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Homeopathy is a 250 year old medical system that is shown to be clinically effective.

All homeopathic remedies are safe, non-toxic and are manufactured under strict guidelines.

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Pregnancy and Homeopathy
Homeopathic remedies can help someone become pregnant naturally, feel much better during pregnancy and assist with birthing.
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Labor and Birthing


Read about Homeopathy for Infertility, Stimulating Ovulation and Natural Conception!
Read about Labor and Birthing remedies

Pregnant women should have the professional advice and experience of well trained classical homeopath during their pregnancy.

If your symptoms are severe or chronic (persistent) consult a homeopath, your midwife and/or your general practitioner.

Homeopathy is ideal for women in their childbearing years as it is a gentle yet highly effective system of medicine. During pregnancy, some women will choose to live with the discomfort of minor complaints such as morning sickness or heartburn, rather than seek treatment because they are concerned about the possible side effects of orthodox medicines on their unborn child.

Homeopathic remedies are safe for your growing baby because only a minute amount of the active ingredient is used in their preparation(1). They work by stimulating the body’s own healing powers. Good homeopathic treatment prior to conception can prepare you for a healthy pregnancy.

Stimulating your vitality in pregnancy with homeopathic treatment will automatically benefit your baby. By staying as healthy as possible during pregnancy, you are giving your baby the ideal conditions in which to thrive. Our experienced classical homeopaths will also offer advice on your diet and lifestyle to encourage a healthy pregnancy and birth. They will also provide birthing remedies, post natal care and ongoing baby care to your new baby.

Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy may cause minor health problems such as nausea, mild urinary problems, diarrhea, heartburn, anemia, varicose veins, backache, cramps, thrush or emotional distress. All these problems and more potentially complicated symptoms such as raised blood pressure, can also be helped by professional homeopathic treatment

Pregnancy Complaints Are Helped by Homeopathy!

Cells Salts For Pregnancy

The following schedule should be used for the duration of the pregnancy and the protocol for the last month continued for as long as the baby nurses.

Recommended Monthly Program - Buy These 5 Homeopathic Cell Salts at

Cell Salts Needed are: Calc Fluor 6X, Ferrum Phos 6X, Mag Phos 6X, Nat Mur 6X and Silicea 6X

  • Month 1: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Ferr phos 6x

  • Month 2: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Ferr phos 6x

  • Month 3: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Nat mur 6x

  • Month 4: Calc fluor 6x, Nat mur 6x, Silica 6x

  • Month 5: Calc fluor 6x, Ferr phos 6x, Silica 6x

  • Month 6: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Ferr phos 6x

  • Month 7: Calc fluor 6x, Mag phos 6x, Nat mur 6x

  • Month 8: Calc fluor 6x, Nat mur 6x, Silica 6x

  • Month 9: Calc fluor 6x, Ferr phos 6x, Silica 6x this last protocol is continued as long as the mom is nursing.

Dosing: Take three to four pills of each remedy assigned for the month three times each day.
If you wish, you can also dissolve the pellets in four ounces of water and take a sip of this preparation three times a day.

Homeopathy For Pregnancy

Useful at all stages of pregnancy from preconception to post-birth. It is most suited to gentle, tearful types who are better for company and support and have some insecurities about the next stage they have to face. Usually, these people will be better from some fresh air and do not drink as much as they should keep hydrated.

Often given to the woman who is emotionally flat and physically exhausted. This remedy is a great hormone balancer. Those needing this remedy are just so tired, they prefer to be left alone – they would like some space to read a book or sit quietly although, if they can muster the strength to do it, they feel greatly revived from some vigorous exercise.

Natrum Muriaticum
Respectful and responsible woman who stay in control.  Rarely cries and prefers to cry alone. When sad or hurt, does not want consolation. Hides that she is sensitive, is easily hurt. Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences. Prefers to be alone or going for a long walk. Craves salt. Drawn to the ocean or it aggravates her. Difficulty urinating in front of others. Past hurt is a deeply buried with silent grief. Because of the salt balancing nature of Natrum muriaticum, this homeopathic remedy helps with albuminuria and metabolic toxemia of late pregnancy, in combination with dietary recommendations. Used for queasiness of morning sickness and the uncontrollable vomiting of hyperemesis gravidarum.

Homeopathy For Turning a Breech Baby

Pulsatilla: Most commonly indicated remedy for turning a breech baby. Give Pulsatilla in a 30C or 200C (higher potencies required Homeopath guidance) dosing it 2 to 3 times per day, for a few days or until the baby turns.

Viscum Album: Try this remedy if Pulsatilla fails to turn the baby (given 2-3 times per day).

Natrum Muriaticum: This remedy is indicated if the baby is in a breech position due to too little amniotic fluid. The person may be an emotionally closed woman, with chapped lips and dry mucus membranes.

Overdue Labor

Homeopathy is a safe, natural alternative to Pitocin and Oxytocin. If the baby is overdue, induce labor naturally by alternating the remedies Caulophyllum 30C and Cimicifuga 30C, given once every hour.

For example, hour 1: Caulophyllum, hour 2: Cimicifuga, hour 3: Caulophyllum, etc. Continue this protocol until labor commences.

History of Overdue Labor

For those women who have a history of difficult or overdue labors, starting at week 38, give Caulophyllum 30C and Cimicifuga 30C daily, on alternate days.

For example, Day 1: Caulophyllum, Day 2: Cimicifuga, etc. Continue with this protocol for a maximum of 14 days.

Watch Pre-Natal Homeopathy Care for Mom with Miranda Castro, Classical Homeopath
(1:09:13 minutes)

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