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PANDAS Recovery Story, Girl 13 With Homeopathy!

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PANDAS Recovery Story, Girl 13 with Homeopathy!

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Testimonial written by her parents, California, USA.
June 15, 2013

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"She struggled on and off with PANDAS beginning in first grade, then relapsed again in 4th and 5th grade and was treated with homeopathy,  the amazing, natural medicine. By God's grace, our daughter is now fully recovered from PANDAS."

"At the awards ceremony for 8th grade graduation ceremony, we sat as grateful parents, watching our lovely daughter as many awards were given out. Near the end of the ceremony, there was one award which was considered A "pinnacle award" and that was given to only one 8th grade boy and one 8th grade girl each year. It was called "The Outstanding Student Award". The introduction to it was that "this student was good at everything they did, they never gave up, they always tried their best and overcame challenges in their lives."  Tears streamed down our faces and our hearts were touched as they called our daughter's name and she stepped up to the stage, amid a sea of 8th grade students, with her peers and all their families and friends applauding her as she accepted this award.  We could not think of a better candidate than our daughter to receive this award because she struggled on and off with PANDAS - Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep Infections (P.A.N.D.A.S.). beginning in first grade, then relapsed again in 4th and 5th grade. She was treated for PANDAS with the amazing, natural medicine of homeopathy. Her first episode was in first grade, then she relapsed again in 4th and 5th grade and was treated the whole time with the homeopathy. By God's grace, our daughter is now fully recovered from PANDAS.

As we look back we are grateful and relieved that finally her key PANDAS symptoms are gone:

  • Gone are the disturbing nightmares, the frightening visions and fear of the dark.

  • Gone is the anorexia in 4th grade where she lost 30 pounds in 90 days, refusing to eat enough because of chronic stomach aches.

  • Gone is the OCD that meant she was extremely fastidious in everything she did, meaning homework took hours instead of the normal time that it used to take her to do it.

  • Gone is the time when she would not brush her teeth or didn't want to wash her hair. 

  • Gone is her extreme, unfounded fear of germs.

  • Gone is her desperate anxiety about getting sick.

  • Gone is is overwhelming fear that something bad might happen to her loved ones. 

  • Gone is the time in 4th and 5th where she was so afraid of vomiting that she often had to be brought home or call me from school to calm her down if someone vomited at school.

These symptoms are all gone....but certainly never forgotten, especially by us as her parents. We can still recall the traumatic and horrifying experiences as parents when in first grade we first realized that "something" terrible had happened - and yet we had no idea "WHAT HAPPENED?" Suddenly, our beautiful and artistic daughter who loved to draw pictures daily, write stories, play, dance, dress up and sing for us could no longer draw anything.  She was not the same child.  She was anxious and depressed.  She lost her ability to draw at the level she did prior.  She could no longer write her name legibly or even write clear simple sentences. Her beautiful, colorful artistic ability was completely gone.  She drew in jerky lines, with odd shapes often only lack on white or yellow paper and was no longer using any colors or drawing pretty, happy things.

She was clearly depressed, yet we could see or find no reasons "why" or how this suddenly all happened to her!  During her first episode, her first grade teacher was so concerned that she discussed remediation summer classes with us. This was a complete shock to us, as our daughter had always been a diligent, attentive student and had no problem drawing, writing or doing very well basic first grade math, participate actively in circle times, play well with her peers or completing in-class assignments and enjoying school daily. I also volunteered weekly in her classroom and began to notice the downward trend, yet no explanations made sense - until I learned about PANDAS - Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep Infections.

Once I learned by the grace of God about PANDAS I began studying everything I could about it intensely. I still remember the day of her major second exacerbation and can pinpoint the exact week that things began the downward shift so dramatically for her. I kept track of everything I could. I knew the distinct periods of regression she had. But it did not make sense "WHY" until I understood the role of the immune system and streptococcal infections (strep throat).  In school, surrounded by other children with strep infections constantly or with a strep infection of her own, her weakened immune system incorrectly made too many antibodies to strep, causing neurological and psychiatric problems to arise. Her brain, at the basil ganglia, in essence "attacked itself" with inflammation and increased antibodies that negatively impacted this part of the brain - and her brain's functions and her emotional moods - even if she didn't actually have strep. PANDAS changed her dramatically to a child we did not recognize as it changing her moods, confidence, academic abilities and emotions overnight.

What is still most amazing to us is that homeopathy alone and a few nutritional supplements has cured her PANDAS.

We did not use a psychiatrist or psychologist or a medical doctor for clinical or allopathic help.  We felt it was not the right natural healing path.  After we consulted once time with a "famous Stanford neurologist" who met our daughter briefly and looked at her drawings showing the regression in hand writing and gave him symptom lists for 30 minutes,  he said that he "might be interested in following her case, as it was possible she had a tumor on the cerebellum".  We refused his offer!  I asked this Stanford doctor if he had ever treated anyone successfully with her symptoms (which I did not know at the time were like PANDAS symptoms, but surely he as a specialist should have?!?) When he said "No" and we left his office - never to return again.

Had I sought the routine allopathic treatment for PANDAS for our daughter, I know that they would've wanted to put her on dangerous psychotropic meds or anti-anxiety medications - or worse given her endless antibiotics that would have harmed her pancreas, liver and kidneys as well as her entire immune system and created leaky gut syndrome. These types of medical professionals would have of course questioned our parenting skills - or some other ridiculous non-solution because they do not have the tools of homeopathy - they only have drugs and suppressive therapies, no real cures.

