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Labor, Birthing and Homeopathy
Homeopathic medicine will help with a healthy, natural delivery and it can also reposition a breech position baby. Contact us to learn more!
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Homeopathy For Birthing
There are many highly effective homeopathic remedies to help deal with possible problems during childbirth, such as a cervix which is slow to dilate, pain, excessive bleeding, retained placenta, other difficulties.

Your Homeopath can advise you and your partner on the use of remedies prior to labor. Be sure to bring your acute remedy kit and dosing supplies to the birthing center and these specific remedies below with you, as well as clear written dosing instructions for your midwife and/or partner to follow.

The following remedies are often required, both during and after labor, so be sure to review this list and have as many of these on hand for delivery in a 200C potency for water dosing

Here Are Some of the Most Important Homeopathic Remedies for Birthing Support

  • Aconite: the labor is too fast (any stage), the pains are very strong (even unbearable) and you have a feeling of panic

  • Arnica: this remedy is often indicated for relief of soreness that comes from physical exertion and muscle strain. It is also useful for soreness after labor and delivery, and for hemorrhoids that follow childbirth. An indispensable remedy that can be given from time to time during labor to help the muscles function properly, to relieve the over-exertion of labor and reduce the bruised feeling after delivery.

  • Bellis perennis – for bruised, sore pelvic or abdominal tissues following birth or Caesarean section. Bellis often follows well after Arnica, or when Arnica fails to relieve the discomfort or pain.

  • Calcarea phosphorica: This remedy can help to strengthen a woman who tends toward easy tiredness, poor digestion, cold hands and feet, and poor absorption of nutrients. Some women who need this remedy find only “junk food” appealing during pregnancy, or have cravings for smoked and salty food. A history of easy tooth decay and aching bones and joints can also suggest a need for this remedy. Often irritable because of tiredness, and may long for travel or a change of circumstances.

  • Caulophyllum: This remedy may be helpful to women with weak muscle tone in the uterus. A history of irregular periods, slow and difficult labor with previous deliveries, or weakness of the cervix may bring this remedy to mind. The woman may feel erratic pains like sticking needles, or episodes of contracting pain. She typically feels nervous, shaky, and trembling (sometimes irritable, as well). for a difficult labor where the cervix is slow to dilate and the pains are strong but ineffective. You feel cold and trembly.

  • Carbo vegetabilis: This remedy can be helpful to a woman who feels weak and faint during pregnancy, with poor circulation, a general feeling of coldness, and a craving for fresh or moving air. She may also have frequent digestive upsets with burning pain and a tendency to belch. A woman who is deeply tired from overwork, many pregnancies close together, or a previous illness may regain some strength.

  • Cimicifuga (also called Actaea racemosa): This remedy can be helpful to women who are nervous and talkative, with a tendency to feel fearful and gloomy during pregnancy. They may become over agitated and fear a miscarriage — sometimes having pains that feel like labor pains too early, or pains that shoot from hip to hip and down the thighs.

  • Chamomilla - The pains are unbearable, even early in the labor. Extremely irritable or angry. No matter what is offered or done, it is not right. Hands and feet cold.
  • Ferrum metallicum: A woman who has a sturdy build, but looks very pale and weary — flushing red from any exertion or emotion — may respond to this remedy. This is often helpful in correcting anemic tendencies.

  • Ferrum phosphoricum: This remedy can be helpful for nervous, sensitive women who often feel weak or tired, with easy flushing of the face and a tendency toward anemia. A woman who needs this remedy often has a slender build and may develop frequent neck and shoulder stiffness.

  • Gelsemium sempervirens  – Weakness and exhaustion – difficult to support weight. Muscles tremble with the effort of movement. Contractions weaken and cease.
  • Hypericum perforatum – Shooting nerve pains following perineal damage or caesarian section.
  • Kali-carbonicum – Irregular contractions. Pain of contractions felt mainly in the back (such as with posterior postion babies). Feels as if back may break, much better for firm pressure. Fearful of dying.
  • Kali phosphoricum: for simple exhaustion during labor, mental, emotional and physical.

  • Nux vomica: This remedy may be useful for indigestion, heartburn, stomach pain, and constipation during pregnancy. A woman needs this remedy usually is impatient, irritable, and chilly.

  • Pulsatilla: This remedy is often helpful at times of strong hormonal changes, especially to women who are moody and emotional, and want a lot of affection and attention. They often crave desserts or butter and may overeat, which can lead to indigestion and nausea, or excessive weight-gain. Pregnant women who need this remedy feel uncomfortable in hot weather and in stuffy rooms, improving from gentle exercise in open air.  When contractions are irregular and weak, the cervix is slow to dilate and you feel miserable, clingy and tearful. You may talk about wanting to give up and go home.

  • Progenium – Not likely to be needed but an important remedy if a post-partum infection in the uterus develops following childbirth. Rapidly resolves sepsis. May be used for its protective effect against infection of mother or baby if the membranes have been ruptured for a long time before the onset of labour, especially if a temperature develops.
  • Sepia: for women who are tired, dragged out, and irritable during pregnancy and feeling overburdened by demands of family members, or with little enthusiasm for the pregnancy. Poor circulation, nausea, constipation, a tendency toward accidental urine loss, and a feeling of sagging or weakness in the pelvic floor. Better with an energy-boost from exercise.

  • Staphysagria – useful following incision, penetration, or stretching of muscle fibres, as happens with a Caesarean sections or dilatation and curettage (d&c). It encourages the quick healing of incisional or lacerated wounds. Relieves the feelings of anger, resentment, disappointment, and emotional upset that may follow a Caesarean birth.

Healing After Your Birth
After the birth, you can use homeopathic remedies to speed up healing for yourself and your baby - this will help you to enjoy the whole experience more:

  • Aconite: for shock following the fear of the intensity of birth, in yourself, your partner or your baby.

  • Arnica: to relieve soreness, bruising and after-pains. Also helpful for babies who are bruised (from a long labor or a forceps delivery).

  • Bellis perennis: If you are still sore after three days to help with bruising to deep muscle tissues

  • Kali phos: for mental exhaustion after delivery, with headache, tiredness but too excited to sleep, especially in the first day or two after the birth

  • Pulsatilla: post-natal ‘blues’, especially when the milk comes in. You feel utterly miserable and burst into tears at the slightest thing but you feel much better for being comforted

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