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Menopause & Hot Flashes

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Homeopathy for Women

Menopause, Hot Flashes and Homeopathy
Homeopathic remedies will treat menopause symptoms, naturally without the use of suppressive drugs.
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About 80% of women experience some kind of menopause symptoms. Symptoms can include dramatic mood swings, depression, "hot flashes", headaches, vagina dryness and other unpleasant symptoms as a result of changes in female hormones. Homeopathy will significantly help a woman in peri-menopause and menopause stages and her to a balanced hormonal, physical, mental and emotional state in this important time of life!

Symptoms of Menopause

  • Change of cholesterol levels

  • Hot flashes

  • Irregular periods

  • Low sex drive

  • Mood swings

  • Vaginal and urinary symptoms

  • Sleep problems and insomnia

  • Vaginal and urinary symptoms

Homeopathic Remedies For Menopause

  • Aconite - hot flashes in the evening.
    , panic attacks and over-excitable during menopause. 

  • Amylenum Nitrosum 
    Hot flashes that comes on very suddenly and unexpectedly, with congestion to the head, heat of especially the face followed by profuse sweating, with anxiety and palpitations. Flushing of face provoked by the least emotion and which can spread to other parts of the body; profuse perspiration of female genitals during menopause.  This is a secondary or backup remedy and would be indicated alongside or after a constitutional remedy.

  • Belladonna
    Flushes of heat during menopause are very sudden and intense
    . Pulsation or throbbing may be felt in the head, or any part of the body. A heavy flow of blood that feels very hot appears with some periods. Although the woman may be fairly stable emotionally, short bursts of anger can occur during headaches or in stressful situations. Migraines, blood pressure fluctuations, and a craving for lemons or lemonade are often seen when this remedy is needed.

  • Bryonia
    Hot flashes as if warm water was poured
    over the body.  Fast pulse; vaginal dryness, atrophic vaginitis, thinning of vaginal walls; faintness in a warm room; headaches before periods, right-sided migraine; constipation with hard, burnt looking stools; easy bruising; swollen finger joints; arthritis, rheumatic knee pains; dry cough or sore throat; difficulty breathing; insomnia; fluid retention; ovarian cysts. 

  • Calcarea carbonica
    Heavy flooding at menses night sweats and flushing. General chilliness. Weight gain during menopause. Responsible and hard-working. Easily fatigued.  Anxiety may be strong. Overwork or stress may lead to temporary breakdown. Stiff joints or cramps in the legs and feet. Cravings for eggs and sweets

  • China
    This can be a useful remedy when fatigue and exhaustion follow flooding during menopause.

  • Glonoinum
    Intense hot flashes and flushing during menopause. Feelings of pulsation or pounding in the head. Menstrual flow may start then stop too early, followed by a palpitations, surging sensations, or headaches. Irritability and muddled thinking. Problems can be aggravated if the woman gets too warm or stays in the sun too long, and are often worse from lying down.

  • Graphites
    Chilly, pale, and sluggish. Trouble concentrating, and a tendency toward weight gain during or after menopause—is likely to respond to this remedy. Hot flushing and sweats at night are often seen. A person who needs this remedy may also have a tendency toward skin problems with oozing cracked eruptions, and be very slow to become alert when waking in the morning.

  • Ignatia 
    Emotional ups and downs occurring during menopause. The woman will be very sensitive, but may try to hide her feelings—seeming guarded and defensive, moody, or hysterical. Headaches, muscle spasms, and menstrual cramps can occur, along with irregular periods. A heavy feeling in the chest, a tendency to sigh and yawn, and sudden outbursts of tears or laughter,

  • Kreosotum
    Burning heat, which is better for warmth! Usually whole body experience heat and sweats. This remedy is only available via consultation.

