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About The CEASE Therapy Method and Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT)

Published February 2012
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What Is The CEASE Therapy?
Causative Factors Considered During CEASE Therapy
Key Points For CEASE Method
How Vaccine Clearing Nosodes Are Used In CEASE and HDT
How Are Vaccine Clearing Nosodes Selected?
Comparing The Two Detoxification Methods CEASE and HDT
Constitutional Remedy Used During Detox
About Supplement Supports During CEASE and HDT Therapy
Other Tips About Vaccine Clearing Dosing Methods
Videos To Watch:
Video About Dr. Tinus Smits and CEASE Therapy
Video Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) with Ton Jansen


What Is The CEASE Therapy?
CEASE is an advanced homeopathic method using safe remedies that made from the actual vaccines that were given, based on the manufacturer, date and lot number of the vaccine(s) that caused vaccine injury in order to clear these toxins from the body.

CEASE was originated and developed by Dr. Tinus Smits, a well known Dutch homeopathic doctor and author from The Netherlands, who died in April 1, 2010. Before his death at age 63, he carried out intensive research on vaccination damage and its treatment, publishing the work Das Impfschaden-Syndrom [Vaccination Damage Syndrome]. Dr. Tinus Smits was instrumental in founding  the International Homeopathic Clinic in Bhaktapur, Nepal.  He taught homeopathy in Europe and Nepal.  Most recently he was world renown for his CEASE Therapy for Autism. His English book on this subject Autism - Beyond Despair appeared in 2010.

CEASE can be a valuable additional option to improve progress in very difficult cases for ASD and other chronic diseases as well as autoimmune diseases, including cancer. The immune system of these health challenged individuals was damaged or hugely impacted from the heavy metal toxins and harmful adjuvants in vaccines, use of antibiotics, medications, anesthesia, the extended use of birth control pills, prescription drugs, etc.

To use CEASE successfully in complex cases, a Homeopath must first have excellent classical training, solid prescribing ability, good case management and knowledge of the chronic remedies and organ functions.  Each chronic case is always handled on a unique basis if CEASE is used, like with all classically based homeopathy.

Causative Factors Considered During CEASE Therapy and HDT

Our world is now full of toxins that assault each person differently, based upon their unique biochemical nature.  Toxics and be mental, emotional and physical and emotional, causing a deep disturbance to how we function as a whole person. Toxins, vaccines, drugs, antibiotics and emotional traumas including to the mother during a pregnancy can energetically block the potential health and wellness of a child with autism. These blockages are caused by various factors in the past and present. 

Factors To Consider Include:

  1. Genetic Predisposition
    Family health histories on both sides of the family, going back to previous generations, MTHFR mutations and other snp's.

  2. Pre-Pregnancy Events and Exposures
    Birth Control pill use in the mother,
    birthing drugs, tropical vaccinations, mononucleosis (Epstein barr virus), synthetic hormones,  hormonal treatments, emotional stresses.  Chronic medications for anxiety, antidepressants, antipsychotics, asthma, diabetes, colitis, epilepsy are also key suppressive drugs that transfer toxins to the unborn child.

  3. Fertility Drugs
    IUI, IVF, Clomid, Pregnil, progesterone, steroids or fertility drugs, etc.

  4. Pregnancy Events and Exposures
    Emotional stresses to the mother and/or father, toxins in the water and/or food supply, environmental toxins; mercury fillings used dental treatments; anesthetics; allopathic medicines, flu shots; food additives like MSG, aspartame use by the mother.

  5. During Delivery
    Labor drugs of 0xytocin or pitocin, C-section delivery, anesthesia; epidural, antibiotics for strep B. painkillers and sedatives, sleep aids, difficult delivery, forceps delivery.

  6. During Infancy
    All vaccinations, antibiotics, anesthesia, drugs, fever suppressants like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, toxins inhaled or absorbed through the skin, toxins eaten via food soil and air such as GMO's and pesticides, toxins in water supply, fluoride in water supply, high copper exposure, heavy metal exposure, toxins in fabrics, plastics, furnishings, dental treatments of mother during breast feeding, steroids.

Key Points For CEASE Method

  • The average time it takes to clear vaccines in a vaccine injured case using the CEASE Method is 3 - 4 years.

