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Morning Sickness
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Homeopathy for Women

Morning Sickness and Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective treatment for morning sickness in pregnancy. 
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Symptoms of morning sickness include nausea, occasional vomiting and tiredness. Many women experience these symptoms during the first three months of pregnancy, usually in the morning when the stomach is empty, although it can occur at any time of the day. The traditional cure of eating a dry cracker before getting out of bed is worth trying.

Avoid rich, fatty foods and try eating little and often if your nausea is worse when you are hungry.

Seek Professional Help If

  1. your vomiting is severe

  2. if you are unable to keep food down

  3. you are losing weight

  4. if morning sickness persists past your third month

Homeopathic Remedies for Morning Sickness

  • Asarum
    Feels very ill, with constant nausea and retching. Extremely sensitive to everything—especially noise, which can aggravate the nauseous feelings. Best when lying down and resting. Cool drinks or food may help, but it is hard for even think of eating.

  • Colchicum autumnale
    Horrible nausea that is worse from the sight and smell of food (especially eggs or fish) often indicates this remedy.
    Retching and vomiting. Sore and bloated feeling in the abdomen. Trouble eating anything. Craves things, but when eating them they make you sick. Sick from many smells that others don’t even notice.  Sensitive to odors. Nauseated at the sight, smell and even the thought of food, especially the smell of eggs.

  • Ipecac
    This remedy is indicated for intense and constant nausea that is felt all day (not only in the morning) with retching, belching, and excessive salivation.
    Worse from lying down. Worse from motion. Even after the vomiting remains nauseous. Constant, nausea with empty belching and retching; vomiting is difficult and does not relieve the nausea.

  • Kreosotum
    Salivation so much that she constantly swallows it, becoming nauseous. May also vomit up food that looks undigested, several hours after eating.

  • Lacticum acidum
    Classic morning sickness nausea worse immediately on waking in the morning and on opening the eyes. Salivates a lot and have burning stomach pain. Decent appetite and feels better after eating.

  • Nux vomica
    Nausea, especially in the morning and after eating, may respond to this remedy—especially if the woman is irritable, impatient, and chilly.
    Person may retch a lot and have the urge to vomit, often without success. Stomach feels sensitive and crampy. May be constipated. Nausea with retching that is relieved by vomiting; sour belching, indigestion and heartburn. Sensation that there is a knot in your stomach. Bad-tempered.

  • Pulsatilla
    Nausea is worse in the afternoon and evening (often in the morning, as well). Not very thirsty, may feel better from drinking something cool. Craves many different foods, but feels sick from many things including foods that are craved. Creamy foods or desserts may be appealing, but can cause discomfort and burping or bring on vomiting. Affectionate, insecure and wants a lot of attention and comforting. Nausea (with little vomiting), worse after eating and drinking, better in the fresh air and for company. Weepy, moody and likes to be comforted.

  • Sepia
    Gnawing, intermittent nausea with an empty feeling in the stomach suggests a need for this remedy. Irritable, sad, worn out, and indifferent to her family. Worse in the morning before eating, but is not improved by eating and may vomit afterward. Nausea can be worse when lying on the side. Odors of any kind may aggravate the symptoms. Food often tastes too salty. Loss of taste for many foods, but may still crave vinegar and sour things. Intermittent nausea which is worse in the mornings and worse for the smell or thought of food; Empty, sinking feeling in the stomach which is temporarily relieved by eating. Apathetic, exhausted and heavy. Better for vigorous exercise. Indifferent or cross with children and partner.

  • Tabacum
    Ghastly nausea with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Extremely pale, feels very cold and faint. Needs to lie very still and keep  eyes closed. If moving at all, may vomit violently or break out in cold sweat. Feel terrible.

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