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Respiratory & Lung Remedies and Homeopathy

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Respiratory & Lung Remedies and Homeopathy

Read about the most common Homeopathic remedies for respiratory system and issues.
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Main Homeopathic Remedies For Respiratory & Lung Issues

  • Aconitum - Laryngitis with sudden onset of hoarseness. Husky, crowing or squeaky voice. Voice loss after fright, shock, or after chilling from dry, cold winds. Fever and hollow, croupy cough with dry windpipe. Restless and fearful. Worse: night, touch, breathing in, cold air, talking.

  • Allium cepa -  Hay fever with violent sneezing, watery acrid discharge that corrodes nose and lips. Worse on left side. Lump feeling at bridge of nose. Hay fever in August. Eyes: burning, red, sensitive; rubs them. Much watery, bland discharge. Anxiety, headache, laryngitis; cough causes splitting pain in the larynx. Worse: warm room, evening, damp, cold, flowers. Better: open air.

  • Ambrosia - Hay fever with red, swollen nose, sneezing and acrid, watery discharge or stuffed up nose and head. Sneezing. Nosebleed. Tickling, irritated trachea. Eyes: stringy mucus, itching lids, smarting, burning, tearing. Difficult breathing, wheezy cough. Whole respiratory tract feels stopped up. Asthma.

  • Antimonium tartaricum wheezing or gurgling sound on breathing with mucus that is hard to clear; rattling or suffocative cough.

  • Argentum nitricum - Laryngitis with chronic hoarseness, loss of voice, laryngitis in singers. High notes cause a cough. Soreness of larynx and throat pit. Thick mucus in airways. Feeling of splinter in larynx on swallowing. Tickling in throat. Worse: a.m., anticipation anxiety, sugar, warm room. Better: cool air.

  • Arsenicum album chilly, anxious, fear of death or disease used for early stage prevention of colds, flu, diarrhea, vomiting or gastro-intestinal disturbances.

  • Ars iodatum - Hay fever with sneezing and watery discharges if acute, thick and green if chronic. Hot irritating discharges with red upper lip, raw nasal passages. Post nasal drip. Short of breath, hacking cough. Hoarse or loss of voice. Burning sensations. Restless, weak and chilly, but hates heat. Worse: dry, cold or windy weather, warm room, smoke. Better: open air.

  • Bryonia - dry or burning cough worse with motion; thirst. Pneumonia symptoms.

  • Carbo vegetabilis -  air hunger, difficulty breathing with weakness and collapse. Skin cold to touch but not wanting to be covered or warmed. Blue extremities.

  • Camphor - used for extreme weakness, collapse and exhaustion. Used at the end stages of ongoing respiratory symptoms when the person can no longer fight back.

  • Causticum -  Chronic laryngitis. Sore, rawness, burning, dryness. Tender larynx, throat. Hoarse, hollow, husky, cracking. Weak voice, paralysis of vocal cords. Mucus accumulates, hard to expel with hawking, sense of constriction. Pressure in larynx on blowing the nose. Worse: dry and cold, inspiration, coughing, a.m., speaking, voice strain.

  • Hepar sulphur - Sinusitis with thick yellow-green, foul discharge, like old cheese. Sneezing in drafts. Blocked nose in cold air. Sinuses and bones tender to touch. Nosebleeds. Nose is red, inflamed, swollen with burning pains. Loss of smell. Aching at root of nose. Irritable, chilly. Worse: cold, drafts, dry winds, pressure. Better: warmth, wrapping up.

  • Hydrastis - Sinusitis with watery acrid discharge, becoming thick, offensive and yellow or bloody. Burning, smarting, rawness. Crusts in the nose. Constant blowing. Severe frontal sinus headache and post nasal drip. Free nasal discharge in the open air, relieving the headache, blocks up in a warm room. Worse: inhaling air, cold air, dry winds, night, left side. Better: pressure.

