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Chocolate Homeopathic Remedy, Chocolatum

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Chocolate Homeopathic Remedy - Chocolatum

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CHOCOLATUM REMEDY: Basic Energy of Chocolate and Themes

About The Chocolatum Remedy:
Jeremy Sherr
at the Dynamis School of Advanced Homœopathic Studies proved the remedy Chocolatum (Homeopathic Chocolate) 1989. The proving was conducted at the same time as the proving for  Hydrogen. The proving for Chocolatum was conducted with 12 provers of which 8 were female and 4 were male. Potencies of Chocolatum were 6C, 12C, 30C, 100C and 200C and these potencies were randomly given. Chocolatum is chocolate, cocoa and is produced from the seeds of Theobroma caca. Originally it is from Mexico but now produced in tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia.  Trituration for this remedy is done using the best quality Belgian dark chocolate to 3V and then succussion to higher potencies.

Clinical Uses of Chocolatum In Homeopathy

  • Appetite disorders
  • Breasts affections
  • Buzzing in the ears
  • Climacteric (menopause) sufferings
  • Dandruff
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Heartburn and nausea
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Migraine
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Senses are  too acute

About Chocolatum
Chocolatum homeopathic remedy is often very helpful in women.  There are issues around freedom and the desire for freedom and expression. The desire for eat chocolate is often linked to the menstrual cycle and also to issues of nurturing and mothering. Sepia and Lachesis are two other very important homeopathic remedies indicated when there is an imbalance of female sex and issues related to that imbalance including at pregnancy, child birth, nursing, peri-menopause and menopause. 

Chocolate is well known as a substance connected to romance and love and this remedy has a connection to this theme.  There are also issues around food and nurturing, including bulimia and anorexia and weight gain.  Those needing this remedy find out they have been lied to and deceived.  Chocolatum shows restlessness and isolation at the same time.  The senses are acute, hearing is sharp.  There is a desire to keep busy and they are better with activity and dancing. Mentally they can be easily excited, or have slow thinking and unable to concentrated. There can be aversion to sex or a strong desire for it.  There is a heaviness in the head, back and limbs.  The heart is effected by chocolate and it affects the heart.  This is a chilly remedy, and is better for being outside.  Dry with thirst, dryness on skin, face, lips and hair. Very strong evening aggravation.  Sleep is difficult and restless.

General Symptoms of Chocolatum
Chocolatum is aggravated in the evening. There are alternating states of energy and inertia. Alternating days. There are also left sided symptoms and symptoms move from right to left side. Symptoms can appear suddenly. There is sensitivity to cold but better outdoors. Better for motion and walking outdoors. Sensitive to cold. Unable to warm up even close to the fire. Very cold but worse heat. Trembling with cold. Worse cold damp weather. Better warm dry weather. Body aching and heavy. Weakness, weariness and heaviness. Movements slow. Feels washed out. Desire to curl up and be covered. Warm flush in the evening. Hot and flushed from exercise. Stabbing pains. Burning pains. Tingling as if the cells of my body were shifting. Increased blood pressure.

Remedies Similar To Chocolatum

  • Floating feeling, addiction, Opiates (Opium)
  • Restlessness, hyperactivity, Amphetamines, (Thea, Coffea)
  • Irritability, aversion to husband, to children (Sepia, Lycopodium)
  • Desire for activity (Sepia).
  • Hormonal problems, (Sepia, Lachesis, Pulsatilla)
  • Fears and anxieties, fear that her condition will be observed (Calcarea)
  • Tells the plain truth, Bovista

Energy Pattern: Acute, Sudden, Violent, Panic, Danger, Reflex action, Escape, helpless, Terror, Insanity, Infant, Fright, Terror, Alarm, Storm, Instinctive reaction

  • SENSATIONS: Attached, and then Detached • Joined, and then Separated • Together, and then Separated
  • PASSIVE REACTION: Estranged • Indifferent • Indifferent to everything • Aversion to husband
  • ACTIVE REACTION: Communicative • Affectionate • Dream of falling in Love • Desire for company
  • COMPENSATION: Independent • Self-confident

Remedy Background

  • Chocolate is one where the mother is a working woman.

  • She breast-feeds the child for the initial few months and then weans her away for her convenience.

  • After giving her warmth and affection initially, she shows the child her thorny side by turning her back towards her like a hedgehog; as a result, the child feels completely forsaken.

  • The child continues to crave for the love and the contact of her mother that she misses so badly.

  • She is anxious about the future and has a fear of being injured.

  • She feels like a gypsy who has to search for food every time she is hungry.

  • Affectionate with indifference or aversion. [Sepia]

  • Chocolate can be compared with a hedgehog: it has a soft front and a prickly back.

  • Chocolate patients like children but don't like looking after them.

