressed discharge.

  • Discharges are offensive, greenish-yellow.

Ears, Nose Throat Symptoms of Mercurius Solubilus

  • Ear infections (OTITIS MEDIA), either chronic or acute.

  • Nose has chronic coryza with offensive, greenish discharge.

  • Sneezing ameliorated by lying.

  • Cough is aggravated at night, by warmth of bed, lying on right side.

  • Mouth ulcers or canker sores

  • Ulcerations.

  • SALIVATION aggravated at NIGHT IN SLEEP.

  • Offensive breath or metallic taste

  • Throat INFLAMMATION, acute or chronic.

  • Frequent sore throats  both acute or chronic.

  • Chronic sore throats or strep throats.

  • Tonsillitis.

  • Swelling of lymph glands. 

  • Loss of teeth

  • Excessive salivation.

  • Metallic taste in the mouth.

  • Hearing loss

  • Breath is offensive.

  • Headaches and migraines.

  • Facial neuralgia

  • Pain in the right side of the face or jaw.

  • Teeth missing, broken and decayed.

  • Many cavities in children.

  • Gum disease, spongy gums.


  • Loss of appetite

  • Anorexia (or Bulimia)

  • Milk aggravates; milk comes up sour.

  • Sweets aggravates.

  • Intense thirst for cold drinks.

  • Weak digestion with continuous hunger.

  • Hiccough and regurgitation.

  • Burning pains

  • Difficulty swallowing (this could result in a child being a very picky eater, or a child who gags on food)

Bowel Symptoms

  • Abdominal pain with vomiting and bloody diarrhea.

  • Diarrhea with strong urging.

  • Stool is offensive, greenish, bloody, slimy.

  • Burning pains.

  • Inflammatory bowel diseases.

  • Respiratory symptoms and kidney damage.

  • Chronic symptoms of diarrhea with mucus and blood in the stool.

  • Colitis.

  • Ulcerative colitis.

  • Abnormal sensations.

General Symptoms

  • Fatigue including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and from Lyme Disease

  • Weakness.
  • Stabbing pains. 
  • Neuralgic pain.

  • Muscle atrophy.
  • Muscle twitching.
  • Muscle tremors, twitching, jerking of muscles.
  • Tremors of hands.
  • Neuralgic pain.

  • Pains are much worse at night-time.

  • PERSPIRATION worse at NIGHT, worse from the heat of bed.

  • PAIN anywhere, worse at NIGHT, worse from the heat of bed.

  • Numbness or tingling.

  • Slow reflexes.

  • Burning pains - anywhere - in stomach, anus and muscles.

  • Respiratory symptoms.

  • Kidney damage.

  • Skin itching, worse night in bed.


  • Better by LYING DOWN for rest.

  • Worse by COLD AND WARM.

  • Worse at night.

  • Worse in wet, damp weather.

  • Worse lying on right side.

  • Worse perspiring.

  • Worse in warm room and warm bed.

Physical Signs of Mercury Toxicity

  • Digestive System

    • Colitis
    • Diarrhea/constipation

    • Loss of appetite

    • Weight  loss

    • Nausea/vomiting

  • Emotions

    • Aggressiveness

    • Anger (fits of)

    • Anxiety

    • Confusion

    • Depression

    • Fear and nervousness

    • Hallucinations

    • Lethargy

    • Manic depression

    • Mood swings

    • Shyness

  • Energy Levels

    • Apathy

    • Chronic tiredness

    • Restlessness

  • Head

    • Dizziness

    • Faintness

    • Headaches (frequent)

    • Ringing in ears

  • Heart 

    • Anemia

    • Chest pain

    • Heartbeat rapid or irregular

  • Lungs

    • Asthma/bronchitis

    • Chest congestion

    • Shallow respiration

    • Shortness of breath

  • Muscles & Joints

    • Cramping

    • Joint aches

    • Muscle aches

    • Muscle weakness

    • Stiffness

  • Neurological/Mental

  • Nose

    • Inflammation of the nose

    • Sinusitis

    • Excessive mucus formation

    • Stuffy nose

  • Oral/Throat

    • Bad breath (halitosis)