  • The time needed depends on the individual, the homeopath, the family lifestyle, the compliance with dosing and supplement supports, the amount of vaccine damage for the case, the strength of the person's Vital Force and many other factors.

  • Up to 70% of vaccine injury cases can be helped significantly with the constitutional and other chronic remedies alone, using classical prescribing methods.  The constitutional or simillimum remedy is the first choice to begin in any case.

  • Vaccine clearing nosodes are not “required” to be used in CEASE in order to clear vaccine damage or progress any case, it depends on each case.

  • Not all cases may progress in this way and this is why CEASE is used in those cases.

  • If the constitutional and other chronic remedies, well prescribed, fail to act, hold or seem blocked and the case is blocked from further progress, then vaccine clearing nosodes are the next option for the case.

  • You don’t always "have" to clear vaccines in a case to have good improvement. 

  • Which vaccines need to cleared, such as Hepatitis B, DTP / DTaP, HIB, Pneumococcal, MMR, Meningococ-C, Tropical vaccines, Flu vaccine will depend on the case and the adverse reactions and current observable symptoms.

How Vaccine Clearing Nosodes Are Used In CEASE and HDT Methods

  • All vaccine clearing nosodes used must be selected based on the presenting symptoms of the case and the vaccine reaction history, not just methodically running through a vaccine list to clear any or all of them.

  • Vaccine clearing nosodes are typically used in 4 progressing potencies of 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M.  The case may need to recycle through these potencies until the reactions have stopped to the potency and damaging imprints are removed.  This is assessed by a trained homeopath, based on presenting  symptoms of each case

  • Homeopaths may use water or dry dosing methods, depending on their practice preference for dosing and the case. This includes LM potencies of the constitutional or simillimum remedy.  Lower potencies in general are what is started with on the constitutional or simillimum remedy.

  • If a vaccine clearing nosode is used, only one nosode is used at a time and dosed to the client. 

How Are Vaccine Clearing Nosodes Selected?

  • Vaccine clearing nosodes must be ordered from a homeopathic lab that makes the vaccines in the country where the vaccine was given. 

  • When a vaccine clearing nosode is used, it is selected based on the actual manufacturer and lot number of the vaccine give, per the actual vaccine record of the client when ever possible in the CEASE and HDT methods.

  • Detailed, accurate official vaccinations records must be obtained per case, reviewed for accuracy and the symptoms that pertain to each vaccine that present in the case be assessed by the trained CEASE Homeopath very thoroughly.

  • You do not have to necessarily clear all the vaccines to progress a case!  Some blocks are with certain vaccines and it may not be in the order given.

  • A detailed record of adverse reactions, recalled by the parents is also of critical importance in identifying key vaccine issues.

  • The dosing of a vaccine clearing nosode must be closely supervised by a trained CEASE Practitioner. 

  • The minimum time to clear a single vaccine (one lot and manufacturer for one vaccines) is normally 8 - 12  weeks, using ascending potencies starting at 30C.  Sometime this cycle is repeated one or more times as well, per vaccine. These four (4) clearing potencies are used, per vaccine cleared, in order to fully clear that vaccine properly and safely. Sometimes the cycle needs to be repeated one or more times.

Comparing The Two Detoxification Methods - CEASE and HDT

There are two methods used in homeopathic detoxification: the CEASE Method - that of the late Dr. Tinus Smits (Holland) and Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) is the method taught by Ton Jansen (Holland) who is the founder HDT.

  • CEASE Method - based on Tautopathy
    Dr. Tinus Smits' method
    is known to be but slower and therefore takes much more time.

    • Dr. Smits recovered more than 600 children in his practice before his death in 2010, using the CEASE method.

    • The CEASE method is specifically used and taught for the treatment of vaccine injured, autistic children.

    • This is because you stay on a vaccine clearing nosode potency until there is no change, good or bad before preceding up to the next potency.

    • The vaccine clearing nosode cycle can be repeated until there is no more reaction, with a break of 1-2 weeks in between each cycle, depending on the case.

    • Dr. Smit's taught you do NOT automatically do anything, the care and dosing is customized per client.