  • They don't like to nourish them any longer than necessary.

  • They turn their [prickly] back on their kids.

Reasons For Use: Menopause. Termination of pregnancy. After deception.

Similar Remedies For Chocolatum Are:
Floating feeling, addiction, Opiates. Restlessness, hyperactivity, Amphetamines, Thea, Coffea. Irritability, aversion to husband, to children, Sepia, Lycopodium. Desire for activity, Sepia. Hormonal problems, Sepia, Lachesis, Pulsatilla. Fears and anxieties, fear that her condition will be observed, Calcarea. Tells the plain truth, Bovista

Symptoms For Chocolatum - Chocolate Homeopathic Remedy
From Murphy’s Homeopathic Remedy Guide

MIND - Apprehensive about the shift in consciousness and nervous someone would notice. Attitude good, feel calm and philosophical about things. Religious like feeling. Self-conscious, anxious and vulnerable as if being watched. Anxiety that something would happen. Felt open and vulnerable. Fear of accidents, cars, being attacked. Fear of dogs. Fear of something happening. Paranoid. Anxiety about health. Difficult to concentrate. Aversion to writing. Feels panicky about work things to do. Felt rejected and oversensitive. Hid away from the world, feels life would fall apart. Felt totally isolated and averse to company. Estranged himself from his family and friends. Feeling like he doesn't belong in a crowd. Unsociable, averse company and conversation. Desire to be alone evening. Grief and despair. Have lost interest in husband, feels totally indifferent. Feels irritable. Sarcastic, mocking people, aggressive in a joking way. Humorless, intolerant, almost cruel. Selfish, impatient and intolerant.
Moods changeable. Emotional highs and lows, Very depressed. Activity alternating with lethargy. Weepy during menses, took everything to heart. More sensitive to music. Slow mind, has to think before answering questions. Lack of concentration. Reading is impossible. Forgetful, absent minded. Nervous and stuttering. Jumping from subject to subject while speaking. Mistakes in writing. Mind is repeating the same things over and over.

Abdomen - Rumbling and gas in the abdomen. Bloated feeling after supper, with nausea. Bloated abdomen with belching and flatus, worse evening. Loud rumbling in abdomen while lying. Woke with pain from gas in upper abdomen. Pain dull, becoming sharper. Aching lower pelvic region when sitting. Sharp pain in liver.

Back - Shivers up spine with chill in evening. Strong itching at middle of spine, shoulder blade. Prickly feeling on the back of the neck. Sensation that my back is larger and wider. Back pains. Sleeping on back, feeling stiff with painful neck. Feels very vulnerable in the base of the spine. Spine and back feel uncomfortable with a deep restlessness, uneasiness and irritability. Stabbing pain in back between spine and left shoulder. Tightness around thoracic vertebrae.

Breasts - Pain breasts before menstrual period. Breasts feel fuller. Sensation in breasts. Desire to rub them. Stitching pains, breasts. Sensation as if fine threads were being drawn through breasts.

Chest - Cough hurts chest and head. Cold feeling in the lungs. Catarrhal feeling behind the sternum. Feeling of a powerful explosion inside chest, taking breath away, as if diaphragm went into a spasm. Pain in chest with belching. Chest heavy, aches inside. Tenderness in sternum and lower ribs. Tightness in xiphoid. Left clavicle has itch and pain. Whole upper left quadrant of chest has some tight dull pain. Pain under the ribs. Stitching pains at base of right lung. Stabbing pain in back between spine and left shoulder, worse inhalation. Tingling in chest, creeping down from spine.

Coughs - Spasms of cough on going to bed, better cold water. Wakes coughing at 4 a.m. Dry coughs, in evening, after swallowing. Spasms of hard dry cough on going to bed. Loose cough with thick, pale green mucus. Cough with nausea and a sensation of mucus behind the sternum. Sudden attack of a retching and gagging cough. Paroxysmal coughing which led to retching. Painful cough, chest worse movement. Cough From throat. Cough is from deep in center of chest by xiphoid of sternum. Lying in bed coughing. Mucus in trachea and lungs.

Dreams - Dreams are not remembered. Dreams are fragmented and confused. Dreams of familiar people. Dreams of babies bathing. The babies were like helpless little animals, almost dead. Dreams of pain in the right ovarian/pelvic region. Dream of selling fruit and vegetables in the market. Vivid dream of worms. Dreaming flying and jumping. Obscure dreams. Dream of being on a boat journey. Dreamless sleep. Dreams of friends and falling from a window.

