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Homeopathy For Small Pox

Homeopathic remedies can help provide an natural support for symptoms of small pox.
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What Is Small Pox?
Small pox is an acute, highly contagious and frequently fatal, viral illness caused by “variola virus”. Smallpox is also known by the Latin names Variola or Variola vera. It is a highly contagious disease unique to humans. It is caused by two virus variants called "Variola major" and "Variola minor". Variola major is the more deadly form, with a typical mortality of 20 - 40 percent of those infected. The other type, Variola minor only kills 1% of its victims. Many survivors are left blind in one or both eyes from corneal ulceration, and persistent skin scarring – pockmarks – is nearly universal.

What Causes Small Pox?

  • Small pox is spread by the variola virus.

  • Previously infected person can spread this infectious disease.

  • Small pox spreads by droplet infection like face to face contact, cough, sneeze, talk, etc.

  • Small pox also spreads using previously contaminated things like clothes, floors or utensils.

Spread and Incubation Period For Small Pox

  • Small pox spreads by respiratory route or contact of lesion.

  • Highly infectious (therefore asserted to have the potential to be used as “bio weapon")

  • Incubation period is 7 to 17 days.

After Two days Small Pox Symptoms Develop As:

  • A rash on the skin then develops such as macule, papule, vesicle, pustule or molluscum contagiosum.

  • The whole eruptive phase of the illness usually begins on the mouth, face and arms, spreads to other body parts to the back and the chest

  • Unlike chicken pox lesions which crop up in in one area and are at the same stage of development, with small pox there is no cropping.

Symptoms Of Small Pox

  • Body ache and fatigue

  • Chills

  • Headache

  • High-grade fever

  • Influenza like symptoms at the early state

  • Backache

  • Pea like pustules

  • Rash that starts as red spot from tongue to all-over body

  • Prostration and fatigue

  • Scabs

  • Vomiting

Complications Of Small Pox

  • Intravascular coagulation

  • Toxemia

  • Septic shock

Protection From Infection In A Small Pox Environment

  • All contaminated instruments, surfaces, clothing, beddings should be properly decontaminated.

  • Anyone entering must wear adequate droplet protection.

  • Avoid contact with infected person

  • Avoid touching rashes and blisters

  • Complete isolation of infected person

  • Do not use contaminated items.

  • Protection with ventilation and engineering requirements since it is air borne.

  • Monitored negative pressure room, that allows 6 to 7 air changes pe rhour.

  • Room door must be closed except entering and exiting.

  • Skin lesions must be kept clean and dry.

Homeopathic Remedies Used Historically For Smallpox

Homeopathy selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using a holistic approach. The aim of homeopathic care is to address small pox eruptions and address the underlying cause and the individual's susceptibility. The best matching remedy should be selected to address small pox.

  • Aconite
    Sudden rise of temperature with high fever, thirst and restlessness are the chief indications for Aconite.

  • Apis
    Much itching and swelling will call for Apis

  • Anacardium
    Often becomes useful in loss of memory as a sequel of smallpox.

  • Antimonium tartaricum
    This a nearer simillimum to smallpox than any other remedy in the Materia Medica. Rokitansky proved the similarity of the smallpox pustule to those produced by tartar emetic. Hughes recognizes it almost as a routine agent. With this remedy vesication and pustulation are marked. The mucous membranes are involved and bronchitis or broncho-pnuemonia are apt to be present, with the characteristic cough and expectoration symptoms. There are excruciating pains in the loins. It is especially adaptable to cases characterized by gastric irritation. It cover the full variolous process and frequently covers the case from first to last.

  • Arsenicum
    Used where there is  weakness, a burning heat, restlessness and irregularly developed eruption, the pustules become flat, livid, dusky and hemorrhagic, Arsenicum may be the remedy. Diarrhea is an attendant symptom.

  • Baptisia

  • Belladonna
    For the congestion, with the severe headache, backache and purplish face, a type often seen in young children. Belladonna is considered to be more homeopathic to the initial fever than Aconite.

  • Bryonia
    is also a first stage remedy; it has nausea, vomiting, severe headache, high temperature. The eruption is slow in coming to the surface and all the symptoms are worse by motion. It suits especially negroes.

  • Carbolic acid
    Carbolic acidis a powerful antiseptic. The pains of carbolic acid come suddenly. They are burning are pricking, sticking. The urine is very dark, black or blackish olive-green, grass or olive-green. There is numbness and twitching. Putrid discharges are a marked indication. The skin is inflamed, and other symptoms appear, with burning, tingling, itching, and numbness.

  • Cimicifuga
    For the intense backache and rheumatic pains. The body feels sore, the bed feels hard, the muscles feeling as though they had been pounded.