    • Bone loss

    • Burning sensations

    • Chronic coughing

    • Gingivitis/bleeding gums

    • Inflammation of the gums

    • Leukoplakia (white patches)

    • Metallic taste

    • Mouth inflammation

    • Sore throats

    • Ulcers of oral cavity

  • Other Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity

    • Allergies

    • Anorexia

    • Excessive blushing

    • Genital discharge

    • Glandular swelling

    • Hair loss

    • Hypoxia

    • Illnesses (frequent)

    • Insomnia

    • Loss of sense of smell 

    • Perspiration excessive

    • Renal failure

    • Skin cold and clammy

    • Skin itching problems   

    • Vision problems (tunnel vision)

    • Water retention (edema)

Cognitive Symptoms Of Mercury Toxicity

  • Dementia

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)

  • Dementia

  • Epilepsy or Convulsions

  • Language delay

  • Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD)

  • Speech delay

Central Nervous System Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity

  • irritability
  • anxiety/nervousness, often with difficulty in breathing
  • restlessness
  • exaggerated response to stimulation
  • fearfulness
  • emotional instability
  • lack of self control
  • fits of anger, with violent, irrational behavior
  • loss of self confidence
  • indecision
  • shyness or timidity
  • being easily embarrassed
  • loss of memory
  • inability to concentrate
  • lethargy/drowsiness
  • insomnia
  • mental depression, despondency
  • withdrawal
  • suicidal tendencies
  • manic depression
  • numbness and tingling of hands, feet, fingers, toes, or lips
  • muscle weakness progressing to paralysis
  • ataxia
  • tremors/trembling of hands, feet, lips, eyelids or tongue
  • incoordination
  • myoneural transmission failure resembling Myasthenia Gravis
  • motor neuron disease (ALS)
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Head, Neck and Oral Cavity Disorders of Mercury Toxicity
  • bleeding gums
  • alveolar bone loss
  • loosening of teeth
  • excessive salivation
  • foul breath
  • metallic taste
  • burning sensation, with tingling of lips, face
  • tissue pigmentation (amalgam tattoo of gums)
  • leukoplakia
  • stomatitis (sores in the mouth)
  • ulceration of gingiva, palate, tongue
  • dizziness/acute, chronic vertigo
  • ringing in the ears
  • hearing difficulties
  • speech and visual impairment
  • glaucoma
  • restricted, dim vision

Gastrointestinal Effects of Mercury Toxicity
  • food sensitivities, especially to milk and eggs
  • abdominal cramps, colitis, diverticulitis or other G.I. complaint
  • chronic diarrhea or constipation
  • splenomegaly - enlargement of the spleen

Reproductive Effects of Mercury Toxicity
  • endometriosis

Cardiovascular Effects of Mercury Toxicity

  • abnormal heart rhythm
  • characteristic findings on EKG
  • abnormal changes in the S-T segment and/or
  • lower broadened P wave
  • unexplained elevated serum triglyceride
  • unexplained elevated cholesterol
  • abnormal blood pressure, either too high or low

Immunologic Effects Of Mercury Toxicity
  • Repeated infections
  • Viral and fungal infections
  • Mycobacteria
  • Candida and other yeast infections
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Lupus erythematosus (LE)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Scleroderma
  • Amyolateral sclerosis (ALS) (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
  • Hypothyroidism

Pychological Effects Of Mercury Toxicity
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Systematic Effects Of Mercury Toxicity

  • chronic headaches
  • allergies
  • severe dermatitis
  • unexplained reactivity
  • thyroid disturbance
  • subnormal body temperature
  • cold, clammy skin, especially hands and feet
  • excessive perspiration, w/frequent night sweats
  • unexplained sensory symptoms, including pain
  • unexplained numbness or burning sensations
  • unexplained anemia
  • G-6-PD deficiency
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • nephrotic syndrome
  • receiving renal dialysis
  • kidney infection
  • adrenal disease
  • general fatigue
  • loss of appetite/with or without weight loss
  • loss of weight
  • hypoglycemia

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