Ears - Buzzing in ear. Feeling of fullness and fuzziness in both ears, worse left. While eating ears buzzed and popped. Buzzing or fullness sensation both ears, worse left. Ears feel blocked. Dullness of hearing until ears popped. Flushed and hot ears. Left ear burning and red. Ears burning, extending occasionally to mastoids. Sensitive feeling in ears. Intense pain behind right ear. Pulsation's in ear and neck. Tingling sensation left ear, worse loud music. Hearing more acute, especially for deeper tones which have more resonance.

Eyes - Right eye sticky and closed. Eyes feel very tired in the artificial light. Heavy feeling over eyes. Eyes tired and smarting, desire to clench lids together. Tension in the eyeballs. Eyes feel heavy, with dryness and pressure at the back of the eyes. Feel wide-eyed, a sense that my eyes are more open and that my eyelids are pulled up. Eyelids feel wider and higher. Eyes inflamed with flushed face. Eyes painful and feel swollen. Eyes ache, sensitive to pressure. Deep pain over right eye. Bruised feeling over right eye. Right eye felt lower than left eye. Eyes sore and stinging, better pressing lids with fingers. Photophobia. Pupils dilated during headache. Looking down when walking, ground seems further away. Dark specks falling down in profusion whilst reading.

Face - Lips dry and cracked. Skin of face dry, chapped, very thin, blotchy and wrinkly. Cold sore on lips. Rash around mouth, worse left side. Red and livid spot on left cheek. Face flushed and hot. Face flushed and red after eating supper. Numbness around lips extending to nostrils. Deep ache in left jaw, extending to ear. The skin on my cheekbones tingle and burn. Twitching under right eye.

Female - Menses lighter then usual, then becoming very heavy. Menses heavier and longer than usual. No desire for sex. Sexual desire increased.

Food - Appetite improved. Wakes up feeling hungry. Lack of appetite and thirst. Aggravation from sweets. Averse food. Aversion to sweets. Aversion to usual tea and desire for hot black currant juice instead. Desires sweet food. Desire fruit and juice, refreshing things. Desire for orange juice and citrus fruits. Craves oranges and sauerkraut. Desire for cold water. Desire for red peppers and red fruit and red grape juice. Desire to eat red things, such as beetroot soup, red grapes. Desires soda water. Desires warm drinks yet worse warm drinks.

Head - Sensation of congestion in head. Sensation of tightness round head. Sutures feels more pointed, like the top of a roof. Dull sensation between vertex and occiput on mid-line. Top of head feels sensitive. Head feels big, worse right side. Sensation of forehead protruding. Sensation as if something loose in head, as if a string connected uvula to sinuses. Dry, very large, flaky dandruff. Hair is very dry and lifeless. Sensation as if a cold spot went through my head. Head is heavy. Vomiting with migraines. Headache, worse coughing, better holding head. Headache with earache. Frontal headache. Sharp pain at top of forehead. Headache like a band around head. Throbbing pain over left eye. Awake from severe headache. Headache feels like rod pushing my head apart from inside. Pounding inside head. Headache behind eyes and throbbing pain around temples. Pressure over eyes, better lying down. Head feels sensitive better after eating.

Heart - Tightness in back of heart. As if back of heart pushing against back. Feeling of heart bulging through ribs, better when lying on left side. As if heart is beating more towards the back and sides between the scapulae. Feels heart banging and bulging through the ribs. Doesn't feel the heart at all. In the night, the heart stops beating.

Larynx - Sudden loss of voice during cold. Voice broke like a young boy's. Voice slides up and down the scale, high pitched to low and husky and once almost lost. Peculiar, no control over voice.

Limbs - Clumsy, drops things, bumping into things. Hands less capable of doing fine movements, such as writing. Legs felt powerless and like heavy rubber. When legs are moved there is a time lapse between the thought and the action. But my wrists feel weaker and flatter. Feet feel like blocks of ice, so cold bones are painful. Toes are like ice. Aching in joints. Wandering pain in hands and feet, in muscles, joints and small bones. Aching muscles of arms, in bed. Deep ache in joints of both big toes. Sharp, shooting, momentary pain up inside of right gluteal muscle. Sharp deep pain in the legs, on the inside of the malleolus. Tightness in thigh muscle.

Lungs - More air going in with less effort, breaths much slower and further apart. On breathing in, chest felt tight. Breathing from lower down in the lungs. During cough, expectoration of very clear mucous mixed with saliva. Thick, pale green mucus on coughing. A lot of mucous. Cough from deep in chest with green mucus. Cough of green sticky chunks.

Mouth - Bad taste in mouth with thirst. Chewing lips. Dry mouth. Ulcers on inside of mouth and cheeks and at corners of lips. Hollow feeling in mouth. Tenderness in left rear palate of mouth when touched with tongue. Salivation increased. Salivation when lying down, with heartburn. Taste unpleasant with thirst. Taste of nicotine in mouth, like an old ashtray. Tea tasted of nothing, just hot water. Tea or orange juice tasteless.
Neck - Tension in the shoulders extending to the base of the neck, in the spine where dorsal and cervical regions meet. Back of neck stiff and tight. The muscles either side of the cervical vertebrae feel as if they are being laced up tight together. Tension is intense, bends the neck back and this suddenly leads to a sensation as if the back of the head is horribly elongated. Can't get this thought out of his mind.