  • Lachesis
    This is one of the most common remedies with sweating and flushes and often violent headaches. All symptoms are worse in the morning and worse for sleep. Intense hot flashes with red or purplish flushing, palpitations, feelings of pressure, congestion, and constriction may indicate a need for this remedy. Tight clothing around the neck and waist may be impossible to tolerate. Very talkative, with strong emotions, including jealousy and suspicion. Needs outlet both physically and emotionally.

    beginning. There may be menopausal flooding (black, thick and sometimes offensive) with colicky pain.

  • Lilium tigrinum
    Hurried, anxious, and very emotional. Tendency to fly into rages and make other people “walk on eggs.” Sensation of tightness in her chest. Feeling as if her pelvic organs are pressing out. Need to sit a lot or cross her legs.

  • Natrum muriaticum
    Reserved, but has strong emotions that she keeps inside. Deep grief. Dwell on the loss of happy times from the past or brood about hurts and disappointments. Irregular periods accompanied by backaches or migraines during menopause. Craves salt, and feels worse from being in the sun.

  • Nitric Acid
    Can be useful for menopausal dryness with chaffing and rubbing which has broken the skin causing redness, cracking, splitting and sometimes infection. Pain is splinter-like and smarting.

  • Pulsatilla
    Usually soft and emotional, with changeable moods and a tendency toward tears. Very attached to their families and find it hard to bear the thought of the children growing up and leaving home. Deeply insecure about getting older. Desires desserts and butter can often lead to weight problems. Changeable moods, irregular periods, queasy feelings, alternating heat and chills, and lack of thirst are common. Aggravation from stuffy rooms and improvement in open air.

  • Sepia
    Periods are sometimes late and scanty, but heavy and flooding at other times. Pelvic organs can feel weak and sagging. Craving for vinegar or sour foods. Feels dragged-out and weary. Irritable detachment regarding family members. Loss of interest in daily tasks. Exercise, especially dancing improve mood and her energy.

  • Staphysagria
    Mild-mannered, shy, and accommodating, but has many suppressed emotions. Women around the time of menopause may become depressed, or have outbursts of unaccustomed rage (even throwing or breaking things). Deferral to a spouse for many years or have suffered from abuse in childhood.

  • Sulphur
    Hot flashes and flushing during menopause
    , when the woman wakes in the early morning hours and throws the covers off. She may be very anxious, weep a lot, and worry excessively about her health. Often is mentally active inclined toward either fastidious or messy habits. Feels worse from warmth.

  • Thuja
    Weight gain around the abdomen, water retention and cellulitis. Tendency to oily skin, warts, polyps, condylomata, fibroids or cysts. Anxious, worried about her health, fear of getting cancer. A medical history often includes  long-term treatment with conventional drugs or repetitive vaccinations.

Menopause Chart by Miranda Castro


Emotional symptoms

Hot flashes

Other menopause symptoms

General symptoms

Amylenum nitrosum

Tremendous anxiety felt in head & chest

Feels like something bad is going to happen

Severe hot flashes: head is hot; face flushes (deep red)

Drenching sweats after hot flash

Palpitations and headaches

Sensation of a lump in the throat

Exhaustion after a hot flash (with the sweating)

Craves fresh air (opens window in coldest weather)

Argentum nitricum

Tremendous anxiety (constant agitation)

Many fears including heights, crowds

Severe hot flashes with sudden, drenching sweats

Insomnia with agitation: gets overheated, flings covers off and then gets chilled

Worse for heat

Craves sweets which aggravate


Sensitive and excitable


Restless: especially in bed (with flashes)

Severe hot flashes: head is boiling hot, hands/ feet are icy cold; with profuse sweats (or none)

Bright red flush spreads over face

Stress incontinence when walking or standing

Throbbing headaches, nosebleeds.

