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PANDAS Recovery Story, Boy Age 10!

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PANDAS Recovery Story Using Homeopathy, Boy Age 10!

Testimonial written by his mother, Nebraska, USA
March 19, 2014

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"Not only have his tics disappeared, but he has become a much happier and confident boy."

"At about 2 years of age, my son began exhibiting motor tics.  In the beginning they consisted of a swipe across the forehead with his forearm, then shaking his head and a few vocal tics followed.  We saw a pediatric neurologist to see what we could do.  After waiting 6 months to see the neurologist, the only recommendation was to put him on medication once the tics became severe enough that they interfered with him socially in the school setting.  At that time we took him to an osteopath who suggested testing for food allergies.  Allergy testing revealed that my son was allergic to wheat/gluten, casein (dairy products), eggs and soy.   We completely changed his diet and added all supplements the osteopath recommended but the tics remained.   

In second grade the tics became more severe and exaggerated.  The tics were seen all day long, especially in the evening.   His teacher began expressing concern. She was not only concerned about the tics and how they could possibly affect him socially, but also because he seemed to be very discouraged and gloomy much of the time.  We were also seeing this at home.  He was easily upset, angry, discouraged and downcast much of the time.  

We were also seeing signs of OCD.  Our son exhibited behaviors such as not willing to touch public doorknobs or faucet handles for fear of germs.   About this time I heard about Kari J. Kindem CCH, CFHom through a mother whose son also had tics and was seeing improvements using alternative methods.  This woman told me that out of all the things she had tried for her son, Kari, a classical homeopath, had been the most helpful.  After talking with Kari by phone, I knew her method of water dosing homeopathic remedies was something I wanted to try.  I was desperate to find something other than conventional medicine to help my son.  I knew these drugs had powerful side effects and did not always work.   

God has truly blessed our family by using Kari as our classical homeopath.   During treatment, Kari suspected that my son’s ASO titers (antibodies to strep bacteria) were elevated.  She was correct.  This was confirmed by a blood test done at our pediatrician’s office.  My son’s ASO titers were well above normal levels, indicating he was in an autoimmune state with a chronic sub-acute strep infection.   Kari has been able to find a remedy that makes my son’s tic behaviors undetectable. 

Not only have his tics disappeared, but he has become a much happier and confident boy.  Our friends and family have made multiple comments regarding how he has come “out of his shell”.  They cannot believe the difference as he is so much more confident, participates in conversation with them, and looks them in the eye.  This was not something he did before.   He is doing great in school and gets along well with his classmates.   We are very grateful that we found Kari and persevered through the difficulties of finding a remedy that works for our son.  It was worth every sacrifice that had to be made." 

Comments On This Case By the Homeopath

by Kari J. Kindem, AIT, CFHom, CHP, CEASE Practitioner, Classical Homeopath, PANDAS / PANS Specialist

This is a story of a boy, age 10 who recovered from PANDAS. His recovery took place over a period of just under 2 years (24 months).  PANDAS is an acronym for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections. It is also known as PANS: Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome.

PANDAS symptoms include ADHD type symptoms, anorexia, anxiety, bedwetting, depression, germ phobias, mood swings, OCD, tantrums, repetitive motions or noises, motor tics, anger, rage and sensory issues. Read more about my PANDAS treatment with homeopathy.

Overview of the Case Challenges:
This boy's mother had Strep B and was given antibiotics during her pregnancy. She also experienced a severe depression while she was pregnant with her son, who was the second child in the family.  The boy was fully vaccinated per the current schedule and also received additional flu shots for a few years, beyond the normal vaccination schedule. These vaccinations exposed him to heavy metals like mercury and aluminum as well as other toxic vaccine adjuvants.

Clinical Tests:

  • Several food allergies had been tested prior to his homeopathic care beginning and he was on a GFCF diet before and during homeopathic care. 

  • A Vitamin D blood test with his doctor indicated he had low Vitamin D, so daily supplementation was begun. 

  • I also requested that an ASO Titer test, a blood test for the Anti-streptolysin O antibodies be done with his doctor when we suspected PANDAS and it showed his level of antibodies to strep were elevated significantly above the normal range.  This indicated he likely had a chronic sub-acute strep infection. I consistently see recurring strep throat infections in the PANDAS cases that I treat. 

  • I also requested that the boy have a stool test done so that we could look at the overall balance of his gut flora and see whether or not he had a yeast overgrowth ("Leaky gut syndrome") since he had received antibiotics as child. After seeing the stool lab results, the correct type of high quality probiotics were given on a daily basis to help balance the good bacteria in his digestive tract.

Toxic Environmental Exposures:
He lived in an area with fluoridated city water and he consumed it daily for many years and also had fluoride dental treatments
. During his care a urine loading test was done to look at his level of iodine deficiency and the saturation level of his thyroid. 

Although MTHFR genetic testing (via saliva) was not done, this child was suspected to have the same genetic anomaly or others that his mother had tested positive for. The MTHFR A1298 or C677T anomalies would mean that the methylation (detoxification) capacity was challenged to some degree  or another, making it much harder for this child to detoxify from heavy metals as well as other environmental toxins. I find in my practice that the majority of cases with a PANDAS diagnosis or suspected PANDAS/PANS will test positive for a MTHFR genetic anomaly in some combination.