  • Crotalus

  • Gelsemium
    Used in the initial stage. Used for their aching in the back and limbs and the tight band headache of the disease are found under Gelsemium, and if dullness and apathy be present it is all the more indicated. Gelsemium in the initial stage, and indeed its pathogenesis more often corresponds to the trouble than that of Aconite. The aching in the back and limbs and the tight band headache of the disease are found under Gelsemium, and if dullness and apathy be present it is all the more indicated.

  • Hamamelis
    Found useful in the hemorrhagic variety of small pox.

  • Hepar Sulph
    Used for symptoms i
    n small pox and used to treat cold, ear infections, sore throat, tonsillitis, cough, asthma and skin complaints with pus discharges.

  • Hydrastis
    Dr. Garth Wilkinson considered Hydrastis to be specific remedy for small pox.

  • Lachesis

  • Mercurius
    Used in the suppurative stage of small-pox. Flow of pus, and particularly bloody pus, from any orifice. Pus forms in cavities in abscesses, which burn and sting. Discharges are yellow-green in color.

  • Rhus Tox
    This remedy has similar symptoms, restlessness, headache, and it is a useful remedy at the commencement of vesication, when the vesicles are small, and also when the pustules turn black from effusion therein, and diarrhea and dark bloody stools accompany.

  • Sarracenia purpurea
    This herb that is a homeopathic remedy is also used in smallpox.
    In the 1800s, when smallpox still posed a serious threat, the Micmac native Americans of Nova Scotia treated the disease using a botanical infusion derived from the insectivorous plant Sarracenia purpurea is a species of pitcher plant. In vitro experiments with the herbal extract  found that it a inhibits replication of the variola virus, the causative agent behind smallpox.

  • Sulphur
    Sulphur is used as a preventive and curative. It belongs not only to the suppurative stage, but also to metastatic brain symptoms.

  • Thuja
    Boenninghausen, a  great Homeopath used this remedy with success and believed it to be the best curative and preventive agent in smallpox. It suits  the eruptive stage, with milky, flat, painful pustules upon a dark inflamed area. The pustulation is offensive. It quickly removes all dangerous symptoms, dries up the vesicles and prevents all scars.

  • Vaccinum
    Has been extensively used and with much benefit for those with symptoms of small pox.

  • Variolinum Nosode
    This nosode is made from small pox and can be both used for immunity boosting as well as the treatment of small pox. Dr. Zopfy mentions only using Variolinum and Hepar in addressing small pox. Variolinum 30 has been especially useful at the stage where the vesicles change into pustules.

  • Veratrum viride
    may be called for in cases where the head is hot, and the extremities are cool and cyanotic; backache, fever and perspiration.

Cell Salts For Small Pox

  • Calcarea sulph  - Pustules discharging matter.

  • Ferrum phos - If the fever be high, alternately with Kali mur.

  • Kali mur - This is the main cell salts because it works on the formation of pustules. Kali mur. is also considered to be prophylactic of the disease.

  • Kali phos   - Putrid conditions, heavy odor, exhaustion and stupor.  Symptoms indicating blood-decomposition.

  • Kali sulph - To promote the formation of healthy skin and the falling off of the crusts.

  • Natrum mur - Salivary flow, confluence of pustules and drowsiness.

  • Natrum phos - When the pustules become purulent.

Herbs and Natural Remedies For Small Pox

Should a smallpox outbreak occur, there are several smallpox herbal remedies believed to help fight symptoms. These smallpox herbs include:

  • Ginger - To help ease irritation and fight the smallpox virus, it can help to add ginger to your bath.
  • Goldenseal - Another smallpox home remedy for the bath is goldenseal.
  • Lady’s Slipper - The lady’s slipper herb can be taken orally to help fight smallpox.
  • Tansy - Tansy can be taken orally or used as a topical wash to heal smallpox.
  • Yarrow - Taking yarrow orally, such as in a tea, is said to help treat smallpox.

Home Remedies For Small Pox

  • Parh Leaves - 5-7 leaves can be boiled in a glass of water for a few minutes and water shall be given to the patient when warm after straining. These leaves are for speeding up the healing process of blisters and also relieve symptoms. The leaves supplement antibodies that fight back variola virus and suppress its activities.
  • Milk -  Milk works as one of the efficient home remedies for smallpox as it speeds-up recovery and maintains energy. To use milk as a remedy take one liter of it and bring it to a boil. Add two teaspoons of lemon juice which will make milk curdle. Allow it to become warm and give it to the person on waking in the morning.
  • Poppy Seeds - Poppy seed help in suppressing the virus and its activities and relieving symptoms. The blisters of smallpox can cause severe burning and itching. The paste of poppy seeds is applied over blisters, provides cooling effects. It relieves itching and burning and helps in healing blisters faster. The poppy seeds can also be used as internal remedies for  abdominal pain and maintain energy levels which helps in faster recovery.

  • Red Sandle Wood Powder - Make a paste of red sandalwood powder with water for smallpox. This paste provides fast relief from itching and burning and heals blisters faster.


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