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Vaccine Injury, Adrenal Fatigue, PTSD, Acid Reflux,
Gastric Disturbances and Hypothyroidism
Recovery in a Mother, age 54 with Homeopathy

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Testimonial written by Dawn, retired Army helicopter pilot and Christian homeschooling and mother of 4, age 54, Illinois, USA.
August 20, 2015

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Dawn with 2 1/2 year old daughter Caty, taken before she leaves for active duty
with Desert Shield/Desert Storm, September, 1990.


"Homeopathy For Women helped me to not only overcome my physical health problems but my emotional ones, as well.  Using diet, supplements, and remedies, she guided me in calming my excitatory neurotransmitters, strengthening my adrenal glands, and recovering my health to the point where I am off almost every medication I was taking.  I am SO much calmer than I was before. 
A friend even commented - after only ONE MONTH of working with her Ė that I was a totally different person!" 

"I came to Homeopathy For Women with a myriad of health issues, some of which Iíd suffered from for over 10 years.  I began taking Motrin for a pulled muscle shortly after the birth of my youngest son in 2001.  Noticing that this also helped with my arthritic knees and ankle, I progressed to a prescription NSAID a couple of years later at the suggestion of a pharmacist.  (I had weaned myself off the NSAID prior to beginning work with Homeopathy For Women)  I also began using Flonase to open up my sinus passages at night around this same time.  After two years of fighting the doctors over my high blood pressure, I finally began taking hypertension medication in 2004.

I had not slept well in many years but could get practically no sleep without Lunesta after a partial hysterectomy (uterus only) in 2009.  I had been diagnosed with laryngopharyngeal reflux (a form of acid reflux) in 2011 and had been off and on proton pump inhibitors (Prilosec or Nexium) since then. 

To top it all off, I had what the doctors termed an ďatypicalĒ heart attack in 2013 at the age of 51.  It was deemed ďatypicalĒ for a number of reasons, but mostly because I had ďabsolutely no blockage,Ē had golden cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and had no risk factors associated with a heart attack other than the high blood pressure which was under control with the meds.

I had been working with a chiropractor for about a year prior to my heart attack to stabilize my hormones, conquer acid reflux, and lose weight - the typical 20 or 30 pounds that often accompany perimenopause My heart attack, however, prompted a never-ending cycle of doctorís appointments in a frenzied search for its cause.  I underwent numerous tests on my heart, all of which confirmed what I already knew: there was nothing wrong with my heart.  I went through sleep studies.  I had an endoscopy to rule out ulcers that could possibly have contributed to the heart attack.  It was maddening.

When a friend of mine told me about Kari, I knew that I had to work with her if I ever wanted to truly regain my health.  The doctors ruled out many things, but their solution to my problems was always to put me on another medication.  I wanted to be OFF medications!  Over the years that Iíd been dealing with all these issues, Iíd seen them as being connected and felt that if I could just get to the root cause, everything would get better.  The doctors didnít see it that way, though.  They wanted to treat the high blood pressure separately from the lack of sleep, from the hormonal ups and downs and heavy bleeding which led to the hysterectomy, from the feelings of despair that I often felt as I struggled to make sense of my life.

Kari saw things differently.  Homeopathy treats the whole person and recognizes that one health problem can lead to another, that one system being out of balance can affect another system in such a way that it is thrown out of balance.  What a breath of fresh air!

She asked about EVERYTHING on her intake questionnaire.  She went through my history as no one ever had before.  She knew that my diet was not the best as a child and that I was diagnosed as hyperactive in elementary school. She knew that I had served in the military as an Army pilot including service in Desert Storm/Desert Shield and was inoculated with vaccines for numerous diseases. She also knew that I was also a stressed-out military wife, who was homeschooling four children - while moving every two to three years. Kari knew that I was as an only child, Iíd had my hands more than full while trying to care for my mother who was suffering from dementia in a nursing home in the U.S. while we were stationed overseas. I told her that Iíd had some genetic testing done which revealed some genetic polymorphisms which had a large impact on my health.

When I got to the question that asked what Iíd like to accomplish in working with her, I answered that Iíd like to handle stress better, because even before Iíd developed physical symptoms of bad health, Iíd had emotional ones.  I could handle practically NO stress without much wailing and gnashing of teeth!  This was a point of great consternation for me, a Christian homeschooling mom who was with her children 24/7.  Every molehill was a mountain for me;  every spilled drink was a rage.  I didnít want to fly off the handle like that with my children, and I wondered why I couldnít control my anger and frustration when things didnít go smoothly.  I knew that something wasnít right, something was out of balance.   The doctors were no help at all, though, and I simply did not know what to do. 

Kari helped me to not only overcome my physical health problems but my emotional ones, as well.  Using diet, supplements and homeopathic remedies, she guided me in calming my excitatory neurotransmitters, strengthening my adrenal glands, and recovering my health to the point where I am off almost every medication I was taking.  I am SO much calmer than I was before.  A friend even commented - after only ONE MONTH of working with Kari Ė that I was a totally different person! 

My recovery didnít come without effort. I put a LOT of time and energy into regaining my health, but I was determined to succeed.  I did NOT want to be at the mercy of doctors for the rest of my life, and I did NOT want to be this crazy person who never seemed to be able to handle stressful situations in a mature, responsible manner.  As I began to heal with the help of homeopathic remedies and supplements, I began slowly weaning off my medications until I was off almost everything Iíd been taking.  The only prescription medication Iím still using is the Lunesta for sleep, but Iím only using HALF the dosage of that and hope to be off it altogether very soon.  Iím even off the heart medication Iíd been on since my heart attack Ė a medication Iíd asked my doctor to take me off of numerous times.  Iíve recently learned that doctors are linking heart attacks to not only NSAIDs but also to proton pump inhibitors.  I believe my heart attack was actually caused by one or possibly both of these meds.

I canít thank Kari enough for all the ďtough loveĒ and encouragement she gave me over the 15 months that we worked together.  I learned so much!  I wish I had discovered homeopathy before I developed so many health issues.  I believe I would never have suffered most of these problems if I had avoided prescription drugs and treated with homeopathy  instead.  Although I canít restore the years I lost in the maze of allopathic medicine, I feel confident in my ability to maintain the good health Iíve regained and look forward to many more years of good health to come.  Thanks, Kari! I highly recommend Kari to anyone who is serious about restoring their health!"

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