I now understand that allopathic medical methods are almost always suppressive and can never cure or heal anything for anyone. We do not trust allopathic medicine. But sadly, this is way this country is run - by Big Pharma, forced vaccinations, allopathic drugs and 7 minute managed care doctors visits to pick out the drug to prescribe.  This means the vast majority of doctors will only prescribe drugs with dangerous side effects, some of which are addictive and give routine toxic vaccines, harming thousands of children each year with the toxic injections that most doctors know nothing about.

Instead of allopathic medicine, we chose to  treat our our daughter with homeopathy since age 4. She was treated by several other good homeopaths and we had used acupuncture on her even as a 4 month old infant, when after two rounds of antibiotics for a lung infection did nothing but weaken her, after 2 treatments of acupuncture, she was cured. It was then that I became a  a 100% believer in natural medicine after that and never took her to the doctor for any treatment.  We only used nutrition, homeopathy and acupuncture very occasionally since age 3.

Homeopathic Care and PANDAS
he other homeopaths we had used prior, one who was a master homeopath and prolific author, though skilled in many areas, had zero experience or familiarity with treating PANDAS specifically, with homeopathy.  This was frustrating to us, so I knew we had to work with someone who knew really knew about PANDAS, knew what they were doing and had real experience with PANDAS as because we had no time to waste!  Miraculously after a summer vacation and time away to pray and meditate, I understood that what our daughter very likely had PANDAS, as it matched so many of her symptoms, her history and the sudden onset as well.

We started her homeopathic treatment of PANDAS and saw our daughter change for the better slowly and gently over the months. Throughout this period of homeopathic treatment, several remedies were used. All were dosed in water and in ascending potencies, usually starting with a 30C to a 1M or even to a 10M potency.  We saw a gentle and steady improvements week by week and month to month, to our relief and joy - and our daughter slowly and steadily returned to the way she had been prior. 

It is important that other parents know patience is required with homeopathy. Patience is required with PANDAS treatment by BOTH the parents and the treating homeopath, because new exposures to strep whether at school or with a family member may trigger regressions, and we saw this happen a few times.  Once we understood this phenomena, it was easier for us and our homeopath to adjust potencies and dosing more quickly and to not be discouraged.

Our daughter has always lived a healthy lifestyle. Throughout my pregnancy and our daughter's life, we had always maintained a healthy, loving family and a happy marriage.  This was one reason her recovery probably went more quickly, but it still took about two years of homeopathic care to rid her of these symptoms.  She had attached and loving parents and older siblings who protected and treasured her. She had a vaginal birth and was breast fed and co-slept with us until she as 28 months old. As her mother, I was lucky to be able to be a full time stay-at-home mom for my all children, so she was lovingly cared for her entire life by me as her primary care giver. She had perfect Apgar scores and energy and joy flowed from her.  Even when I started working part time when she was in middle school, I worked from home and always was able to support her needs at home, in school and with extra circular activities including dance, drama, theatre, sports and art.  We ate organic whole foods, avoided processed foods, sugar, junk food food and had nurtured her body and soul throughout her life.

Despite all we did "right" as parents to protect and nurture our precious daughter, when we look back now at her whole story, we realized in hindsight the devastating role that toxic vaccines played in compromising her immune system and her overall health and set her up for an autoimmune disease like PANDAS

If we could make one change in her story, it would have been to NEVER VACCINATE her - or any of our children! 

Vaccine Dangers
We now realized from being educated on the dangers of vaccinations that damage is done not just in the short term, but in the LONG TERM AS WELL - even years after vaccinations are given.
After her review of our daughter's vaccine records we could see that her DTaP symptoms from those shots has set the stage for chronically weakening her immune system and setting her up for repeat tonsillitis and sore throat infections. They were the reason she had respiratory issues requiring antibiotics at that time, at the age of 4 months, just weeks after one of her DTaP shots where given. This was in hindsight a clear sign her body was pushing out these toxins in an attempt to regain its balance again.

We were shocked later to learn details about all the vaccine excipients and that the many vaccines contain, that weakening her body and immune system.  It is like "the straw that breaks the camel's back" so to speak.  Too many toxic vaccinations toxins, given while the immune system in an infant is still too weak, so easily overwhelmed and give too often - and the damage is done.  Even though we stopped vaccinating her at age 3, she had received the early shots for Hep B, HIB, Polio, DTaP and MMR -  so indeed, damage was done that needed to be repaired and detoxed with homeopathy.

Homeopathy repaired both her vaccine injury symptoms and her PANDAS symptoms. Every acute she gets is treated with homeopathy and she has not been to any doctors for allopathic treatment since we stopped vaccinating her at age three.   Now, repeating sore throats and constant throat clearing are a thing of the past.  Her anxiety is gone, although she remains a sensitive and sympathetic soul, because this a part of her constitutional nature. Her immune system is much stronger!  She is vibrant, energetic, confident, creative and filled with the joy again!  She is in high school and a top student academically as well as an athlete, artist, actor, singer and a dancer who enjoys being in many drama productions.

Grateful To Homeopathy
Our daughter has been healed with homeopathy and she believes in it's healing power in her life because she experienced it all first hand. 
For her healing under the professional and astute guidance of our homeopaths we are incredibly grateful.  For our daughter's health and vitality, for the natural path we were lead to take, for the healing body that God has designed for us - and for the HOPE of homeopathy, we are incredibly grateful!  We will never stop talking about homeopathy and sharing it as "God's medicine" and for naturally healing that way the body is designed to heal."

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