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DTP / DTaP Vaccine Injury Symptoms

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Vaccine Injury Symptoms: DTP / DTaP

DTaP vaccines can cause long term injuries and possible death.  Contact us to learn more!

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Why Is the DTap / DTAP Vaccine Dangerous?
All vaccines can harm, kill and maim. The DTP vaccine is especially dangerous because the doses are given repeatedly and at such a young age while the immune system is not fully developed.  The DTaP - diphtheria, tetanus and "acellular" pertussis vaccine replaced the DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, and "whole-cell" pertussis) vaccine a few years ago because some authorities believed it to be safer. This is not the case.

Adverse reactions to DTaP / DTAP vaccines have included death, intussusception (death of intestines), seizures, severe headaches, chest pain, inconsolable crying, brain injury, high fever, swelling/redness, vomiting, hives, severe diarrhea, permanent brain damage, and more.  There are thousands of reported adverse reactions in the VAERS database, and this is with only 1% even being reported.

Below are the symptoms and expanded materia medica use in homeopathic prescribing after DTP / DTaP vaccinations.

This list is based years of clinical experience and research of vaccine injured children by Dr. Tinus Smits, CEASE Founder

Expanded Homeopathic Materia Medica for DTP / DTaP Vaccination Symptoms

These symptoms in the DTP Materia Medica are observed in cases of DTP vaccine damage both historically and in modern times.


    • allergic reactions after vaccination

    • awkward or clumsy in gait or walking

    • crying and high pitched screaming lasting three hours or more after vaccination

    • could not, or would not smile

    • detached and inaccessible

    • developmental delays: late to sit, late to crawl, late to walk OR late to talk

    • epilepsy (petit mal and grand mal), convulsions

    • fainting

    • fever after vaccination (high)

    • high tolerance for pain and discomfort especially temperature changes

    • history of Candida Albicans (yeast overgrowth)

    • hypoglycemia

    • infantile spasms

    • lack of coordination

    • late dentition

    • microcephaly (failure of skull to grow, small head size)

    • nervously hostile with strangers

    • Sudden Infant Death syndrome (S.I.D.S.) after vaccination

    • rash or hives after vaccination

    • refuses to be touched, even by their own parents

    • rhythmic movements; choreiform movements (twisting), stimming or hand flapping

  • Modalities

    • WORSE: heat, cold

    • WORSE: touch

    • WORSE: milk and milk products; food coloring; wheat

    • BETTER: Heat or better cold

  • MIND

    • anger

    • aversion to company

    • avoids answering questions or complying with requests

    • bangs head

    • bites nails

    • bossiness

    • bullying

    • can be provoked more or less hostile or violent reactions

    • cannot accept instructions from teacher

    • charming

    • curses and calls people names

    • delayed in learning in reading and writing

    • desires company

    • destroys property

    • difficulty distinguishing left from right (if asked to touch left ear with right finger becomes confused)

    • dyslexia

    • explosive speech

    • explosive temper

    • excessive reaction

    • facial grimaces

    • gestures with their hands

    • hateful and sneaky

    • hyperactivity

    • impulsive

    • inability to change, hard time with change or transitions

    • irritable

    • kisses and over cuddles parents, pets or objects

    • lack of emotion

    • lacks confidence

    • left-handed or ambidextrous

    • lies

    • limited attention span


    • loquacity

    • lost in own thoughts

    • loves music - can memorize music and repeat it from memory

    • loves to dance

    • mental retardation

    • mild

    • negative

    • over-activity (lessens with age)

    • over emphasis on one subject (OCD about trains, cars, dinosaurs, etc.)

