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Stress - Chronic Stress

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Mental and Emotional Stress and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help to relieve the acute and chronic symptoms of stress.
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Stress: The 3 Stages of Chronic Stress


1. The "Fight, Flight or Freeze" (alarm) response

Powerful hormones (adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol) are released by the adrenal glands. The pupils of your eyes dilate and you become much more alert. When the stressful situation reduces, the increased production reverts, allowing your body to return to rest (homeostasis).


2. The Resistance Phase (adaptive) response

During the resistance phase, cortisol receptors become less sensitive to the mechanism that returns the body to rest. This causes increased cortisol production and results in various side effects such as headaches, memory loss, insomnia, low libido, and high blood pressure.


3. Exhaustion (overwhelmed) response

Exhaustion occurs when the capacity for stress resistance is overwhelmed. This stage is characterized by depletion of energy and may lead to poor metabolism, insulin resistance, and lowered immune function. The exhaustion phase can eventually lead to adrenal insufficiency or even a total shutdown of the adrenal glands. 

Homeopathic Remedies For Stress

  • Aconite
    Biggest shock and fright remedies (see also Arnica) and itís also one of the main ones for the beginning of a sickness with fever. The picture may appear from a single experience or may develop from watching too many horrible stories on TV or social media. Symptoms can come on very rapidly and intensely, often in the middle of the night. Things might start with strong anxiety or nightmares with a pounding heart. It can be helpful for panic attacks with fear and anxiety which come on suddenly. The patient may appear agitated and there may be an intense and irrational fear which may lead to palpitations, breathlessness, dry mouth, dizziness and in extreme cases even heart attack. This emotional state can lead on to acute illness, so itís important to manage the anxiety and fear. The remedy can be taken frequently (every 10 minutes if necessary for up to 5 doses) and could be added to a water bottle and sipped.

  • Argentum nitricum
    Anxiety is often accompanied by or from fear of disease, fear of contagion, fear of public places. Symptoms  include dizziness and diarrhea. People who need this remedy are often jittery, impulsive and suggestible, but can usually be easily reassured. They may crave sweets and salt, which usually make the symptoms worse, particularly the diarrhea. Focus is on the bowels and the limbs. Noisy with loud gurgling and this over activity, diarrhea. Anxious, stressed
    by exams. Tremors of the hands and shaky legs. Flushed and overheated, craves sweets which can easily make them feel sick.

  • Arnica
    The big trauma remedy for accidents and injuries. Also has a picture of feeling battered and bruised and the person will often say ďIím fine, I am okĒ when itís pretty evident theyíre not. Can be used for how someone might feel after a bitter divorce, an abusive situation including the work place, or just a shock where they feel as if they have "been beaten up" or "hit by a truck".

  • Arsenicum album
    Anxious, very nervous. Fastidious. Anxiety about their health and have a tendency to need things to be very orderly, very clean and very secure. Time pressure can be a major source of stress. Focus on disease or becoming ill. Afraid that some minor symptom is a sign of a serious disease. Involves many doctor visits to determine their health status. Financial loss can be particularly stressful for them. Worry about getting sick, they may also worry a lot about not getting well again, of being incurable. Stress that they have a particular disease, or an undiagnosed disease and go to many doctors and specialists Ė they are very needy when under stress. A great need to control everything and can be obsessive about small details; the more stress they are under, the more they will obsess. Stress about an some outside of their control, like the food or water on a trip overseas. Anxiety can occur any time but at night and particularly between midnight and 2 am is a common time aggravation and they wake feeling anxious and restless and actually get out of bed to pace around. Digestive issues (commonly diarrhea) or asthma attacks related to anxiety.

  • Aurum metallicum
    Aurum is a homeopathic remedy made from the metal gold. It is a deep acting Syphilitic remedy. Used or someone with has severe depression, a feeling of emptiness and despair, often with suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Fear of contagion, fear of being incurable, despair of recovery, and hand-washing is quite likely to be part of the picture as they can be OCD in this depressive state. No interest in life or the people around them. Feelings of guilt or regrets about something they feel they should have said or done differently. Feeling that they have lost their purpose in life and their life is not worth living.

  • Bryonia
    Stress about their business or about money. Hard workers. Deep insecurity about not having enough money Fear of poverty. When such a person faces uncertainty at work, then their stress levels can go through the roof. The stress manifests itself most typically as physical pain or stiffness.

  • Calcarea carbonica
    Hard worker. Worried about being observed or stressed by being hurried towards a deadlines.  Chilly, flabby type.  Craves sweets. Sour perspiration. dependable, solid but become easily overwhelmed from working too hard or perhaps as a result of an illness.  Start to fear they are losing their mind, but do not show it. They need to work, they want to get back to their job and they feel burdened by the responsibility of it all Ė work, life, family, employees, etc.. Foggy and confused when tired and this adds to their anxiety. Donít cope well with change, worry or bad news and an underlying dread of disaster can develop. Generally quite fearful, fear of heights and enclosed spaces.  They often crave sweets and eggs and are easily fatigued.