  • Kali bich -  Laryngitis with chronic hoarseness, total loss of voice, worse evening. Tickling, causing hawking, coughing, clearing of throat. Dry, constricted. Sore and raw larynx, burning extends up into nostrils. Rattling cough. Accumulation of tough, stringy mucus that is hard to expel. Croup. Worse: cold, damp, weather changes, speaking, laughing, coughing, a.m.
    In Sinusitis: Bursting pain or pressure in sinuses; at the root of the nose or cheeks. Thick yellow-green, stringy mucus. Post nasal drip, may hawk mucus, but hard to expel. Stuffed up; loss of smell, nasal voice, hoarseness. Thick scabs in nose, raw when pulled off. Sinusitis with colds or coughs. Worse: cold, damp, morning, beer. Better: warmth, pressure.

  • Lycopodium - short rattling breathing, worse lying on back. Cough dry, tickling. Tightness across the chest with burning, difficult respiration. Aching over lungs. General weakness. Used for unresolved pneumonia.

  • Mercurius Sol - Frontal sinuses. Thick or runny yellow-green, foul discharge. Bad odors in the nose. Foul breath with gray coated tongue and metallic taste. Raw nostrils, may form ulcers. Swollen cheeks. Sneezing, nosebleeds. Frequent colds, end in sinusitis. Hurried, suspicious, weak memory. Worse: night, both hot and cold weather, damp or cloudy, drafts, touch.

  • Napthalinum - Hay fever with sudden allergy attacks, constant sneezing, acrid discharges. Eyes inflamed, painful, acrid discharges, acrid saliva. Full, hot head. Chronic hay fever. Eruptions around mouth, eye problems. Anxiety. Spasmodic cough with choking; constricted sore chest. Asthma; mucus difficult to expel. Worse: night. Better: open air, loosening the clothing.

  • Phosphorus - Laryngitis with hoarseness, loss of voice. Sore, raw, burning larynx causes tickling cough. Talking causes intense sticking pain into trachea. Constriction. Expectorates thick mucus. Cough or croup causes sharp pain in throat. Worse: entering cold air, talking, laughing, touch a.m. and evening, eating warm things, lying on left, weather changes. Better: cold things.

  • Pulsatilla - Sinusitis with dull, heavy frontal and maxillary sinuses. Stuffed nose and loss of smell. Thick yellow, non-irritating discharge at the end of a cold. Red, teary eyes. Moody. Clingy or dependent, passive type. Wants company, sympathy. Nose drains on lying down, stopped on rising up. Worse: going from cold air to warm room or indoors, rich foods, evening. Better: fresh air.

  • Sabadilla - Hay fever with much sneezing and runny, watery discharge, itching and tingling in nose and mouth. Eyes: red, burning, tearing. Chilly, cold sweats. Sinusitis with frontal headache in a.m. Left sided sore throat. Obsessive thoughts about health; worse thinking of problems. Worse: smell of flowers, mowed grass. Better: warm room, food or drink.

  • Silicea - Sinusitis with frequent colds or hay fever (Low immunity) with chronic sinus infection. Alternately dry and blocked, or profuse thick, yellow mucus. Crusts, pimples, ulcers, fistula in nose. Gnawing pains, swollen glands. Violent sneezing. Chilly. Sour sweats. Lack of confidence yet stubborn. Worse: cold, damp, drafts to head. Better: warmth, wrapping up.

  • Spongia - Acute and chronic laryngitis. Hoarseness, with sore, burning larynx. Tickling in larynx. Dryness, Hawking constantly. Constriction of larynx, worse midnight or during sleep with suffocative feelings, anxiety. At the beginning or during croup with barking cough. Worse: touch and pressure, talking, swallowing sweets, dry, cold wind. Better: warm food or drinks, sitting, lying with head low, eating a little.

  • Wyethia - Hay fever with violent sneezing, profuse flow. Dryness in back part of nose. Itching, crawling in back of nose, throat, and soft palate, scratches it with tongue. Throat is dry, burning, swollen with constant need to swallow. Mouth feels scalded, uvula feels swollen. Hoarseness. Dry hacking cough. nervous, dizzy, weak, headaches. Worse: afternoon, flowers, roses.

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