    • There can be aggravations in this method, as the toxins leave the body.

  • Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) - based on Tautopathy
    Ton Jansen’s method
    is more progressive and is a systematic rebalancing approach, based on his and other clinical research.

    • This method can be used to clear any symptoms of ill health, not just vaccinations.

    • This method is based on clinical research with homeopathy in rats that showed arsenic poisoning leaving in the first 4 doses of Arsenicum, then no longer exiting the body on repeated doses. [Cazin, J. C.; Cazin, M.; and Boiron, J. (1987) A study of the effect of decimal and centesimal dilutions of arsenic on the retention and mobilization of arsenic in rats. Human toxicology, 135(6), pp. 315-320.]
      Blockages to health can
      brought on after the exposure to environmental toxins, drugs, medications, aspartame, birth control pills, etc, not just issues arising from vaccine injury alone.

    • In HDT, the vaccine clearing nosode potencies move forward every 2 weeks, starting with a 30C.

    • This means there is typically an 8 week cycle per vaccine or drug that needs to cleared. 

    • In HDT, you will continue up the scale, regardless of the reactions to all of the potencies.

    • The cycle can be repeated until there is no more reaction, with a break of 1-2 weeks in between each cycle, depending on the case.

    • There can be aggravations in this method, as the toxins leave the body.

Constitutional Remedy Used During Detox

  • During all vaccine nosode clearings there is a constitutional or simillimum remedy given in between the vaccine clearing or other nosode doses to support the vital force and  in the whole process.

  • In my homeopathic practice, I also give acute remedies for severe conditions that arise during vaccine clearings, cell salts and Bach flower remedies while doing vaccine or drug clearings.

Other Tips About Vaccine Clearing Dosing Methods

  • The Homeopath decides on the best dosing method for each case and the chronic remedy used between clearing doses.

  • You are never giving more than 1 remedy at time, with the exception of some 6X potencies (drainage remedies) that may be used as adjunct supports, including some cell salts which are also prescribed for brain and gut inflammation and to support organ drainage.

  • There are key supplements that help drainage of toxins from key organs and they are used throughout the case, on a daily basis, as adjunct support whether using the chronic alone or adding vaccine clearing nosodes. 

  • These nutritional and remedies prescribed for rebalancing supports should be started and in place for 3 to 4 weeks prior to the administration of the first vaccine clearing nosodes, so the process can be as gentle as possible.

  • Each Homeopath has to manage a case on an individual basis regardless of the method used, in order to select the chronic remedy and any isopathic vaccine clearing nosodes.

About Ortho-molecular (Supplements) Supports During CEASE and HDT Therapy

  • Ortho-molecular supports are supplements given to biochemically balance the body and are very important adjunct used during CEASE and HDT to support the body's rebalancing efforts.

  • Supplements used during CEASE and HDT in my practice will include:

    • A healthy, whole foods diet that is low in sugar, with adequate water intake.

    • Epsom salt baths - on a regular basis to support rebalancing through the skin.

    • Iodine - iodine is often very deficient and is used to support thyroid health.

    • Probiotic - to support health gut flora and mitigate against yeast and leaky gut syndrome.

    • Omega-3 fatty acids frp, fish oil with EPA and DHA to help restore the integrity of the brain function.

    • Magnesium - in conjunction with zinc and vitamin C to restore the copper/zinc ratio in order to reactivate metallothionein.

    • Selenium - to support thyroid conversion and the exit of heavy metals during rebalancing

    • Vitamin C relatively high doses both water and fat soluble types (sodium ascorbate and ascorbyl palmitate)

    • Vitamin D also essential to boost immune system function and in my practice the level is tested before beginning supplementation.

    • Zinc: in higher than normal doses if the client is tested for pyroluria conjunction with magnesium and vitamin C to restore the copper/zinc ratio and to reactivate metallothionein.

Austim: Recovery Health With Homeopathic Detox / CEASE Therapy
(5:14 minutes)


Video About Dr. Tinus Smits and CEASE Therapy (Dutch Homeopath)
Vaccination Damage
(12:04 minutes)


Video on Human Chemistry, Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) with Ton Jansen (Dutch Homeopath)
(9:56 minutes)


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