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Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome After Vaccination in a Girl, Age 13

Testimonial written by the her mother, Nebraska, USA.
March 19, 2014

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"She has a brighter outlook on life and is able to handle stress more easily. 
She can now fall asleep easier and sleeps through the night. 
She no longer complains of chronic muscle pains in her legs."

"My 13 year old daughter had suffered from chronic fatigue since she was 9.  Her energy level was significantly lower than her peers.  I can remember taking her shopping for school clothes and her needing to sit down on the floor to rest after only 30 minutes of shopping. She came home from school every day exhausted. 

Her immune system was very low as well and therefore she was very prone to illness including flu like symptoms, frequent sore throats and sinus infections that would keep her out of school for several days at a time.  She complained of chronic muscle pain and heaviness in her legs as well as random pains all over body that would come and go. 

Her sleep pattern was often interrupted as falling to sleep was difficult for her.  She also suffered from severe nose bleeds that would keep her up for hours at night.  

A state of depression including sadness, crying, irritability and anxiety developed.   We sought help from a pediatrician, an ENT, rheumatologist, physical therapist, mental health practitioner and 2 other doctors.  After lots of blood work and CAT scans, no real diagnosis was found.  Various types of medication were offered to “try” but my husband and I didn’t feel right about giving them when no one really knew the reason for her severe fatigue. 

We wanted something to help her that would not have adverse side effects.  We decided to give homeopathy a try.  Homeopathy as been able to help my daughter tremendously.  My daughter has slowly gained an overall energy that she has not had since she was a small child.  Her mental/emotional state has significantly improved as well. 

She has a brighter outlook on life and is able to handle stress more easily.  She can now fall asleep easier and sleeps through the night.  She no longer complains of chronic muscle pains in her legs.  We are very pleased with my daughter’s progress and so appreciative of their diligence in her case."

Comments On This Case By the Homeopath

by by Kari J. Kindem, AIT, CCH, CFHom, CHP, CEASE, Homeopathic Detox Therapy, HTMA Practitioner

This is a story of a girl, age 13, who recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which occurred after her flu vaccinations.  Her recovery took about 18 months.

Overview of the Case Challenges:
This girl was fully vaccinated per the current schedule and also received additional flu shots for a few years, beyond the normal vaccination schedule. These vaccinations exposed her to heavy metals like mercury and aluminum as well as other toxic vaccine adjuvants.

Clinical Tests:
Prior to coming to homeopathic care, this child was seen by a pediatrician, an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist, a rheumatologist, a physical therapist, a mental health practitioner and two other medical doctors.  They all tried to discover clinically "what went wrong". Multiple diagnostic tests were performed. Although suppressive drugs were recommended by some of the doctors, the parents wisely refused to use them on their daughter and sought safe, alternative and natural healing with homeopathy.

Toxic Environmental Exposures:
This teenage girl lived in an area with fluoridated city water and she drank fluoridated water for many years and also had fluoride dental treatments. During her care, a urine loading test was done to look at her level of iodine deficiency and the saturation level of her thyroid.  Her thyroid saturation level was significantly lower than expected in someone her age indicating thyroid dysfunction.

Although MTHFR genetic testing (via saliva) was not done, this child was suspected to have the same genetic anomaly or others that her mother had tested positive for. The MTHFR A1298 or C677T anomalies would mean that the methylation (detoxification) capacity was challenged to some degree  or another, making it much harder for her to detoxify from heavy metals as well as other environmental toxins.

Homeopathic Intake Process:
The case was taken and analyzed using classical homeopathy methods with my full homeopathic intake process. This process involved taking her full life history, her medical history and the family medical history.  I also obtained detailed data of her personality, her likes and dislikes, mental symptoms, body thermals, weather preferences, sleep patterns and her food desires and/or aversions.  Her social behaviors, any developmental delays  and "quirks" were also identified.  These "head-to-toe" symptoms were all gathered for a detailed chronic case intake, which is necessary in all good homeopathic prescribing.  The strongest symptoms for her case were repertorized using professional homeopathic software. My intake process for this girl's case was the same process, procedure and information that I carefully gather for each chronic case in my practice. I combine several methods of case analysis to determine the best remedy to open each case with. 

Remedy Dosing Method:
It is not unusual for me to need more than one potency of the opening remedy, and/or to need more than one remedy for a complex case like this to continue to make progress.  All remedies were dosed in water according to Hahnemann's 5th and 6th Organon methods. All remedies were also dosed in ascending potencies (low to high) using both C scale and LM scale potencies.

Remedies Used:
To improve her health and organ function, she was put on a series of homeopathic remedies as indicated as her case evolved. I started at a low potency with water dosing and went gradually to ascending potencies. Acute illnesses were treated if necessary with the appropriate acute remedies during her entire period of care. 

Case Management:
Case management involved email communication on a weekly basis and formal follow ups were done every month with the child's mother via skype throughout the 2 year period of her care.  During several skype sessions I spoke directly with the girl as well.

Case Progress:
Her improvements in general health and wellness were steady, progressing forward by month, over the 2 year period of chronic care.  During this time, her overall energy continued to improve, her mental/emotional state improved and she was less prone to bowel dysfunction, muscle aches and pains.

Adjunct Supports:
This girl's homeopathic care and progress was supported with Bach Flower "Rescue Remedy", and cell salts to help her sleep patterns improve  Several nutritional supplements were used including probiotics, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and a few other supplements, including a good multivitamin with the correct forms of both methylfolate and methylcobalamin (recommended for those with MTHFR mutations), as well as iodine.  These supplements were added to support her healthy diet at home, which was gluten free due to her tested sensitivity to gluten.  The supplements helped to make up for any nutritional deficits and optimize her body's detoxification functions along with homeopathy.

A water filter that removes fluoride was installed in the family's home during care so this toxic exposure to fluoride, chlorine and other toxic chemicals in city water supplies was reduced dramatically. The mother was also instructed to have her in bed on time and sleeping enough (10 hours per night for her age) and to drink half her weight in filtered water as ounces per day (for example, 90 pounds would be 45 oz. of water drunk during the day) . She was also instructed to give her 1/4 tsp. to a 1/2 tsp. of unrefined sea salt on her food on a daily basis.

Challenges To Homeopathic Progress:
This girl was in a private Christian school during half of her homeopathic care period. This environment created a great deal of unnecessary academic stress for her on a daily basis. It became clear that this environment created a "maintaining cause" of psychological and academic pressure on her, and what seemed like excessive amounts of homework that kept her way up too late most nights, especially for someone her age.  She was an excellent and focused student who took her grades and academics seriously. After one year of homeopathic care, the parents wisely decided to move their daughter to a new school in order to eliminate this constant stress in her life.

By the end of her second year of homeopathic care, she had adjusting well to 8th grade at her new school environment - one which required less homework.  This lovely girl was beginning to blossom and become her happier herself as she increased in wellness.  Her depression and fatigue has lifted significantly. She sings in theater productions and even runs track events with her middle school track team - with enthusiasm and renewed energy.  She continues to maintain excellent grades in academics, while enjoying her life again - as a young teenage girls should!


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