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Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue Recovery with Homeopathy in Mom Age 40!

Published by Kari J. Kindem, AIT, CCH, CFHom, CHP, Homeopathic Detox Therapy, HTMA Practitioner

Testimonial written by a mother of 3, USA
Published February 2013

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"My life is mine now; I pursue all of my desires.
My mental acuity and emotional clarity is at a level I didn't imagine possible.
I practice my yoga daily. My album has been recorded and is awaiting mixing and mastering.
I am confidently moving towards my desired music career.

"I learned about homeopathy after the birth of my third child.

I had 3 children in 5 years, starting at age 34, and each pregnancy and post-pregnancy seemed to bring more challenges. My first pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, went on a low-carb diet that seemed to successfully keep my blood sugars down, then in the second trimester I had genital warts outbreaks. I had never had them before; my husband and I researched and tried a number of suppressive options until one "worked" and the warts dried up and stopped. In the third trimester, I had intense gall-bladder attacks, and at week 33, a primary genital herpes outbreak with high fever and painful genital sores that had me in the hospital for 4 days. Even after starting on Valtrex, the suppressive medication that supposedly controls outbreaks, I had outbreaks every week, coupled with weakness, mental dullness, sluggish digestion and sticky black stools. Even worse was the diagnosis that I would have to take this medication the "rest of my life". My birthing plans changed from a midwife to c-section.

I fully understand now that the suppression of the genital warts led to the deeper outbreak of genital herpes sores.

My baby was born from a scheduled c-section before I had hardly started to dilate, and was jaundiced and terribly colicky. Her colic lasted until she was 8 months old. The genital herpes outbreaks continued weekly. I was very happy as a new mother, just about ecstatic, despite this and despite we had some new stresses including a move to a new town.

I started a regimen with an alternative viral practitioner, including meditation, a potion he sent me weekly, and yoga. I made no progress and when my first child was 15 months old and I was pregnant again, I returned to the Valtrex to try and control the outbreaks. This pregnancy went about the same as the first. However when my 2nd daughter was born, I was utterly exhausted and, in retrospect, had post-natal depression. It seemed impossible to handle a 2 year old and the new baby and my relations with my 2 year old soured very sadly, I found myself irritable and frustrated with her, and yelled at her too much. However I started at this time to read peaceful parenting forums and found some support there. It was a start, but unfortunately it didn't always translate enough to control my frustration and despair. In addition I remember receiving a shot, some vaccination, before my 2nd child was born. Haven't been able to find out what it was. My ability to perform my duties as a mother and wife were compromised; I didn't have the energy to cook meals and had trouble cleaning, hiring help to clean my house once a week. My sexual drive was non-existent. I could respond, but had no desire. My memory was non-existent; my husband would tell me something and I would immediately forget it.

After my second daughter stopped nursing, my energy picked up. Unfortunately I was working quite hard, almost 40 hours a week from home, and not exercising enough. I wasn't pursuing any creative outlets; I'd been a musician for years but was doing nothing. So I pushed myself to start a songwriting program on top of work and had a nanny in my home for the kids. This was not ideal at all for anyone. I was always stressed out. However I did manage to make the alternative viral program work somewhat and stopped the repressive Valtrex medication. At that point I got pregnant again.

When my third daughter was born, all the work was over. I was exhausted, and fed up with being so unhealthy. I wanted to home school my children and realized that it would be impossible if I kept working. It was scary to lose the income but we did it (I cut my hours down to 1/3 of what they were and lost the nanny). However, my exhaustion continued. At around 11 AM and 4 PM every single day I was hit with a wave of exhaustion so hard I could barely move. I could not cook or clean. I was irritable and angry and felt as if my life was out of my reach. My relating to my first daughter was getting worse. I was pursuing zero creative outlets.

At this point I asked for help from an EFT professional who worked with mothers and families, and the next 3-4 months with her were life-changing. I moved from homeschooling to unschooling, embraced peaceful parenting, and completely unpacked and unloaded a lifetime of painful and constricting belief systems. I came to peace with an earlier abortion that was compromising my relationship with my first daughter, and that relationship suddenly changed completely for the better. I was able to change cycles of anger with my husband. At a certain point, I suddenly had the energy to start cooking again, and took back cooking duties from him. My husband loves to cook. But to ask him to cook every night was too much, it was too hard for him and against the natural order of our household. This was a very big thing for me to have the energy for again. Now he is able to cook his fabulous meals when he feels inspired, and we enjoy cooking together many times a month.

Yet I was physically not right. I had high blood pressure from the third c-section, was almost 50 pounds overweight, and was addicted to sugar. I was drinking coffee which made me sick but couldn't quit. I had herpes outbreaks every 2 weeks. When my menses started again, they dragged on for 45+ days with intense and debilitating migraines (I had had migraines my whole life; they came back full force when menses started again). I still was not songwriting again. I was working about 15 hours a week which felt manageable. During hormonal changes I still had trouble controlling my irritation and anger. I struggled with cycles of depression, and wasn't caring for myself physically as well as I knew I should.