Nose - Nose stuffy and runny, feels like a "cold". Nose is cold, wet and dripping. Nose feels cold to the touch. Clear discharge with itching end of nostrils. Awakes with runny nose, phlegm in throat. Constant desire to blow nose. Green or yellow mucus. Discharge of yellow mucus with small amount blood. Nose blocked with thick mucus in warm indoors. Sneezing, followed by coryza. Peppery sensation in nose. Nosebleed. Nose feels smaller or longer and my face feels sharper like a hedgehog. Sense of smell very acute, especially to the flowers in the room. Clear, white, bubbly discharge in evening. Thick yellow, creamy discharge on waking. Pimple inside, upper right nostril.

Perspiration - Perspiration increased. Woke in night feeling hot and sweaty. Woke at night sweating. Sweet smell of perspiration at night. Woke in a sweat and felt "fiery". Restless and hot, sweat all night got up and went to sleep in cold part of house. Felt better after breaking sweat.

Rectum - Diarrhea profuse, watery, very smelly. Light brown stools, worse as day went on. Diarrhea, explosive with flatus. Diarrhea with a lot of rumbling. Stool difficult to pass, yet not very hard. Flatus evening, offensive. Flatus sour smelling. Rectum sore.

Skin - Dry skin. Skin feels dry and hands feel coarser and more leathery. Small dry pimples. Skin itching and lips very dry. Itching scapulae, shins, forearms, pelvis and forehead. Scratching until it bled. Skin feels numb, less sensitive to touch. Feels crawly and "sensitive" to touch of clothes. Skin of wrists sensitive to jacket cuffs when driving.

Sleep - Sleep is deeper. Awoke again on back, needed to change positions, neck was painful and stiff to move. When on side, pain went away. Slept on back a lot. Overcome with sleepiness. Slept poorly. Woke up at 2 to 3 a.m. Woke from sleep feeling hot and sweaty. Waking at 5 a.m. very alert and alive. Sleep restless, waking often. Very tired on waking. Yawning a lot.

Stomach - Stomach feels aggravated and full. Belching in evenings, followed by acid taste in mouth. Dull pain like indigestion. Pain comes in waves and with big belches. Intense, frequent bouts of heartburn while sitting. Heartburn while smoking cigarettes and from hot drinks, but not from hot food. Heartburn worse 2 to 4 p.m. Feeling queasy after a cup of tea. Nausea with bad taste in mouth. Nausea and vomiting at midnight with migraines. Sensation of weakness in stomach and wooziness in the head with general weakness.

Stool - Stool harder than usual and in very small pieces. Stool softer and less dry. Very loose stool, verging on diarrhea. Watery stools, smelly, light brown. Loose and more frequent stool.

Temperature - Cold-like symptoms appear suddenly. Tired, as if a cold or flu would come on in evening. Uncoordinated, feel heavy and slow, almost like the Gels. influenza. Woke up feeling the flu symptoms. Fever and chills. Shaking and teeth chatter when in bed. Restless and hot, sweat all night got up and went to sleep in cold part of house. Trembling with the colds. Chilled easily. Chills and fever all night. Face hot, body chilled. Chill later followed by heat and sweat. Alternates between being chilled, feverish and sweating. Tendency to take colds. Hot and sweaty.

Throat - On waking, terrible dry feeling in throat. Felt a plug of mucus in throat and had to cough to dislodge it. Constant desire to clear throat because of a plug of mucus behind sternum. Awakes with runny nose, phlegm in throat. Throat feels raw high in the fauces. Hawking beige mucus from posterior sinuses. Raw and sore throat. Raw, peppery feeling in throat. Soreness and tenderness in throat and glands both sides. Dark red throat, internal, worse left side. Tingling in throat. Desire not to swallow, but very hungry. Difficult swallowing with sore left throat.

Teeth - Aching pain gums and around roots of teeth. Toothache in right upper canine tooth.

Tongue - Small, white, raised spots on tongue. Small, red spots on base of tongue. Tongue coated yellow brown at back, as if smoked many cigarettes. Whitish-yellow tongue. Tongue looks as if it is painted a beige color.

Vertigo - Faint buzzing all over head. Blurred, fuzzy feeling comes over head in waves, pleasant and relaxing. Thick and fuzzy head, like a hangover, not quite with it, like looking through a cloud. Felt dizzy on rising with nausea after drinking tea.


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