    • poor handwriting

    • poor listener

    • poor visual-motor coordination

    • reads but can’t spell well

    • remorse, remorse leading to suicide thoughts, says they want to die

    • ritualistic behavior

    • rocks and hums

    • screams when frustrated

    • sets fire to things

    • stammers, stutters

    • steals things

    • stubborn, obstinate

    • sucks thumb (or pacifier) even to a late age

    • suppressed emotions (jealousy that develops after DPT)

    • talks about one single subject

    • talks in monologue, the “to and fro” of normal conversation is missing, unaware that people are talking to them, needs several moments to process the words heard

    • tearful mood

    • temper tantrums

    • throws things

    • tics or twitching anywhere

    • tidy

    • tremors

    • uncooperative

    • walks early

    • wakes up grumpy, crabby

  • FEAR

    • dogs or other animals

    • flashing lights

    • guns


    • loud noises such as fireworks, the furnace, blow dryer, etc.

    • of a spot on the wall
    • refrigerator
    • THE DARK


    • fever after vaccination (high, 104 -  105 F)

    • night sweats often

  • HEAD

    • afternoon naps are followed by a headache

    • bangs head - before sleep, on floor, into mother’s chest. etc.

    • encephalitis - inflammation of the brain

    • frontal headache or diffuse over scalp

    • migraines

    • morning headaches or awake at night from a headache

    • picks at their hair or ears

    • rolls head from side to side

  • EYES

    • eyes sensitive to light

    • ocular cellulitis -  infection of the eyelid and surrounding skin

    • strabismus - cross eyed

    • squints

    • visual disturbances

  • EARS

    • earaches

    • ear infections

    • does not comprehend the spoken word (word deafness)

    • glue ear

    • Otitis media (ear infections) after vaccination

    • puts hands over their ears

    • sensitive to loud noises

    • selective deafness

    • yellow/green discharges

  • NOSE

    • catarrh - including chronic

    • sniffles

  • FACE

    • lacks vital color, pale

    • rings under eyes, dark circles


    • bites own hand

    • developmental aphasia (language disorders)

    • disorders of speech

    • dysphasia (lack of speech)

    • grinds teeth - often and/or during sleep

    • inability to complete a sentence because right word cannot be found

    • infantile speech

    • lack of expressive language

    • late to talk

    • stuttering and stammering speech

    • oddities of articulation (e.g. sing-song)


    • babies have weak sucking reflex with gagging drooling or difficulty swallowing

    • desires eggs

    • failure to thrive

    • food fads

    • lack of appetite or increased appetite (anorexia and bulimia)

    • refuses to eat

    • stomach aches

    • strong thirst or lack of thirst

    • thirst for hot drinks

    • thirst for cold drinks

    • thirst increased at night

    • vomiting after vaccination


    • Celiac disease

    • constipation

    • diarrhea

    • diarrhea from milk

    • flatulence

    • gastro-intestinal symptoms after vaccination

    • lack of bowel control

    • loose stools

    • pain around umbilicus (belly button)

    • stools strong smelling, sour, acid, foul, musty smell

    • unreliable sphincter – looses stool involuntarily


    • enuresis (bedwetting)

    • enuresis (bedwetting) until adolescence

    • increased urination

  • MALE

    • early masturbation (i.e. age 4)


    • early masturbation (i.e. age 8)

    • vaginitis (discharge)


    • allergies

    • apnea (breath holding)

    • asthma

    • history of tonsillitis and swollen tonsils

    • history of sore throats or strep throat

    • upper respiratory tract infections

    • wheezing


    • numbness

    • tingling

  • SKIN

    • boils

    • diaper rash

    • eczema, with or without itching

    • local reaction to vaccination - erythma (reddening of the skin, usually in patches), edema (swelling), heat, induration (hardening)

    • night sweats

    • purpura (a rash of purple spots on the skin)


    • cannot be roused after vaccination

    • changes of sleeping pattern

    • colic after vaccination

    • difficulty getting to sleep

    • enuresis, bedwetting

    • hot in bed, uncovers in bed

    • night terrors

    • nightmares

    • piles up bedclothes and sleeps on top

    • restless in bed

    • sleep disturbances, turns night into day

    • sleep is fitful or restless

    • sleeps in late

    • sleepiness after vaccination

    • sleepiness during the day

    • somnambulism - sleep walking

    • wakes often from sleep


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