At this time I started reading about homeopathy and signed up for Sheri Nakken's course. I learned about classical homeopathy and water dosing. I found Kari Kindem, CFHom and her website and was very intrigued, and after finding she was also recommended highly by Sheri, started with her.

The results were immediate after Kari determined my constitutional remedy and I began daily water dosing. My mental/emotional state immediately improved; my irritation and anger and mental dullness and depression lifted first. Things were so much clearer and easier. The progress continued. I had ROS (return of symptoms) from prior surgeries to my shoulder and knee, gall bladder, and many other things. I was able to access many more and older memories using EFT, which quickened my spiritual development. It took about 4-5 months for my periods to start shifting; lifting years of suppressive birth control medications from my 20's took time, but my periods started moving from 45 to 40 to 35 days long. In order to help this along, Kari used a special intercurrent nosode.

My cycle had previously had me ovulating too early and then not menstruating for a long time due to my ovaries not producing enough progesterone. Therefore my body appropriated progesterone from the adrenal chain in order to continue the cycle, but this led to many other issues including: incorrect water balance in tissues, regulation of sodium and potassium in cells, regulation of blood sugar, and incorrect immune system response. The wide ranging implications of this, not just for me but societally, blew my mind. Using  this nosode for 5 months, along with my well-chosen constitutional remedy, completely changed this terrible dynamic.

Now, my periods are on time, around 29-32 days. I have not had a migraine during ovulation in months, and one minor migraine the day before my menses in the past 3 months, indicating that my ovaries are properly producing progesterone now, and the adrenal progesterone is being properly utilized for other functions. My energy levels continued to rise. I lost 30 pounds by starting to juice. My blood pressure went down to under hyper-tension levels. My husband and I bought a wonderful home and farm together (we never would have had the energy for this prior, or truly thought it possible). I started songwriting again and started an album project, always a dream of mine. I started practicing ashtanga yoga daily. My sexual drive and enjoyment returned to what it had been pre-pregnancies.

Kari then moved me to one last nosode. The results were also amazing, and mostly mental and emotional. The world became more "Real". My mind stopped swirling and obsessing over things the way it had my entire life. I stopped feeling minor depression after ovulation. Most importantly, I started to recognize where my boundaries had been shaky or non-existent in all of my relationships. To me this is incredibly important as a mother; 100% proper boundaries allow a mother to truly Mother her kids, not just respond to them. I became a 1000% proponent of unschooling and completely confident in the choices I am making. There were definitely some bumps in the road; at one point, I turned over pretty much all my friends, and not without some angry and unfortunate blaming. I realized that I had been holding on to relationships and not speaking my mind out of trying to keep my options open and not wanting to offend people, but as a result, this completely compromised me to the point I felt lonely and misunderstood and unfulfilled. This equation was one that had characterized all of my relationships my entire life, and it has totally changed. I now have selected, and am open to, an entirely different set of friendships and relationships; in fact, the word "relationship" means something totally different to me than it ever did before, it is a living breathing thing. I've never been happier with my marriage and my children and my friends.

At one point, it became obvious that this intercurrent nosode had run its course. Symptoms returned that pointed to a return to my constitutional remedy  and now I am on a maintenance dose of my similliumum.  After 11 months under Kari's care, I can't even imagine being the person I was a year ago. My life is mine now; I pursue all of my desires. My mental acuity and emotional clarity is at a level I didn't imagine possible. I practice my yoga daily. My album has been recorded and is awaiting mixing and mastering. I am confidently moving towards my desired music career. I pursue studying homeopathy with Sheri Nakken's "Part II" beginners course, and am considering the acute module at the Caduceus Institute of Homeopathy in the fall. Basically, my life flows now, in every arena."

Comments On This Case By The Homeopath

by Kari J. Kindem, AIT, CFHom, CHP, CEASE Practitioner, Classical Homeopath, Autoimmune Specialist

This is a wonderful story of a busy homeschooling mother age 40, with three young girls.  Throughout her three pregnancies, she suffered with adrenal fatigue, recurring herpes infections and hypothyroidism.

Her care involved the use of a constitutional remedy, nosodes, supplements for nutritional balancing, lifestyle and dietary and lifestyle changes. Her nutritional supplements included probiotics, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and a few other supplements, a good multivitamin with the correct forms of both methylfolate and methylcobalamin (recommended for those with MTHFR mutations), as well as iodine.  These supplements were added to support her healthy diet at home and to make up for any nutritional deficits and optimize his body's detoxification functions along with homeopathy. This is a detailed and wonderful success story with homeopathy!


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