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Menstrual Cramps

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Homeopathy for Women

Homeopathy for Menstrual Cramps
Homeopathic remedies will help women with pain from menstrual cramps. Contact us to learn more!

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Homeopathic Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

  • Belladonna
    Bearing down sensation. Throbbing pains, violent pains, worse on the right side. Sudden onset. Bright red, clotted, hot, profuse bleeding. Congested or full feeling in uterus. Irritable with maddening pains. Better lying down, propped up. Thirsty for cold water or no thirst at all. Desire for sour lemons or lemonade. Worse from motion, worse from being jarred, worse light and noise.

  • Calc carbonica
    Abdominal pain; lower part of abdomen; during period. Cramping and griping. Worse from exertion, mental or physical; ascending. Worse cold in every form Worse washing, moist air, wet weather; during full moon; standing. Worse from mental or physical stress due to overwork. Pituitary and thyroid dysfunction.  The menses occur too early and are too copious. Various other symptom accompany menses like inflammation of the eye, headache, toothache, colic and backache. Also indicated when the menses are scanty. During the cycle there can be a milky discharge (leucorrhoea) with burning itching, worse before the menses. Breast swelling before menses. The least excitement brings on a return of profuse menstruation.

  • Chamomilla  
    Hypersensitive and intolerant to the pain. Very irritable, easily angered and inconsolable.
    Intense pains extending down inner thighs. The blood may be black with large clots and with gushing of bright red blood. The person desires cold drinks. Worse lying down, better cold applications.

  • Colocynthis
    Anger aggravates
    the pain. Amelioration from hard pressure.  Better with heat as well. Thirsty. Irritable, indignant. Anger aggravates.

  • Lac Caninum
    Flow is in gushes. Painful swelling of the breasts before the period. Pains may alternate from side to side.

  • Lachesis
    PMS before flow,
    better once flow begins. Irritable, dominating, jealous, depressed. Headache, flushes of heat. Everything is better with the onset of the flow. Severe cramps, worse from pressure of the clothing, ameliorated with the onset of the flow. Flow may be black, scanty, lumpy. The less the flow, the more the pain. Better from open air. Better from cold drinks. Better from talking. Worse from sleep, heat, hot drinks.

  • Magnesia Phosphorica
    Pain better with a hot water bottle or heating pad pressed firmly against abdomen area. Doubled up with pain. The flow is dark. Wants to be nurtured. Better hot baths, better with pressure. Worse lying on the right side. Thirsty for cold drinks.

  • Nux Vomica
    Pain in lower back with constant urging to stool. May be chilly. Very irritable, impatient and angry. Better with rest, lying down. Worse with pressure, even the pressure of clothing. Desire for fats and spicy foods.

  • Pulsatilla
    Menses are irregular and the flow is irregular.  Menses easily suppressed by anger, grief, getting the feet wet or by bathing during menses.   Changeable mood. Weepy, shy, dependent, wants nurturing, love, attention. Thirstless. Craves creamy things like butter, whipped cream, ice cream. Warm, but worse in warm rooms. Better in open air. Better walking slowly in cool, crisp weather.

  • Sabina
    Blood is bright red or bright red mixed with dark clots. Severe cramps extend from low back to pubis. Pain extends from uterus to thighs. Shooting pain up the vagina. Better lying flat on the back with limbs extended.
  • Secale
    Ongoing discharge of watery black blood until the next period.
  • Sepia
    Menses are late, scanty, irregular OR early and profuse. Weak uterus, bearing down sensation as if all the organs would fall out. Better crossing the legs. Violent stitches of pain upward in the vagina. Low sex drive. Angry, tired, chilly, irritable and over-worked. May desire sour foods like pickles, vinegar, lemons. May desire chocolate. Usually much improved by vigorous exercise.  Worse from cold. Better from warmth.
  • Veratrum Album
    Heavy periods. Severe cramps often associated with diarrhea and vomiting.
    Chilliness with cold sweat, especially on the forehead. Weakness with exhaustion. Feels faint. May desire ice water.

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