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Bell's Palsy and Homeopathy

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Homeopathy for Women

Bell's Palsy and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help a person with symptoms of Bell's Palsy. Contact us to learn more!

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Homeopathic Remeides For Bell's Palsy

  • Aconite
    After exposure to dry, cold winds, with great fear, worry and anxiety of mind.

  • Agaricus
    Facial muscles feel stiff, twitch, face itch and burns. Bellís palsy. Lancinating, tearing pain in cheeks, as of splinters. Neuralgia, as if cold needles ran through nerves or sharp ice touched them.

  • Baryta carb
    Bellís palsy in old men with mental and bodily weakness.

  • Belladonna
    After exposure to draughts of cold air, cold wind, uncovering the head, getting wet,sun and by taking sausage and wine.

  • Causticum
    After working or riding, in clear fine weather, dry cold wind, while coming from cold air into a warm room.

  • Gelsemium
    Aching in occiput, numbness, tremor, speech difficult.

  • Graphites
    Swelling, sensation as of a cobweb on the face.

  • Hyoscyamus
    When the paralysis is of mercurial origin with unintelligible speech.

  • Lachesis
    Bellís palsy of left side with slow speech.

  • Kali chloricum
    Tenderness of the affected portion in the bellís palsy, this medicine should be given in the beginning or after Aconite or Causticum if full relief is not obtained.

  • Nux vomica
    Nervous, irritable, hypersensitive and over-impressionable with digestive disturbances, portal congestion, and hypochondrical states.

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