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Swimmer's Ear

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Homeopathic Medicines for Swimmer’s Ear

Homeopathic remedies will provide an effective, natural support for those with symptoms of swimmer's ear.
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Causes Of Swimmers Ear

  • Homeopathy offers very effective treatment for swimmer’s ear. Homeopathic remedies boost the body’s self healing mechanism to fight with the bacterial infection which is causing swimmers’ ears and bring natural recovery in such cases.

  • Remedies relieve the symptoms  including pain in ear, itching in ear and fullness sensation in ear. Yhey also help to reduce the ear discharges in these cases.

  • The most common cause of swimmer’s ear is a bacteria that enters the ear canal. Less commonly it can arise from fungal or viral agents. 

  • Moisture in the ear, depletion of ear wax and breaks in the skin that lines the ear canal predisposes a person to swimmer’s ear. Ear wax isa defense agent of the ears that keep them clean and fight off germs to prevent infection. This wax creates a thin film inside the ear that repels water and is mildly acidic that prevents flourishing of bacteria in the ear. But excess  moisture in the ear or scratching ear canal while cleaning can reduce the protective wax and cause breaks in skin that causes bacterial growth.

  • Factors that put a person at risk of swimmer’s ear  include swimming including in water highly infested with bacteria or excessive sweating that causes moisture in the ear and can allow the bacteria to grow. 

  • Harsh cleaning of the ear canal with ear buds, hair pins, keys etc. and wearing hearing aid, using headphones that can cause trauma and break in delicate skin lining the inside of the ear canal that can lead to a bacteria infection.

Symptoms Of Swimmer's Ear

  • Initially the symptoms of swimmer’s ear are mild but if not treated in time they tend to become severe.

  • The symptoms include itching in the ear, pain in ear and drainage of fluid from ear. The intensity of itching varies from mild to intense as per the severity of case. The pain also varies in intensity from mild discomfort to severe pain. The intensity keeps increasing from mild to moderate to severe as the infection advances.

  • In case of severe infection the pain is very intense and can radiate to face, head or neck. The fluid draining from ear can be very slight to excessive. It can be clear odorless, or pus. 

  • There is redness in the ear and the outer ear may also be swollen and hot. Feeling of fullness inside your ear, muffled or decreased hearing may also arise. In advanced stage fever and swelling in lymph nodes of neck can occur.

  • Children are more prone to get outer ear infections because they have smaller ear canal as compared to adults that cause difficulty in proper drainage of fluid out from their ears. Children who spend excessive time in water are more at risk.

Top Homeopathic Remedies For Swimmer's Ear

  • Aconite
    Indicated when there is pain in the ear and the external ear is very red and hot. The pain in cases needing it are mainly tearing or stinging type.

  • Belladonna
    Used for acute inflammation of the external ear. Manages pain in the ear in these cases.Pain in the ear can be tearing, stitching, boring or sharp in nature. It is violent in intensity. This pain can radiate from the external ear to the side of the face. Sometimes difficulty in hearing may appear with this.

  • Chamomilla
    Used for an earache along with soreness, swelling and heat in the ear. The pain is mostly stitching in nature where it is required. A sensation as if ears are stopped frequently attends pain.

  • Graphites
    Used for cases having thin watery discharges from the ear. These discharges can be gluey, sticky in nature. They may be bad smelling too. Stitching type of pain accompanies this.

  • Hepar Sulphur
    Used for itching in the ear. In such cases green discharge or offensive pus discharge from the ear is often present. Darting pain in the ear is another accompanying symptom.

  • Kali Bich
    Used to manage itching of the ear. Along with this the external ear is inflamed, swollen and red with heated sensation. Another symptom that attends it is violent stitching, stinging or pulsating pain in the ear. In most cases requiring it the pain from the ear extends to the side of the head and neck. Thick, yellow, offensive discharge from the ear arises with this.

  • Kali Mur
    Used for ear discharges. Persons needing it mainly complain of white discharge from the ear along with pain. May also experience impaired hearing.

  • Pulsatilla
    Used when pain in the ear is very severe and gets worse at night. The pain can be tearing, darting, shooting, stitching or pulsating type. Along with this, marked redness, swelling of the external ear is present. Intense itching in the ear also accompanies this. In many cases discharge of non offensive mucus or pus from the ear is present. There may be diminished hearing along with sensation of stoppage of the ear along with above symptoms.

  • Merc Sol
    Used when yellow or green offensive discharges from the ear are present. They may also be pus like. With this tearing, stinging, throbbing or shooting pain in ears is prominent. The pain can extend to the head and face too. Pain is worse at night time mostly. A sensation of fullness and stoppage in the ear attends. Itching in ears is also marked along with difficulty in hearing.

  • Psorinum Nosode
    Psorinum is used for  very offensive thin discharge from the ear is present. It can be yellowish or brownish in color. This is accompanied with severe pain in the ear. External ear is also sore. Itching in ears is also prominent with this. The itching is severe and it worsens in the evening. 

  • Silicea
    Used for pus discharges from the ear with swelling of the external ear. Along with this pain in my ear arises. This pain can be drawing, shooting, aching, boring or stitching type. Other symptoms attending it includes stoppage of ears and decreased hearing.

  • Tellurium
    Used for pain in the ear which is a throbbing type. This pain continues day and night. Swelling and burning sensation in the ear is also present. A copious, thin, watery discharge from ears appears with above symptoms. This discharge can be yellow in color. It has an offensive smell. Hearing can be impaired with this.


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