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Homeopathy for Women

Toothaches, Tooth Pain, Tooth Decay and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help to reverse and correct the symptoms of tooth pain and decay.
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Homeopathic Remedies for Toothaches Tooth Decay

Used for toothache comes on very suddenly. The person is in great pain and appears frantic and fearful

Arsenic album
Used for toothaches are worse at night, especially between midnight and 2.00 A.M the toothache is relieved by warm water despite a possible burning in the gums and teeth. Teeth pain is characterized by sharp, aching pain in the teeth and gums. Pains often extend to the cheeks, or temples. Teeth feel elongated.

Calcaria Phos
Used for delayed development and rapid decay of the teeth; suits to children who are flabby, emaciated having open posterior fontanelles, and are slow in learning to walk.

Coffea cruda
Used for oversensitive and nervous person; toothache causes great anguish because of the extreme pain; pain is relieved by holding cold watet in the mouth, but it returns when the water becomes warm.

Fluoric acid
Used for fistula in the affected teeth causing pain and crumbling of the teeth with persistent bloody and salty discharge; teeth feel as if warm; the teeth and the bones of the upper jaw are affected; pain relieved by cold water but is sensitive to cold.

Used fo toothache from taking cold, after having been over heated; beating of pulse is felt in all the teeth; which feel elongated; stabbing in gums, worse from hot applications, better from cold; rush of blood to head, with headache; sudden exacerbations in right, then in left jaw, in ear and head.

Hecla lava
Used for toothache from inflammation of dental pulp with an abscess of gums; tendency to caries of teeth with facial neuralgia; pain usually occurring after extraction. Also a feeling of enlargement of the jaw bone.

Used for teeth complaints; teeth sensitive to touch, feel elongated, sore and sensitive to touch; periodic pain, pain worse by lying on affected side.

Hepar Sulph
Use for hollow teeth feel too long and painful; looseness of teeth; toothache, worse in warm room, when biting teeth together; gums and mouth very painful to touch, bleed easily; painful, erysipelatous swelling of cheeks; jerking and drawing pain in teeth.

Used for premature decay of milk teeth; teeth become yellow, dark, and then decay.

Mercurius solubilis
Used as o
ne of the best remedies for toothache, teeth feel elongated and sore, which affects the whole of the jaw and face, and is worse in the night and from warmth, somewhat relieved by gentle rubbing of the face. Great medicine for ulceration at the roots of the teeth and for pain in hollow teeth, swelling of gums; offensive odor from the mouth.

Plantago remarkable remedy for teeth complaints; teeth sensitive to touch, feel elongated, sore and sensitive to touch; periodic pain, pain worse by lying on affected side.

Used for aggravated toothache relieved by holding cold water in the mouth; pain is made much worse by warmth.

Used for dental nerves especially affected, pain more in jawbone than teeth; jaw swollen; toothache, aggravation after being a short time in bed; gums very sore, inflamed; face pale, restless and fidgety, starting at least noise; inveterate; intermitting neuralgia.

Used for pain is worse by cold and by eating.

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