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Hypothyroidism and Homeopathy
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Homeopathy for Women

Hypothyroidism and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies will significantly improve thyroid and endocrine system function.
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Read more of hypothyroidism, thyroid disorders, testing and autoimmune thyroid conditions.
Learn more about iodine which is essential for healthy thyroid function!

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These are some of the Homeopathic Remedies traditionally used for Hypothyroid conditions:

  • Calcarea carbonicum
    Leg and foot cramps, cold and clammy feet, tendency to gain and lose weight easily, craves sweets. Internal tremor. Head sweats at night. Depression and worry.
  • Calcarea iodium
    Hormonal problems, big appetite, can be emaciated, heart palpitations, anxiety in the chest, worse in hot rooms.
  • Gelsemium
    Weakness, sleepy, weak and shaky inside, double vision. Droopy eyelids.  Fear of the future.
  • Graphites
    Chilly, obesity, fatigue, body pulsations, thick cracking skin, coarse hair, worse in heat.
  • Kali iodium
    Allergies, mucus congestion, hurried and irritable OR fun and amusing, worse from heat.
  • Lycopodium
    Canít skip meals, canít take pressures, generally right-sided complaints.
  • Natrum muriaticum
    Caused by grief or disappointed love. Intolerance to sun or heat. Trembling of body or head. Violent heart palpitations.
  • Sepia
    Cold hands and feet, easy weight gain, shortness of breath. Craves sweets, exhausted easily, menstrual problems and low sex drive. Yellow skin. Indifference, weeping, irritable, sluggish.
  • Spongia tosta
    Swollen hot painful goiter. Swelling and stitching throat pains. Violent palpitations. Chest pressure, suffocative sensation. May also have asthma.
  • Thyroidinum (sarcode)
    Sleepy and tired, obesity, faints upon standing. Tremors. Can be emaciated.


These are some of the main Homeopathic Remedies traditionally used for hyperthyroid conditions:

  • Iodium
    Emaciation despite big appetite.  Goiter. Difficulty swallowing.  Delusions.  Anxiety.  Restlessness.
  • Kali Iodataum

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