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Whooping Cough Recovery with Homeopathy

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Homeopathy for Women

Whooping Cough Recovery with Homeopathy, Boy Age 5

Testimonial written by his mother, Bay Area, California, USA
January 20, 2016

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"My 5year old son came down with a bad cold and cough just before the Christmas holidays. I contacted Homeopathy For Women for acute care and she started him with the water dosing method beginning with Pulsatilla 1M and changed it to Hepar Sulph 1M with the change in symptoms to a croupy cough with mucus, couple of days later.

He seemed to get better during the day, but at night the cough turned very distressing along with a nasal blockage. Kari changed his remedy to Lycopodium 1M at this point after which he slept well. The following day he got better on Lycopodium and we made the decision to proceed with our road trip to Southern California the next day, which was Christmas day.

While he did well during the drive, he came down with a distressing and violent dry cough on hitting the bed at night and was coughing most of the night. We started him on Drosera 1M. He did better the following day.

However, since we were traveling quite a bit and going to theme parks etc, his system was stressed and the distressing cough with vomiting returned at night. Kari instructed me to plus the remedy. Dosing him every  two hours with the remedy and alternating with buffered Vitamin C, we were able to bring down the cough - which seemed like Whooping cough in about three days time. 

Throughout the whole episode, starting the week of Christmas to the New Year weekend, Kari worked with us outside her regular hours to support my son, and our family. I am incredibly grateful to Kari for that. Although my son had an intense acute, we were able to have a reasonably good winter break thanks to Kari's wonderful support.

Kari is a very knowledgeable homeopath, and ensures that her client's ailments are addressed completely. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a classical homeopath for acute or chronic care."

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