Homeopathic Intake Process:
The case was taken and analyzed using classical homeopathy methods.  The above clinical tests were done in addition to my full homeopathic intake process. This process involved taking his full life history, his medical history and the family medical history.  I also obtained detailed data of his personality, his likes and dislikes, mental symptoms, body thermals, weather preferences, sleep patterns and his food desires and/or aversions.  His social behaviors, any developmental delays  and "quirks" were also identified.  These "head-to-toe" symptoms were all gathered for a detailed chronic case intake, which is necessary in all good homeopathic prescribing.  The strongest symptoms for his case were repertorized using professional homeopathic software. My intake process for this boy's case was the same process, procedure and information that I carefully gather for each chronic case in my practice. I combine several methods of case analysis to determine the best remedy to open each case with. 

Remedy Dosing Method:
It is not unusual for me to need more than one potency of the opening remedy, and to need more than one remedy for a case like this boy's to continue progress. All remedies were dosed in water according to Hahnemann's 5th and 6th Organon methods. All remedies were also dosed in ascending potencies (low to high) using both C scale and LM scale potencies.

Case Management:
Case management involved email communication on a weekly basis and formal follow ups were done every month with the child's mother via skype throughout the two year period of his care.  To improve health, organ function and treat this boy symptoms of  PANDAS, he was put on a series of homeopathic remedies as indicated for his case. Homeopathic remedies were  also used for sub-acute chronic strep infection and fairly frequent acute bouts of repeated sore throats during and prior to starting homeopathic care. Acute illnesses were treated if necessary with the appropriate acute remedies during this entire period of care. 

Case Progress:
His improvements in general health and wellness as well as from his PANDAS symptoms were slow and steady, progressing forward by month, over the 24 month period chronic care.  During this time, his episodes of recurring sore throats also continued to decrease in frequency and intensity. 

This boy's homeopathic care and progress was supported with several nutritional supplements including probiotics, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and a few other supplements, including a good multivitamin with the correct forms of both methylfolate and methylcobalamin (recommended for those with MTHFR mutations), as well as iodine.  These supplements were added to support his healthy diet at home and to make up for any nutritional deficits and optimize his body's detoxification functions along with homeopathy.

A water filter that removes fluoride was installed in the family's home during care so this toxic exposure to fluoride was removed.  The mother was also instructed to have him drink half his weight in filtered water as ounces per day (for example, 80 pounds would be 40 oz. of water drunk during the day) . She was also instructed to give him 1/4 tsp. to a 1/2 tsp. of unrefined sea salt on his food on a daily basis.

Challenges To Homeopathic Progress:
I have had many parents of children with ADHD, Autism, OCD, PANDAS, SPD and other related diagnoses ask me if bio-medical protocols, detoxification protocols and a strict diet are enough for recovery.  My answer is always "NO".  I do not believe nor have I experienced that these interventions alone, though very important as adjunct supports, can make the deepest and most central shift in the Vital Force energy that homeopathic medicines can achieve.

Today's Challenges for Health and Healing:
Our current generation faces tremendous challenges in recovery! These challenges include vaccinations, antibiotics, suppressive drugs that alter the immune system including antidepressants, fertility drugs, birth control pills and birthing interventions. 

We are all challenged to get adequate fresh air and sunshine (Vitamin D).  Children spend unhealthy amounts of time on television, with computer games and gaming devices. There are too many processed foods and beverages being consumed that contain aspartame (a neurotoxin), too many caffeinated beverages consumed, too much junk food and sodas.  Most diets lack organic, healthy foods.  In general our food chain lacks adequate vitamins and minerals and GMO foods are rampant, and consumed without even our knowledge. 

We are inundated with thousands of environmental toxins and fluoridated city water.  Toxic mercury dental fillings (amalgams) are recommended by careless, uninformed dentists and parents are told to give their children toxic fluoride dental treatments! (Parents: find a holistic dentist!)  Current genetic research tells us that inherited MTHFR gene mutations are common in 45% of the population in America.  Last, but VERY importantly - for most clients I treat, there is a lack of adequate sleep and chronic family lifestyle of tremendous stress.  All of these issues make it very difficult to bring a child with an autoimmune condition like PANDAS or an autism case to recovery!  These challenges are all considered "obstacles to cure" and "maintaining causes" to recovery in homeopathic principals.

There is Hope in Classical Homeopathy!
Homeopathic remedies along with important lifestyle shifts to a healthy diet, adequate fresh air and sunshine, healthy amounts of exercise, along with key nutritional supplements, the elimination of toxic exposures, antibiotics and drugs help set un on the path to improved health. Drinking pure, unfluoridated water, getting enough sleep and managing family stress makes recovery possible and achievable.  Homeopathy can remove the inherited miasms (disease patterns that we inherit at birth and their influence on our health) and help us achieve a balance on the mental, physical and emotional planes. 

I believe and have seen that recovery with homeopathy also requires the above important lifestyle improvements take place in order to optimize recovery and the speed of recovery when using homeopathic remedies.  Recovery with homeopathy takes will, patience, perseverance and a commitment to maintaining a homeopathic lifestyle, so that a person can obtain true freedom and reach their potential in health and wellness.

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