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Vaccine Injury Prevention

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Vaccine Injury Prevention

Learn the important steps to help prevent vaccine injury. Contact us to learn more!

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The information provided is a general guideline only.
There is no guarantee that any measures listed below will prevent vaccine damage.

Vaccine Damage Is Real
The Key Issues of Vaccine Damage Associated With Each Vaccine
Vaccine Impact Depends on These Factors
Homeopathic Strategies for Treating and Mitigating Against Vaccine Injury
Vaccine Injury Prevention Tips
Other Supplements To Be Taken Before and After  Vaccinations
Prior to Vaccination - Steps To Take
Immediately After Vaccination - Steps To Take
If There Is Vaccine Injury - Basic Steps

Diet Tips After Vaccinations
Gemmotherapy Support After Vaccinations

Vaccine Damage Is Real

  • One of the worst offenders in terms of vaccinations to the immune systems is the first Hepatitis B vaccines which damages the pancreas and has high aluminium content.
  • The next most damaging is the MMR vaccine.
  • Following this is the damage by the use antibiotics, which also damage the pancreas.

The Key Issues of Vaccine Damage Associated With Each Vaccine Are:

Vaccine Damage Can Be Acute or Long Lasting.
There is no possible way of predicting what a given vaccine's impact will be on each individual.

Vaccine Impact Depends on These Factors:

  • Age of the person at vaccination - development of the immune system is a tremendous factor (usually age 2 or higher)

  • Number of vaccines administered at the same time - and whether individually given as single doses or as a combination vaccine dose.

  • Biochemical individuality of the person being vaccinated

  • Genetics of the person including MTHFR mutations and other SNP's

  • Pyroluria- a genetic disorder that strips essential nutrients of zinc and B6 out of the body at abnormally rapid rates.

  • Low zinc levels at the time of vaccination

  • High copper toxicity levels at the time of vaccination.

  • Mercury and heavy metal toxicity including amalgam (mercury) dental fillings at the time of vaccinations. 
    This includes mercury fillings in the mouth of the mother (and father) prior to or during pregnancy or mother while nursing, mercury fillings in the mouth of the child at the time of vaccination.  The first born child of every mother will take on 2/3 of the mother's overall toxicity burden in that pregnancy.

  • Autoimmune history of the vaccinated person

  • Family medical history of the vaccinated person

  • Presence of any acute illness(es) at the time of vaccinations

  • General health of the person at the time of vaccination

  • Emotional health of the person at the time of vaccination

  • Overall stress level of the person at the time of vaccination

  • Past vaccine injury or any type of vaccine reaction in the person or any family members

  • Worse offenders of vaccines are Hepatis B and MMR, followed by the damage of antibiotics

Homeopathic Strategies For Prevention and Recovery From Vaccine Injury

  • Constitutional Homeopathic Prescribing

    • The optimum strategy is for the person's constitutional remedy to be in place, which will support overall immunity and health level prior to vaccination.

    • The homeopathic approach, based on like cures like means that a constitutional remedy that closely matches the overall health status of the person will bring them to a higher state of health before vaccinations.  This is the first course of action in vaccine injury prevent or use IF there is no clear link between the person’s onset of disturbed symptoms and vaccination(s).

    • If a person's symptoms correlate specifically to vaccine(s) and injury is clear and obvious from that vaccinations, then the homeopathic isopathic approach is used with the CEASE method  or Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) to clear the vaccine injury.  This method will clear the disturbances but required several weeks (usually 12 weeks minimum) to clear the vaccine(s) that contributed to the  injury.

    • Constitutional homeopathic care is also used AFTER the vaccine clearing so that person has the best chance of being returned to a complete state of health. Constitutional care with homeopathic remedies are prescribed on a case-by-case basis according to the unique personality, temperament, biochemical individuality and symptoms of that person.

    • CEASE or HDT and constitutional care are under the guidance of a qualified Homeopath with experience and training in this specialized area.

  • Homeopathic Remedies For Vaccine Injury
    There are many homeopathic remedies that can be used for the various symptoms of a vaccine injury.  These are a few of the most important polychrest remedies to consider:

  • Homeopathic nosodes
    Homeopathic nosodes including
    Carcinosin, Medorrhinum, Psorinum, Syphilinum and Tuberculinum are also used to strengthen the overall immune system. These nosode help to reduce the miasmatic tendency which is the inherited diseases from the family history, which are passed on directly via the placenta during pregnancy and through both parent's genes.

  • Bowel nosodes
    Homeopathic bowel nosodes are used to strengthen the digestive and gut system and to reduce the miasmatic (inherited diseases) from one's family history.

  • CEASE or HDT Methods For Vaccine Clearing
    For the CEASE or HDT method, you need to have the exact vaccination given as well as the manufacturerand the lot number of the vaccine that caused the adverse reaction or injury, if possible.


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