Menstrual flooding

Insomnia with twitching, jerking, grinding teeth, hot flashes

Symptoms come on strongly and suddenly

Tendency to dryness

Calcarea carbonica

Anxious about her health


Difficulty concentrating

Memory weak

Bright red flush spreads over face

Hot flashes: with tremendous heat; with drenching sweats; followed by chills and clamminess

Sweats mostly on head & feet

Yeast infections with itching and burning discharges

Headaches with dizziness

Menstrual flooding

Strains joints easily especially ankles

Cramps in calves at night

Sluggish: energy low

Metabolism slows; gains weight easily

Worse cold/damp and drafts

China officionalis

Depressed & apathetic

Full of ideas but doesn't want to do anything

Hot flashes day & night

Sweats when covered

Menstrual flooding with anemia and exhaustion

Throbbing headaches

Face pale

Chilly and faint


Cimicifuga racemosa

Black depression alternating with excitability


Menstrual flooding: with chilliness and exhaustion: periods are painful and more frequent than usual

Pains in the small joints (in the feet/hands/wrists etc.)

Changeable symptoms

Pains move from place to place


Gets lost easily (even in familiar places)

Scared when out and about

Frequent severe hot flashes with nausea, dizziness & faint feeling

Flushes rush up or down the body

Violent palpitations felt in whole body, even in fingertips

Heat & pressure felt in head

Hot sensation down the back

Clothes feel tight

Worse for heat

Worse for wine

Better for fresh air and anything cool


A sense of loss

Keeps feelings to self

Sighs a lot

Moods changeable: alternate between irritability, laughing and even crying.

Hot flashes: with headache; with sweating on the face especially

Sleeps lightly & easily disturbed

Emptiness in stomach no better for eating

Contradictory symptoms

Worse for coffee


Mood swings: depressed to irritable to anxious

Wound up over little things

Much worse in the mornings on waking

Hot flashes felt in whole body

Sleep disturbed by hot flashes (woken by them)—no sweating

Severe, left-sided headaches.

Menstrual flooding

Bloating and discomfort after eating

Cannot tolerate tight clothing especially around neck

Everything is worse in the morning on waking

Worse for heat & coffee


Irritable, depressed and anxious

Hot flashes: worse when anxious; worse in stuffy places; with clammy sweat and red face—clothes feel too tight then

Sleep disturbed by jerking or restless legs

Appetite disturbed; full after eating a little; lots of gas

Hair loss

Menstrual flooding

Headache: vice-like pain

Worse 4--8 pm

Craves sweets and chocolate

Natrum muriaticum

Depressed and withdrawn

Great sense of loss; keeps it all to self

Dwells on new and old resentments or hurts

Hot flashes that rise from chest to head (legs are cool)

With night sweats and fluid retention

Dry skin generally

Lips dry, cracked

Painful dryness of vagina; recurring yeast infections

Herpes at corners of mouth

Constipated with small, hard stools

Worse for heat and sun

Better when alone

Nux vomica

Irritable, oversensitive workaholics

Tend to overdo everything bad (alcohol, coffee, fat) and underdo good (exercise, fruits, veggies)

Hot flashes with profuse sweats that are worse in bed

Feels faint with hot flash and sleepy afterwards

Insomnia: from anxious thoughts (about work)

Hot flashes


Headache: burning pain on top of the head

Periods more frequent and heavier (flooding)

Extremely chilly (hates drafts)


Extremely moody: sensitive, easily upset, weepy

Generally better for company and affection

Hot flashes, waves of heat with blushing (face and neck) and night sweats

Frequent urination and stress incontinence

Joint pains that move about the body

Headaches and digestive problems after rich/fatty foods

Better for fresh air

Worse for stuffy rooms



Depressed, apathetic (not interested in anything)

Irritable—snaps at loved ones (or anyone)

Weepy: doesn't want company or sympathy

Hot flashes, followed by drenching sweats—moving up the body

With exhaustion

Dragging down sensation in lower abdomen/lower back

Dry painful vagina and recurring yeast infections

Stress incontinence

Worse for cold

Better for vigorous exercise


Depressed and weepy

Becomes or feels cut off from people

Hot flashes with painful, burningheat at top of head.

With faint feeling

Burning heat of hands/feet.

Uncovers feet


Menstrual flooding

Hemorrhoids after periods stop

Insomnia—restless with the flashes.

Dry, itchy skin

Worse for heat

Better for cool fresh air

Very thirsty


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