  • Gelsemium
    A well indicated remedy for flu or flu like symptoms. Achy body and malaise with slow onset. May become weak, shaky and dizzy and may even experience chills and hot flushes, diarrhea and headaches, which might be in relation to the actual virus or as their mental/emotional reaction to their situation.Anticipation or stage fright remedy. Headaches. Weakness of the limbs, legs feel weak and wobbly. Loose stool or frequent urination before an exam or performance. Big anxiety remedy to be used before an interview or giving a talk. Major remedy for fear, anxiety, weak legs and weakness after receiving a shock or bad news. Feel paralyzed by their experience, by thoughts of the future.  Feel like they are stuck and they just canít think. May become weak, shaky and dizzy and may even experience chills and hot flushes, diarrhea and headaches, which might be in relation to the actual virus or as their mental/emotional reaction to their situation.

  • Staphysagria
    Sensitive to unfairness or injustice. Feel as if they are bullied. Will say how "it is not fair".  Romantic disappointments. Stabbing sensation in the body.  Cuts or wounds that do not heal properly, just as in a C-section. Used also for rape or abuse victims.

  • Ignatia
    Very important stress, grief, shock of bad news remedy or death of a loved one. Use for sensitive individuals who are often anxious following a grief, disappointment or other stressful experience. Bordering on hysterical. The moods can be volatile and physical symptoms can be too.  Mood swings, frequent sighing. They may burst into tears (or laughter) or be uncharacteristically rude or defensive. They can also become OCD in their anxiety. Headaches like a nail being driven into the side of the head are common, as well is the sensation of a lump in the throat or crampy pains in the stomach or back.

  • Kali phosphoricum
    Symptoms indicating Kali Phos may appear when someone has become exhausted by overwork, worry or illness and they feel anxious and unable to cope. This remedy has an affinity for the nervous system so they may be jumpy and oversensitive and easily startled. Physical symptoms nclude headaches, backaches and digestive upsets. Hearing unpleasant news or thinking about world events can aggravate the problems. Concentration may become a problem, along with insomnia and a sense of nervous dread. Eating, warmth and rest often bring relief.  Can be used as a cell salt in 6X of other potency.

  • Lycopodium
    People who need this remedy often have a lack of self-confidence. Outwardly they may be domineering and overbearing with people they feel comfortable with. Often feel self-conscious and intimidated by their superiors or people they perceive as powerful. Major issues with taking on responsibility ncluding marriage or parenthood and this can cause anxiety and fear of failure. Losing a job and the prospect of having to go to the unemployment office or perhaps apply for something else will be daunting. They can be rude and dominating.  Once they start the task they usually perform well and come out on top. Claustrophobia, irritability, digestive problems with major gas and bloating and a craving for sweets are often indicators for Lycopodium.

  • Natrum muriaticum (Nat Mur)
    Major grief remedy. Loss of a loved one or loss of a job, loss of freedom. Unexpected change and total upheaval in daily life. Deep emotions and can appear aloof and reserved, which is a protective mechanism. Not always comfortable in social situations so are often lonely and can be easily hurt and offended. Dwell on what may be minor past offences from others. Refuse to be consoled even though they may want it. Good listeners. Often be fearful, with anxiety at night, fear of robbers or intruders and fear of enclosed spaces. Migraines and insomnia are symptoms that may arise as part of their anxiety picture and may come on after a loss or grief. The anxiety may not be obvious as most things can tend to be hidden.

  • Nux Vomica
    Type A personality, ompetitive, work-focused and usually successful. Entrepreneurs or high level managers with a lot of responsibility, used to working long hours and being constantly occupied. Crave stimulants to keep going, so this is likely to be their go-to at times like our current situation; alcohol, coffee, drugs to excess and then they become liverish or irritable. Stress generally comes on in relation to work and they are not great at taking holidays, needing to have their finger on the pulse at all times. A job loss or financial loss means the loss of financial security, fear of poverty and major stress. Classically wake around 4 am and then have trouble getting back to sleep. If they do get back to sleep, they may wake later feeling terrible and then are bad tempered for the rest of the day. Digestive system is also a source of aggravation for them, in particular suffering indigestion and constipation, both of which are worse when stressed.

  • Phosphorus
    People needing Phosphorus are outgoing, excitable, generous, and open hearted. Because they are so open they can also be jumpy and full of vivid fears and imaginations. Anxiety can be triggered by almost anything as they lack the boundaries necessary for modern life. Over-sympathetic and when they become worn out from watching too many news programs, spending too much time on social media.  They generally over-care for everyone so suffer exhaustion. May get spacey or even become ill. Better for company and reassurance. Better with conversation and a massage or back rub. They need their friends and family around them for energetic support because they are often high touchy types.

  • Stramonium
    For a fear or a fright that is very intense. Canít bear to be on their own, they feel isolated and there may be a great fear of the dark. There are likely to be nightmares or night terrors which can be horrific. Can be very angry, and the anger can erupt very suddenly and may be violent. Can be a great fear of water and dogs.


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